Law Amending The Code Of Civil Procedure, The Law On Amendments To The Law On Land Registration And Various Other Laws As Well As The Law On The Amendment Of Søloven And Various Other Laws (Some Changes In Connection With The Transition To Digital Reg...

Original Language Title: Lov om ændring af retsplejeloven, lov om ændring af lov om tinglysning og forskellige andre love samt lov om ændring af søloven og forskellige andre love(Visse ændringer i forbindelse med overgangen til digital tinglysning)

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Law on the amendment of the law of law, the law on the amendment of law on matters of law and various other laws, as well as the law of amendment of the law and various other laws

(Certain changes in connection with the switch to digital dizing)

We, by God's grace, the Queen of the Danes, do our thing.

The parliament has adopted the following law, and we know that the following law has been approved by Parliament's consent :

§ 1

In the law of the court's care, cf. Law Order no. 1069 of 6. In November 2008, as amended by Section 2 of Law No 319 of the 28th. In April 2009, the following changes are made :

1. I § 488, paragraph. 2, pasted as Three. Point. :

' In the case of digital pantheon letters or recorded in the register or in the Danish Internationally Shipping Register, the request shall contain a precise reference to the document in the register, the book, the booklet book, the person book, the Registry or the Danish Internationally Ship Register. ` ;

2. I § 581 pasted as paragraph 2 :

" Stop. 2. A digital pantheon has been deleted in the register in accordance with paragraph 1. 1, the person who, according to the information contained in this book, has the right to make any personal claims after the debit letter in force to the debtor, require that the Tingly-trial converts the digital pantheon letter to a paper document. The paper document is to consider an original IOUs. "

§ 2

Law no. 539 of 8. June 2006 on the amendment of law on the matter and various other laws. (Digital thing is made the following changes :

1. § 3, nr. 2, revoked.

2. I Section 13 (1). 2, pasted as Act 2. :

The Minister may also decide that Section 49 d to be drawn up by the paragraph 1 of this law. "80, enter into force at a different time than the other parts of the law."

3. Section 15 (3). 3, ITREAS :

" Stop. 3. New rights over or changes in a prior to the entry into force of the law must be set out in order to obtain protection from agreements on the pawn letter and against prosecution. This also applies to transfer or other transfer of the pawn letter. At this point, the pawn letter must be converted to a digital pantheon, the agreement or legal proceedings to be able to suppress an unwanted right above the pawn letter, shall itself be the thing and the transferee, according to the agreement, shall be in good faith. '

4. Section 15 (3). 8, ITREAS :

" Stop. 8. New rights over or changes in a prior to the entry into force of the law must be set up in order to obtain protection from agreements on the pawn letter and against agreements on or prosecuting the panty. This also applies to transfer or other transfer of rights over the ownership of the ownership of the ownership. At this point, the owner pawn letter must be converted to a digital ownership of the owner's pawn, paragraph 1 of the issue of Article 1 (1) of this Act. 2 shall apply. '

5. I § 15 inserted after paragraph 1. 13 as new slices :

" Stop. 14. The notifiers authorized by the rules of Chapter 7 (b) may cancel the paper-based pawn letters without prior conversion. The notifier must, in advance of cancellation, check that, in addition to the authorisation of the person under the system of information entitled to have the right, the cancellation of the cancellation of any other holders of the Member State concerned is also authorized to be authorized ; safe-protected rights.

Paragraph 15. If there is a cancellation of the pawn letter after paragraph 1. 14 is the tingling of a corresponding digital pawn letter, triggers the thing of the digital pantecard, not tingling charge. The freedom of duty calls for the review of the new mortgage payment to be notified not later than at the latest, with the cancellation of the previous mortgage and no later than five years after the entry into force of the law. `

paragraphs 14 and 15 shall then be referred to in paragraph 1. Sixteen and seventeen.

§ 3

Law no. 526 of 7. June 2006 amending the law and the various other laws. (Digital ship registration, pant, exec, etc. in fishing rights, distribution of the salvage fee and the seat of the ship ' s seat) shall be amended as follows :

1. § 3, nr. 1 and 2, revoked.

§ 4

Paragraph 1. The Minister may decide that, in the case of the switch to digital things, documents cannot be reported for this in a specified period, which may not exceed 3 weeks.

Paragraph 2. Documents notified to the tingling within the framework of paragraph 1. 1 fixed closing period shall be rejected.

Paragraph 3. This shall be fixed pursuant to section 13 (1). TWO, ONE. pkt., in Law No 539 of 8. In June 2006 the date of entry into force of the register, the book, the bookseller and the person's book, the Minister may lay down various closing periods as referred to in paragraph 1. 1 for the tingling of the individual books.

§ 5

The law shall enter into force on 1. July, 2009.

§ 6

The law does not apply to the Faroe Islands and Greenland.

Givet at Christiansborg Castle, the 12th. June 2009Under Our Royal Hand and SeglMARGRETHE R / Brian Mikkelsen