Executive Order On The Free Influenza Vaccination To Certain Groups Of People

Original Language Title: Bekendtgørelse om gratis influenzavaccination til visse persongrupper

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Executive order on the free influenza vaccination to certain groups of persons under section 158, section 254 (1) § § 264 and 265 in health law, see. lovbekendtgørelse nr. 95 of 7. February 2008, fixed: § 1. Offer of free flu vaccination be given to specific groups of people, see. § 2, residing in this country, without prejudice. However, section 5.
§ 2. Persons who at the time of vaccination is filled 65 years.
(2). Early retirees.
(3). Chronically ill, see. Nr. 1 – 5, after a medical assessment.
1) People that go to the treatment or control of chronic lung diseases and have lasting impairment of lung function 2) Persons who have been diagnosed an ischemic heart disease-with and without heart failure and heart failure for other reasons 3) Persons who go to the treatment for diabetes mellitus (diabetes), and have at least one complication of the disease 4) Persons with congenital or acquired immunodeficiency 5) people with other chronic diseases where the mode according to the physician's assessment means that the flu poses a serious health risk.
§ 3. Vaccinations must be carried out by a doctor, who, under the law on approval of health professionals and health professional activity is authorized to independently act as physician, or another on his responsibility.
§ 4. Region of residence pays $ 128. for any vaccination against flu within the scope of § 2 of the basic regulation. However, paragraph 2. The payment covers all expenses, including vaccination, the cost of the vaccine and possible value added tax. There must not be charged any additional fee for vaccination.
(2). The payment constitutes $ 282. in cases where vaccination is carried out for health reasons in the vaccine ' own home, except for nursing homes, sheltered housing, senior housing and residential care of the basic regulation. section 192 of the Act on social services and section 5 of the Act on public housing, etc.
(3). Requests for payment shall contain 1) information for each immunization on vaccination date, the vaccine ' name, social security number and place of residence, region 2) and about 65 years, the vaccinated are filled is schooling regardless of EVS. chronic disorder or is under 65 years of age with a chronic disorder, but not MS software, see. § 2 and 3) the name and business address, employment or residence of the doctor who has been vaccinated, or if responsibility vaccination is carried out, as well as cases in which vaccination is carried out for health reasons in the vaccine ' own home, without prejudice. paragraph 2, signed by the person vaccinated.

(4). Requests for payment shall be sent monthly, gathered for the vaccine ' residence region, with an indication of the financial institution to which the payment is to be transferred. For requests received at the latest on 15. in a month, the program transfers the payment no later than the 15. in the following month.
§ 5. For persons who do not live in this country, but which has the right to vaccination services during the stay in Denmark under Community law or international agreements, held the cost of vaccination of the region in which the person concerned is staying.
(2). Reimbursement of expenditure for vaccination of individuals who are sick (for) secured in another country, which, under Community law or international agreements should be transferred to the Danish health care system, falls to the region, which has incurred the expense.
(3). By Community legislation or international agreements shall mean Council Regulation (EEC) No 2377/90. 1408/71 on the application of social security schemes to employed or self-employed persons and members of their families moving within the community, and the related regulation (EEC) No 2377/90. 574/72 on the implementation of Regulation No 40/94. 1408/71, the agreement on the European economic area (EEA Agreement), the Nordic Convention on Social Security and the agreement between the European Community, its Member States and Switzerland on the free movement of persons, as well as bilateral security agreements.
§ 6. The State will reimburse the expenditure incurred by the regions, see. sections 4 and 5, with the exception of expenses to be reimbursed from another country, see. section 5, paragraph 2.
(2). Each region shall submit before the 15 respectively. January and 31 March. March 2010, an inventory of the region's cost of vaccination to the Ministry of health and prevention indicating 1) how many vaccinations to 128 kroner and how many vaccinations to 282 euros which each region has paid and will receive a refund for, calculated respectively for persons over the age of 65 years, early retirees regardless of EVS. chronic disorder and persons under 65 years with a chronic disorder, but not early retirees, see. section 2, as well as 2) during which the payment institution and on what account number, the amount must be inserted.

(3). The Ministry of health and prevention reserves the right to carry out random checks through the submission of documentation in accordance with demand.
§ 7. The notice shall enter into force on the 1. October 2009 and has effect for vaccinations carried out before the end of 2009.
(2). The Ordinance shall not apply to the Faroe Islands.

The Ministry of health and prevention, 18. June 2009 Jakob Axel Nielsen/Helle Hyllehøj

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