Ordinance Amending Ordinance Of Available

Original Language Title: Bekendtgørelse om ændring af bekendtgørelse om rådighed

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Ordinance amending Ordinance of available

§ 1

In executive order No. 179 of 19. February 2007 on available, as amended by Decree No. 616 of 18. June 2007, Decree No. 1083 by 14. September 2007 and Decree No. 85 of 5. February 2009, made after negotiation with the Employment Council as follows:

1. The introductory part shall be replaced by the following:

» Pursuant to § 52 f, section 57, paragraph 5, section 62, paragraph 6, article 62 (a), paragraph 4, section 62 (b) (3), § 65, paragraph 6, and paragraph 88, paragraph 4, of the law on unemployment insurance, etc., see. lovbekendtgørelse nr. 975 of 26. September 2008, as amended by Act No. 482 of 12. June 2009 and Act No. 483 of 12. June 2009, determined after negotiation with the Employment Council: '

2. Article 2, paragraph 1, is repealed.

Paragraph 2-9 becomes paragraph 1-8.

3. In article 2, paragraph 6, there will be to paragraph 5, the words ' the conversation ' to: ' mediation referral conversation ' and ' communicating ' to: ' reference to '.

4. The heading after section 5 shall be replaced by the following:

» Sign up as a job-seeker '

5. Article 6 is replaced by the following: ' article 6. A member must be registered as a person seeking work in the job centre in order to be able to get benefits. Member shall be enrolled in the whole period the Member is asking for daily subsistence allowance for. The Member is considered registered when the registration is made in the common data base for employment efforts. In order to remain enrolled continuously member must confirm that the person is seeking employment, see. the Act on an active employment efforts. A member may not meet the condition of being subscribed to by only turning on his CV, see. section 10, paragraph 4.

(2). Member will not have got subsistence allowances, unemployment insurance fund pay daily subsistence allowance for a period of non-enrollment, see. (1) if

1) Member has a date-stamped daily allowance card or a receipt for digital signing up, which shows that the honourable Member should have been signed up in the period, or

2) the lack of registration is due to (a) occupational conditions or conditions at the job centre, as the job centre or the national labour market authority has confirmed.

(3). Payment in accordance with paragraph 2 can be done, if the Member has not been able to prevent or remedy the lack of registration, and the other conditions for the payment of daily subsistence allowance during the period have been met.

(4). Payment of subsistence allowances in accordance with paragraph 2 to an available Member can, however, only when the Member is registered as a person seeking work, see. (1).

(5). When the conditions in paragraph 3 are fulfilled, the Director of the Labour Directorate may authorize the unemployment insurance fund pays out benefits. '

6. Article 7, paragraph 1, is replaced by the following: "a member should be able to take over the work by working time beginning the day after the Member is referred to work by the job centre, a-box or other actor. '

7. In article 7, paragraph 3, the words ' relay conversations ': ' referral conversations '.

8. In article 7, paragraph 3, the following is inserted as a 2. paragraph: ' the same is true for meetings, etc., as unemployment insurance fund has convened the Member to, and as a aims to strengthen member's attachment to the labour market. '

9. In section 8, paragraph 2, the words ' dissemination ' to: ' reference '.

10. Article 10, paragraph 5, shall be replaced by the following: ' (5). The Member shall, within three weeks after registration as a person seeking work create a CV and make it available on Jobnet. The Member must also specify at least one employment targets in areas where there is a need for labor. The Member must then ensure that the information in your résumé at any time are correct and complete. '

11. In article 11, paragraph 1, shall be replaced by ' registered ' to: ' enrolled '.

12. In article 18, paragraph 1, the words ' disseminated work ': ' work, which the honourable Member referred to '.

13. In article 19, paragraph 3, shall be inserted after ' consignee ': ' education allowance in accordance with the law, '.

14. Article 20, paragraph 3, no. 1, shall be replaced by the following: ' 1) maternity leave in accordance with the law on the right to leave and daily allowance in the event of childbirth (maternity law) or '

15. In article 22, paragraph 3, the words ' the dissemination of work ' is: ' to the job centre can assist the Member to find work '.

16. In section 22, paragraph 6, shall be replaced by ' 1 month ': ' three weeks ' and ' registration ' to: ' registration '.

17. In paragraph 27, the words ' relay conversations ': ' referral conversations '.

18. Article 29, paragraph 4 is replaced by the following: ' (4). A member may again get a daily allowance when the Member for at least 26 weeks continuously has driven self-employment on a scale that can be equated with paid work for over 30 hours per week. The Member may not at the same time have received public subsidy for the establishment and operation of autonomous activity. '

19. In Annex 1 in the table of contents changes the heading ' Registration as a person seeking work ': ' Registration as a person seeking work '.

§ 2

The notice shall enter into force on the 1. August 2009.
The Labour Directorate, the 3. July 2009 Josiane P/Karen Ryder

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