Notice On Isafgift Of The Quantities Of Products Out And Unloaded In Some Danish Ports

Original Language Title: Bekendtgørelse om isafgift af de varemængder, der ud- og indskibes i visse danske havne

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Notice on isafgift of the quantities of products out and unloaded in some Danish ports

Under section 5, paragraph 2, of the law on the State's ice service, see. lovbekendtgørelse nr. 578 of 29. September 1988, as amended by Act No. 901 of 29. November 1995, shall be set:

§ 1. Ports with a water depth of 5 m and above located in Skagen must pay an annual fee as a contribution to cover the costs of operating the State's ice service.

§ 2. Isafgiften will starting with 1. January 2009 be to unravel with the following amounts:





Asnæs Plant's Port

DKK 165,291.40

Nexø Harbour

DKK 2,886.24

Assens Harbour

DKK 13,589.38

Nordjylland Power Station's Port

DKK 104,467.49

Avedøre Power Plant's Port

DKK 98,817.67

Nyborg Port

DKK 54,340.70

Maribo-Bandholm Port

DKK 17,057.68

Nykøbing Falster and Orehoved Ports

DKK 27,578.03

Ensted Power Plant's Port

DKK 545,023.28

Næstved Harbour

DKK 31,971.13

Fredericia Havn

DKK 1,795,147.97

Odense Harbour

DKK 162,454.47

Frederikshavn Port

DKK 254,330.73

Randers Havn

DKK 77,134.79

Gedser Harbour

DKK 109,301.94

Rudkøbing Port

DKK 5,676.27


DKK 97,631.91

Rødby Ferry Port

DKK 364,864.13

Gulf Harbour

DKK 14,914.65

Rønne Havn

DKK 126,669.89

Haderslev Port

DKK 4,495.32

Sjællands Odde Port

DKK 487.05

Elsinore Harbour

DKK 131,266.23

Skagen Havn

DKK 24,610.01


DKK 227,421.34


DKK 867,214.34

Hobro-Mariager Ports

DKK 35,962.56

Stigsnæsværkets Port

DKK 105,395.89

Horsens Havn

DKK 48,268.77

Stubbekøbing Port

DKK 12,317.03

Hundested Harbour

DKK 27,990.52

Studstrup Power Port

DKK 129,794.25

Port Of Kalundborg

DKK 364,601.96

Steel valseværkets Port

DKK 96,470.19

Kolby Kås Port

DKK 5,599.31

Svendborg Harbour

DKK 18,096.73

Kolding Port

DKK 100,621.57

Søby Port

DKK 8,615.43

Korsør Havn

DKK 34,591.60

Sønderborg Harbour

DKK 3,463.49

Kyndby Port

DKK 3,701.60

Vejle Havn

DKK 77,009.71

Copenhagen Harbour

DKK 587,187.65

Vordingborg Port

DKK 14,883.38

Køge Harbour

DKK 144,499.65

Aabenraa Port

DKK 157,826.86

Odense Steel Shipyard Port

DKK 19,953.54

Aalborg Havn

DKK 548,635.89

Lyngs Odde Port

DKK 11,813.14

Port Of Aarhus

DKK 1,020,593.99

Middelfart Havn

DKK 5,438.16



Nakskov Harbour

DKK 48,402.26







§ 3. Isafgiften is the property of the Treasury. The can after he or she harbours Board elections either be collected by the Board of Directors as a duty of the ports in the port out-and indskibede quantities of goods or shall be provided by the port's general revenue. Charge may not be imposed as a duty of the ships.

§ 4. In section 2 of the mentioned ports do not pay separate fees for using the State Istjenestes ice breakers or for other of the State's ice service for ice-breaking ships concerned. Where particular circumstances might justify this, can istjenesten, however, made subject, by the total or partial coverage of expenses incurred.

§ 5. The notice shall enter into force on the 1. January 2009.

(2). Executive Order No. 1182 of 4. October 2007 on isafgift of the quantities of products out and unloaded in some Danish port, is repealed.
The Ministry of defence, the 20. November 2008 Søren Gade/Jens h. Garly

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