Executive Order Authorizing The Laying Of Blue Mussels In Depot

Original Language Title: Bekendtgørelse om tilladelse til udlægning af blåmuslinger i depot

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Table of Contents

Publication of the clearance of blue mussels in depot

In accordance with section 63 (2), 2, section 65, section 67 and section 130 (3). 2, in the law of fishing and fish farming, cf. Law Order no. 372 of 26. April 2006, as last amended by law no. 317 of 31. March 2007, and after authorisation :

§ 1. The use of mussels shall be carried out only if the Fisheries Directorate has authorised it.

§ 2. The Fisheries Directorate may, upon request, permit the interpretation and reorganisation of mussels in a specified area of depot in the following areas (positions are specified in WGS 84 datum) :

1) Reload area 601, which is an area delimited by lines between the following points :

a) 56 ° 43,67 'N-08 ° 49,23 'Ø

b) 56 ° 43, 37 AND-08 ° 48, 09 'Ø

c) 56 ° 42, 22 AND A HALF-08 ° 47, 02 'Ø

d) 56 ° 42,23 AND-08 ° 47,62 'Ø.

2) Reload Area 602, which is an area delimited by lines between the following points :

a) 56 ° 43,89 'N-08 ° 49,52 'Ø

b) 56 ° 43, 69 'N-08 ° 50, 22 'Ø

c) 56 ° 42,22 'N-08 ° 49,02 'Ø

d) 56 ° 42.22, LA-08 ° 47,62 'Ø.

Paragraph 2. Authorisation pursuant to paragraph 1. 1 may be notified to the interpretation or reorganisation of mussels in an area that is a maximum of 250 m x 750 m.

Paragraph 3. Application for authorisation pursuant to paragraph 1. 1 may be submitted to the Fisheries Directorate of an application form which may be requested at www.fd.dk.

§ 3. Applications for this notice shall be treated in the same order in which they are received in such a way that applications received only in the Fisheries Directorate shall be treated first. The time of receipt may, therefore, be crucial to the approval of a permit.

Paragraph 2. An application for authorization to set up in the Limfjorden depot received in the Fisheries Directorate before the entry into force of this notice shall be treated on the basis of the time of receipt in the Fisheries Directorate, cf. paragraph 1, whether or not the application relates to areas other than those referred to in section 2 (2). One, mentioned.

§ 4. A permit after Article 2 may be conditional upon fulfillment of specified conditions, including notification, reporting in terms of the interpretation and absorption of mussels and the length of the authorisation.

§ 5. The penalty shall be penalised by the person who is infringing or attempting to violate § 1 or the conditions laid down for a permit.

Paragraph 2. Companies can be imposed on companies, etc. (legal persons) punishable by the rules of the penal code 5. Chapter.

§ 6. The announcement will enter into force on the 20th. January 2008.

The fishing directorate, the 161. January 2008 Esben Eoked Rasmussen / Stig Prüssing