Announcement Of Scholarships For Certain Foreign Students For Short-And Medium-Term Higher Education Within The Ministry Area

Original Language Title: Bekendtgørelse om stipendier til visse udenlandske studerende ved korte og mellemlange videregående uddannelser inden for Undervisningsministeriets område

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Overview (table of contents) Annex 1

Annex 2 the full text Announcement about grants for certain foreign students for short-and medium-term higher education within the Ministry area

Pursuant to § 1 paragraph 3, article 2 paragraphs 1 and § 3 (1) of law No. 333 of 18. May 2005 about scholarships for certain foreign students for short-and medium-term higher education shall be determined:

§ 1. CIRIUS carries out the administration of the scholarship scheme in accordance with the law on scholarships for certain foreign students for short-and medium-term higher education and this Ordinance.

§ 2. CIRIUS shall, in accordance with recommendation from educational institutions, see. § 5, of the decision on the allocation of free space and stipend to cover part of the cost of living for certain foreign students, while they conduct an entire or parts of a short or medium higher education at an educational institution under the Danish Ministry of education area.

(2). Access to scholarships have highly skilled foreign students from selected countries with short-term residence permit granted for the purpose of temporary stay for education. Students, however, do not have access to scholarships if they are exchanged with Danish students after agreement between the institution and the institution abroad, or if they are under EU law, including the functioning of the EEA Agreement, or international agreements to which Denmark has concluded, are entitled to equality with Danish nationals, in respect of the economic conditions for inclusion in the programme.

(3). A student who is eligible to receive stipend according to the rules laid down in the law on State education aid, cannot receive grant to cover part of the cost of living, see. (1).

§ 3. The economic framework for clearance and fellowship scheme is fixed at the annual finance laws.

§ 4. The Minister shall determine the education that can be assigned to the clearance and scholarship to, and which countries ' citizens who are eligible to do so, see. Annex 1 and 2.

(2). In the selection of which education and which countries ' citizens who are eligible, it emphasises that the purpose of the fellowship scheme is to attract qualified foreign students in disciplines that can be justified in the light of developments in the economy and in the global market.

§ 5. Higher education institutions providing education and training referred to in annex 1, sets by using the schedule drawn up by CIRIUS highly qualified foreign students to the clearance and scholarship. The application form shall be sent to the institution's assessment of the individual with CIRIUS scholarship applicant qualifications and a prioritized list of candidates to the individual training.

(2). CIRIUS may provide the detailed procedure for setting the institutions referred to in paragraph 1, including establishing deadlines for the settings.

§ 6. CIRIUS shall notify the educational institutions, which students are determined by the setting of the institutions is assigned clearance and scholarship. CIRIUS puts emphasis on the description of the decision by the student's academic level. CIRIUS will furthermore in order to give high priority to students who are admitted on an entire training offered in English. Other considerations, including the distribution on different training areas, can also be involved in the decision.

(2). The students who are assigned gaps with scholarship, must, as a minimum, meet the requirements of access and admission to the relevant training, without prejudice. Ordinance on access, enrolment and leave, etc. by certain higher education institutions.

§ 7. Clearance and scholarship to an entire training is assigned for all the set study time.

(2). Clearance and scholarship to a part of a course shall be granted only if this part constitutes a minimum of one year of full-time studies.

(3). Scholarship-and clearance around the payment shall be made on an ongoing basis by the Ministry of education to educational institutions on the basis of information supplied to the Ministry of education of CIRIUS. Educational institutions shall be paid by the scholarship to scholarship recipients.

§ 8. The size of the scholarship to cover part of the cost of living is determined as being equivalent to the rate of stipend from the parental home to students in higher education in accordance with the rules of the law on State education aid.

(2). CIRIUS can, upon a proposal from the educational institution to increase the scholarship, if special conditions are applicable, e.g. to the student as a result of a disability have specific financial needs, which can justify a greater stipend to cover living expenses.

§ 9. The student must be active in order to obtain fripladsen of study and scholarship. The student is active when he or she follows the study rated studies, participating in teaching and practical training in accordance with the applicable rules for training and consists standard tests and exams.

(2). The educational institution may set to CIRIUS that scholarship and clearance will be extended in the event that the student has been delayed in the training because of prolonged illness, which are evidenced by a medical certificate, or other special relationship.

(3). If the student is no longer active, to study educational institution decide on the termination of the payment of the scholarship for the students and the involvement of fripladsen from the students. The institution must notify the CIRIUS about the decision.

(4). CIRIUS may revoke an undertaking clearance and scholarship, if the undertaking is given on an incorrect basis.

§ 10. Appeal against a decision of the CIRIUS after this Ordinance cannot be brought before another administrative authority. However, the complaint about the legal issues in connection with the decision brought before the Ministry of education. The deadline for filing a complaint is two weeks from the day the decision is communicated to the complainant.

§ 11. The notice shall enter into force on 9 November. March 2008.

(2). Executive Order No. 911 by 29. August 2006 on scholarships for certain foreign students for short-and medium-term higher education within the Ministry of territory be lifted.

§ 12. The Ordinance shall not apply to the Faroe Islands and Greenland.
The Ministry of education, the 6. March 2008 P.M.V. Jens Strunge Peasant head/Kirsten Lippert Annex 1

By the Executive order on the entry into force of the 9. March 2008 may be granted clearance and scholarship for the following courses:

Medical laboratory technologist

Constructing architect


Bachelor of engineering

Occupational therapist

Financial economist

Physical therapist

Trade Economist

Agricultural technologist

Character animator

Laboratory technician

Leisure management

Marketing management

Multimedia designer

Process technologist

Process economics and value chain management

Production technologist

Radio graph

Service Economist

Social worker


Economy and it Annex 2

By the Executive order on the entry into force of the 9. March 2008 is the following country nationals covered by the notice:

All foreign nationals covered by the notice.