Order On Approved Mating Areas Two Honeybees

Original Language Title: Order On Approved Mating Areas To Honeybees

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Executive order on approved the mating areas for honey bees

Pursuant to § 7, § 17 (1) and article 20, paragraph 2, of the law on beekeeping, see. lovbekendtgørelse nr. 759 of 29. June 2006, as well as under the authority shall be based on:

Purpose and general provisions

§ 1. In order to ensure the possibility of conducting controlled matings of honey bees can the Danish plant Directorate approve a defined mating area on which to establish a pairing station.

§ 2. In an approved mating area must be provided only honey bees of the same descent as bees in mating station, see. However, § 3, paragraph 2.

(2). Detection of bee colonies and feral honeybee families must be notified to the person responsible for the mating station.

§ 3. It is prohibited for anyone other than the person responsible for pairing the station to keep honey bees into mating area.

(2). Others, however, may, notwithstanding the provisions of paragraph 1, the lead pairing families into the mating area, in agreement with the person responsible for the mating area.


§ 4. Application for approval of a mating area shall contain the following;

1) name and address of the person responsible for pairing station,

2) a statement of the applicant's experience as a bidronninge breeder

3) information about the location and delineation of the mating area,

4) information about the location of the mating station

5) information on the breeding material to be used and

6) indication of the apiaries in the mating area, as well as the statement by the owners of these as to whether they agree to apply the bees of the same lineage as the bees in mating station.

(2). The Danish plant Directorate may request additional information necessary for the processing of the application.

(3). Application for extension of approval for a new 5 year period, must be accompanied by a declaration from all beekeepers in the area referred to in article 6. (1). 6, about whether or not they continue to agree to use bees of the same descent as bees in mating station.

Approval of application

§ 5. The Danish plant Directorate can as the mating area approve the smaller islands and other confined areas with sufficient isolation.

(2). It is a condition for the approval of the application to the person responsible for pairing the station is registered as expert beekeeper, see. notice of pest management in honey bees and bumble bees bred and have experience as bidronninge breeder.

§ 6. Find the Danish plant Directorate that the basis for the application for approval or extension of approval is satisfactory, the Directorate on behalf of the applicant a hearing in the local press or in some other appropriate way, addressed to beekeepers and plant breeders in the mating area.

§ 7. On the basis of the application and submitted comments shall take a final decision on the approval of the Danish plant Directorate a mating area and sets out the modalities for doing so.


§ 8. Approval of a mating area, be given for 5 years at a time under the following conditions:

1) through the establishment to be the person responsible for pairing the station free of charge supply fertilized agricultural Queen of the same lineage as the approved breeding material for replacement of Queen bees at existing beekeepers in the mating area. Assess the person responsible for pairing the station at a later date, that it is appropriate to changing queen bees, these must also be supplied free of charge, in the same number as for the original replacement.

2) the person responsible for pairing the station in operation shall, at the request of beekeepers in the mating area provide fertilized Queens reasonable usage and against appropriate remuneration.

3) the person responsible for the mating station shall, on the basis of agreements with growers in the mating area, ensure that there is a sufficient number of swarms to carry out pollination of crops with plant breeders in the mating area. For the rental of swarms for pollination may be subject to an equitable remuneration.

4) Replacement of the person in charge of the mating station can only happen with the Danish plant Directorate prior approval.

5) All mating swarms the station at least every 6. week in the period from 1. May to 1. September seems of a knowledgeable beekeeper for pest infestation malignant foulbrood (Paenibacillus larvae larvae caused by), stone FRY (caused by Aspergillus – mushrooms), the small hive beetle (Aethina tumida) and Tropilaelaps mites.

6) it is necessary to continuously execute breeding work and annually before 1. December submitted a statement to the Danish plant Directorate for work in the past season. Statement shall be drawn up on a form available from the Danish plant Directorate.

Withdrawal of approval

§ 9. The Danish plant Directorate may revoke the approval of a mating area, if one or more of the conditions referred to in article 6. § 8 are not complied with.

Removal of bee colonies and wild swarms

§ 10. The person responsible for pairing station has the right and the obligation to, at its own expense, to remove or destroy the bee colonies or feral honey bee families during the mating area, with the exception of those cases where a beekeeper is pursuing bee colonies from own Apiary and houses these within 12 hours after they have settled down.

Complaint rules

§ 11. Complaint against the Danish plant Directorate decisions under this Ordinance may be submitted to the Minister of food, agriculture and fisheries within 4 weeks from the date of receipt of the decision. The complaint shall be addressed to the Ministry for food, agriculture and fisheries, and must be submitted to the Danish plant Directorate.

Criminal and commencement provisions

§ 12. Violation of article 2, paragraph 1 and article 3 are punishable by fine.

§ 13. The notice shall enter into force on the 29th. April 2008. At the same time repealed Executive Order No. 355 of 18. April 2007 approved the mating areas for honey bees.

2. Authorisations granted pursuant to bekendtgoerelse nr. 771 of 16. September 1992 on pure breeding remains in force for that period. Extension of the approval is then subject to the terms of section 8 of this Ordinance are complied with, as well as to the person responsible for the mating station is proficient beekeeper.
The Danish plant Directorate, the 25. April 2008 Ole p. Kristensen/Ruth B