Notice Of Recruitment Of Academic Staff At Universities (Recruitment Ordinance)

Original Language Title: Bekendtgørelse om ansættelse af videnskabeligt personale ved universiteter (ansættelsesbekendtgørelsen)

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Table of Contents

Publication of the recruitment of scientific staff at universities (hire notice)

In accordance with paragraph 29, paragraph 1. 3, in the case of universities (university law), cf. Law Order no. 1368 of 7. In December 2007 :


§ 1. The purpose of the notice is to establish a general framework for the recruitment of scientific staff, and to enable universities to develop and adapt the administrative rules for recruitment to the needs of the individual professional areas ; and in the individual recruitment situations.

Scope of application

§ 2. The announcement shall apply to the recruitment of staff in posts covered by the establishment structure of scientific staff at universities.

Paragraph 2. In the possession of clinical professorship and lectorates, the notice shall be used with the modifications resulting from special agreements.

Paragraph 3. The university provides additional internal rules for the notice.


§ 3. Professions at Professor and Levelling Level shall be established internationally unless special features of a professional nature are applied in accordance with the rules laid down in the Community. however, section 8-10.


§ 4. In the occupation of posts at the level of Professor and Leviathan, by the occupation of a position as a senior adviser, and by assessing the transition of a permanent staff from a position at the level of adjunct to a position at the level of enclosure, the principal shall be reduced to a position at the level of the adjunct ; the Committee of the Commission, which consists of a chairman and two or four members, cf. however, sections 9 and 10.

Paragraph 2. The principal shall appoint the chairman and the members, and shall set a time limit for the submission of the Committee's assessment. The majority of Members must be outside, for example from abroad, unless special features of a professional nature are in force.

Paragraph 3. In the case of the occupation of other posts, the principal shall set up a judgment committee or designate one or more experts, who shall make an overall technical assessment of the applicants.

Paragraph 4. Members of the assessment committees and other qualified persons shall be experts in the position of the position at a level which is at least equivalent to what is pressurised for the position, but not at the level of leagements.

§ 5. The evaluation committee or the experts shall decide whether the applicants possess the professional qualifications in the field of research, training, dissemination, etc., provided in the structure and in addition to the other professional (s) ; qualification requirements specified in the lookup. A non-priority, reasoned and written assessment of the applicant ' s professional qualifications shall be given to the principal. If there are differences of opinion between the members of the committee, this must be stated in the assessment.

Paragraph 2. The President-in-Office of the Council alone, and possibly a secretary, can participate in the work of the Committee

§ 6. The university may lay down general rules for the documentation of the applicant ' s qualifications, including rules for the volume of the material for which the applications may be included in the assessment.


§ 7. The principal decision on employment shall normally be taken at the latest six months after the expiry of the application.

Search Committee / Call

§ 8. The principal may set up a committee which is responsible for seeking the market for candidates for a position at the level of Professor or Leveler. Shows this search that there is a special qualified candidate for the job and finds an assessment committee set up by the rules in section 4 (4). 1, the candidate is clearly more qualified than others who could be taken into account in a normal upbeat, the principal may decide to offer the candidate without a lookup.

Employment of external funds

§ 9. If funds or advice under the Ministry of Science, Technology and Development or non-governmental authorisations have made at least half of the funds available for the recruitment of a person appointed by the holder of the authorization, the principal this without lookup, but after a positive technical evaluation, cf. Section 4 (4). 3.

Employment and reinstatement for less than one year

§ 10. Fixed Term Employment for a period of up to a year-for foreign workers at the Professor or Leweller for a period of up to a period of two years-and reinstatement for up to a year may take place without lookup, provided that the relevant assessment is qualified for a year without lookup ; the position, cf. Section 4 (4). 3. The total recruitment period, including reinstatement two years, for foreign workers at Professor or Levitor level, will be increased by three years-the post shall be posted and a professional assessment must be made, cf. Section 4 (4). 1.

Entry into force and transitional provisions

§ 11. The announcement shall enter into force on the 30. April 2008 and will have an effect on posts that are posted and set at this time. The current provisions shall be finalised according to the applicable rules.

Paragraph 2. The entry into force of this notice shall be repealed with regard to the recruitment of scientific staff at universities (hire notice) no. 92 of 15. -February 2008.

The Ministry of Science, Technologies and Development, the 25th. April 2008 Helge Sander / Zacharias Balslev-Clausen