Law Amending The Law On Guidance On Choice Of Education And Occupation (The Consistency Of Guidance Efforts, Implementation Guidance, Etc.)

Original Language Title: Lov om ændring af lov om vejledning om valg af uddannelse og erhverv(Sammenhæng i vejledningsindsatsen, gennemførelsesvejledning m.v.)

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Law on the amendment of the law on the choice of training and professions

(Consistency in road wiring, implementation guide, etc.)

We, by God's grace, the Queen of the Danes, do our thing.

The parliament has adopted the following law, and we know that the following law has been approved by Parliament's consent :

§ 1

In the law on the choice of training and occupation, cf. Law Order no. 770 of 27. June 2007, as amended by Section 5 of Law No 208 by 31. March 2008, the following changes are made :

1. Loven title ITREAS :

"Law of instruction on training and occupation"

2. The heading for Chapter 1 ITREAS :

' Measurements for the guide '

3. § 1 ITREAS :

" § 1. The guidance given by this law must help ensure that the choice of education and professions is to be the maximum benefit for the individual and for society, including the fact that all young people are implementing a training-intensive education.

Paragraph 2. The manual must be specially targeted young, which, without any particular guidance on the road, has or will have difficulty in choosing, starting or implementing an education or a profession.

Paragraph 3. The guide must involve both the interests and personal assumptions, including informal competences and the training and employment rate to date, as expected labour and self-employed workers.

Paragraph 4. The guidance system must contribute to the reduction and reelection of education as far as possible, and that each student or student complements the selected training with the highest possible trade and personal gain. In addition, the guide must underpin the ability of the student or student to make the choices that are part of the training of the individual.

Paragraph 5. The guidance system must also contribute to the fact that the individual can seek and use information itself, including IT-based information and guidance offers, on education, training institutions and future employment.

Paragraph 6. The manual must be provided so that each individual coherence and progression is ensured in the road to road. `

4. I Section 7 (2). 1, ' shall be replaced by the following : ' the quality of road quality and quality assurance of the guide ' ;

5. § 8 revoked.

6. I § 12, paragraph 1. 3, in the words ' quality and quality assurance of the guide ', ' quality assurance and quality assurance of the guide ' ;

7. The following section 12 is inserted :

" Chapter 3 a

Instructions for the implementation of training

§ 12 a. Training institutions of the Education Ministry of Education and training, providing the students and students and students individually and collective guidance on the implementation of the training, shall set out : guidelines for the guidance of the institution.

Paragraph 2. Evaluating a training institution that there is a risk that a student or student terminates a training course, the institution must offer the student or the student an individual intermission interview.

Paragraph 3. Institutions which provide for youth education shall organise the guidance of the institutions in cooperation with the regional guidance centres (Study Elements), cf. Section 11 (1). 2, cf. Section 1 (1). 6.

Paragraph 4. The Education Minister shall lay down rules on the instructions following this chapter, including rules on quality development and quality assurance of the instructions.

Chapter 3 b

Signature of the yield of the teaching

§ 12 b. Institutions which provide for youth training shall inform the basic schools, the providers of 10. class education and the education and training guide of young people in order to benefit from teaching during the first year of the recording. The notification shall be made at meetings arranged by the Education Guide for Representatives of all juvenile training institutions, primary schools and service providers of 10. -class of complaints in the section 5 (5). 4, mentioned area.

Paragraph 2. The meetings must contribute to the fact that the basic schools, the providers of 10-class education and the training of youth providers are given better opportunities to assess whether their efforts to former pupils have been appropriate, as well as professionally and in terms of education and training. guidance, in relation to the young people's choice of youth education. In addition, the meetings must help ensure that the youth education institutions can adapt its partitioning activities so that young people's transition to youth education are at the best possible for the individual to be carried out. '

8. Section 15 (3). 3, revoked.

Paragraph 4 becomes paragraph 4. 3.

9. The following section shall be inserted after

" § 15 a. The Minister of Education will ensure, through a national dialogue forum, that relevant authorities, organisations, associations, etc. can submit and discuss views and assessments of all matters that are important for training and professional guidance.

Paragraph 2. The dialog is led by a presidency consisting of three people with insight into training and business guidance. The Minister of Education shall appoint the Presidency and select the chairperson of the dialogue forum.

Paragraph 3. The dialog box extends to the representatives, cf. paragraph 1, a number of particularly qualified members appointed by the Minister.

Paragraph 4. All members, cf. paragraph 2 and 3 shall be designated by the Minister for Education for a period of three years at a time.

Paragraph 5. The Presidency has the task of following and evaluating and advising the Education Minister on matters of education and training and on the benefits of students and students and students of the guide. Counseling is done via statements after discussion in the forum.

Chapter 4 a

Forseafar-and Development Work

§ 15 b. The Minister for Education may permit the local authorities to derogate from the provisions of sections 2, 5, 6, 9 and 10 (10). ' 1 and 2, in the context of the study and development of the study. `

10. section 16 (4). 4, revoked.

§ 2

Paragraph 1. The law shall enter into force on 1. August 2008, cf. however, paragraph 1 2.

Paragraph 2. § 12 (a) (a) 3, in the law on training and professions, as drawn up in section 1 of this law. 7, enter into force on 1. August 2009.

Givet at Christiansborg Castle, the 171. June 2008 MARGRETHE R / Bertel Haarder