Ordinance To The Law On The Publication Of A Gazette And A Ministerialtidende

Original Language Title: Bekendtgørelse af lov om udgivelsen af en Lovtidende og en Ministerialtidende

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Table of Contents

Publication of the law on the publication of a law of law and a Ministry of Appeal

This shall be the subject of the law on the publication of a law and a Ministry of Appeal, cf. Law Order no. 842 of 16. December 1991, with the changes resulting from paragraph 7 of Law No 1. 552 of 24. June 2005 and Law No 305 of 19. April 2006.

§ 1. From 1. In January 1871, the government measure is a law of law and a ministerial.

§ 1 a. The Attorney General is responsible for the operation of State-running in electronic form.

Paragraph 2. The Minister of Justice lays down rules on legislation in electronic form, including rules on the safety of law.

§ 2. In the law, both laws are introduced and all the royal devices, under which name they may be issued (devices, open letters, knowledge and so on), and whether the rules which are contained therein shall be accompanied by all the rice or only individual requirements ; parts, towns or parts of the population or parts of the population.

Paragraph 2. Furthermore, in the Governing Council, all the ministries will be introduced.

§ 3. From the said time of lapses, the date referred to in the past shall be carried out by laws and devices, whereas their publication through the Governing Council becomes the binding form of publication. The law or publication shall enter, unless it determines otherwise, in force at the beginning of the day following the day in which it has been introduced in Statedian. Each establishment in the law must include information on the day that the introduction has been made.

§ 4. In terms of the notice of the devices which may be issued by the competent authorities by the competent authorities, the current rules shall, as a general rule, be subject to the current rules. However, the Ministry of the Ministry shall be able to state that any of this issued device shall be introduced in the Governing Council. The same must and must be done where things have so far been far from the point of view of shaving devices. If such devices are to be taken in law, their publication in question shall have the same legal effect as other laws and anordings. Otherwise, in such cases, it shall be without prejudice to any failure to neglect any in this respect the effect of negligence in the event of the publication of the law.

§ 5. In the Ministry of Ministers, the rule shall be the administrative, royalty or department ' s general orders of general nature, which shall be issued to the authorities and authorities, in such a way as to ensure that the relevant resolutions and the resolutions and the resolutions and their opinions are listed ; that could be of general interest. This must not, however, be the dementia of the ministries which may have been given rise, in part or in a way that is, in part, by means of a message that is only calculated on the children.

§ 6. In addition, the Ministry shall be able to record such information and communications as appropriate to the Ministry of the Ministry, if the publication is appropriate.

§ 7. The Minister of Justice shall lay down detailed rules on the implementation of the law, including the payment of law and the Ministry.

§ 8. This law does not apply to the Faroe Islands.

Law No 552 of 24. June 2005 on the amendment of the rule of law and various other laws (Changes due to the communal reform) contains the following entry into force :

§ 12

The law shall enter into force on 1. January, 2007.

Law No 305 of 19. April 2006 amending the Act on the publication of a Regulatory and a Governing Council (Regulatory in electronic form) shall include the following entry into force :

§ 2

Paragraph 1. The Minister of Justice sets the time of the law to enter into force. 1)

Paragraph 2. (subtly).

Ministry of Justice, the 24th. June 2008 Lene Espersen / Torben Jensen
Official notes

1) Law No 305 of 19. April 2006 entered into force on 1. January 2008, cf. Notice no. 1394 of 12. In December 2007 on the entry into force of the Act on the amendment of the Law on the publication of the Law and a Ministry of Appeal (Regulatory in electronic form).