Notice Of The Auditor Committee

Original Language Title: Bekendtgørelse om Revisornævnet

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Overview (Table of Contents)

Chapter 1 Revisorjurnet competence and organization

Chapter 2 Case preparation

Chapter 3 Case Decision

Chapter 4 Publication and report, etc.

Conventions about Revisorboard

I pursuant to section 43 (3).  ONE, ONE. Act. and section 43 (3).  Seven, in law no. 468 of 17. June 2008 on the Law on authorised auditors and auditors (revision law), shall be determined :

Chapter 1

Revisorjurnet competence and organization

§ 1. Revised processing complaints are complaints that a state sautorised or registered auditor in the performance of tasks in accordance with section 1 (2).  2 and 3, in the case of authorised auditors and auditors (revision of the auditor law), the duties assigned to the position shall be disregarded. In cases where the Disciplinary Board of State Saudinated and registered auditors have so far been competent to deal with infringements of the law on state sautorised and registered accountants, questions on infringements committed before the entry into force of the Act 468 of 17. June 2008, however, in accordance with the existing rules. Cases which, before the entry into force of the law, have been submitted for the Disciplinary Board for public authorities and registered auditors shall be completed by the Revile Board.

Stk.  2. Storage of the auditor's remuneration and collegial cases cannot be submitted for the RevisorBoard.

§ 2. The auditing board consists of a President and 2 Vice-Presidents, of which at least one member must be Your Honor. The auditing board shall also consist of 12 other members, three of whom shall be a state sautorised auditors ; three shall be registered auditors and 6 are representatives of the accounting users. Representation users must not have been authorized auditors in the last 3 years.

Stk.  For each member-except the President and the 2 Vice-Presidents, an alternate.

Stk.  3. The members and the members of the Board shall be appointed by the Corporate and Corporate Management Board for a period of four years.

Stk.  4. The President determines the number of cases in which many and which members are required to participate in the proceedings. The number of auditors must always correspond to the number of representatives of the accounting users.

Stk.  Apart from cases determined by the President alone in accordance with section 7, the auditing denominator shall be treated by a case relating to the auditors ' auditors, at least 1 statsautorised auditor. Similarly, the examination of a case concerning registered auditors shall be subject to a minimum participation of 1 registered auditors. In cases where the rights waiver may be referred to in accordance with the case, cf. Section 44 (2).  However, at least 2 state-owned auditors shall be allowed to use 2 and 4 of the authorised auditors and auditors ' records, including any registered accountants.

section 3. None of the members of the jury may or may not ; participate in the processing of a case when, after the rule of law, they would be inhaule as a judge.

Stk.  2. A member shall provide the Board of Notice of circumstances which could lead to the inhability of the person concerned, cf. paragraph 1.

Stk.  3. The question of a member's ability to be raised should, as far as possible, be raised before the issue of proceedings begins.

Stk.  4. The auditing board determines whether a member can participate in a matter processing.

section 4. The President organises the work of the auditing board, including the work of the secretariat.

Stk.  The President-in-Office shall be determined by the President who shall ensure the invocation of the sitting. Is a meeting public, cf. Section 9 (1).  3, this must be announced at least 3 days notice, specifying the time and location of the meeting-at the auditors ' website or in Statescing.

Stk.  3. The meetings of the Board shall be subject to the time and place of the meeting whether the meeting has been public which Members have participated and the names of the persons who have been present as parties or on their behalf, or their assistance. The Minutes shall be followed by the President's detailed provision in each case.

Stk.  4. The President is in charge of the negotiations at the meetings of the Board.

Stk.  5. The President sees that the cases are promoted with an acceleration speed.

Stk.  The distribution of individual cases between Chairman and Vice-Presidents is determined by the President. The Vice-President shall attend to them the powers conferred by the President to them, the powers conferred on this notice to the President.

Chapter 2

Case prepare

section 5. The class must be submitted in writing to the auditing board, Kronprinsegade 8, st., 1306 Purport K.

Stk.  2. The appeal shall contain the production of the conditions to be judged by the Board. A complaint must have been lodged with the Revile Board no later than five years after the untireable action or omission to which the complaint relates is discarding.

Stk.  3. The appeal shall follow a fee of 500 kr. If the fee does not include the payment, the President shall set a time limit for the payment and the case is rejected if the payment has not been paid no later than the deadline.

Stk.  4. For complaints made by Errecruvs and Corporate Corporate, Finance SEC, Treasury, Municipal or Regional Supervisors, Public Prosecutor, United States Public Prosecutor Association, United Revisors Unregistered Accountants, or However, the auditor supervision is not payable.

§ 6. Law on public administration and administrative law are applicable to the activity of the Board.

section 7. The President rejects complaints which are not covered by the jury jurisdiction, including complaints from persons who have no legal interest in the relationship, the complaint, and complaints which must be deemed to be unfounded beforehand.

§ 8. The auditing board must send copy of the letter of complaint, with any annexes to the complainin, with the invitation to express an opinion before a specified period. At the same time, it must be informed that there may be a meeting for the Board with a bisit, possibly a lawyer, and that the complaint will be admissible on the basis of which the complaint does not correspond to the case.

Stk.  2. The complainant ' s statement with any Annex I shall be presented to the complainant. If the chairman will find it necessary, the parties must have an opportunity to make further notice to a fixed deadline.

Stop.  The President shall ensure that the necessary information is available to the proceedings and that the necessary examinations have been carried out. At any time during the processing of the case, additional information can be obtained.

Stk.  4. The President shall ensure that the parties are informed of the information provided by the counterparty, where these may be considered to be relevant to the decision of the case, unless essential considerations of public or private interests are opposed to such decisions, including the client's side ; business relationship or economic relationship.

Chapter 3

Case Decision

section 9. The case parties have the right to meet for Revised Board and provide explanation.

Stk.  2. The President may allow other people to be called in to give an explanation for the board.

Stk.  3. Revisorjurors ' meetings are not public. The President may allow the public to have access to the Board ' s meetings unless this will add unnecessary violation, including by means of a business or business secret.

§ 10. A complaint can be processed in writing if neither of us wants to meet for the board, and there is an agreement among the members that are processing the case.

section 11. Decisions of auditors shall be taken by the general ballot box.

Stk.  2. A decision must be justified and renderer the support setting.

Stk.  3. The decision cannot be brought to second administrative authority.

Chapter 4

Publication and Report etc.

§ 12. Revisorjurors ' decisions are entered in a protocol that must be signed by the President.

Stk.  2. The auditors ' decisions will be sent to the parties, the United States Public Revisors Association, the Unified Revisors FRR, as well as for the Enterprise and Corporate and Corporate Services.

Stk.  3. Revisor celets are published. The public statement shall be made in the Legal Information database, on the website or both of the jury.

Stk.  4. shall receive complaints, in full or in part, to the auditing board or the chairman, on behalf of its chairman, to make provision for the total or partial refund of the fee paid. The same applies if the complaint is rejected.

§ 13. The auditing Board publish an annual report about its business.

section 14. The announcement will take place power on 1. of July 2008.

Corporate and Corporate Management, 26. June 2008Niels Henrik Englev / Vibeke Sylwest