Notice Of Warning Labelling Of Magnetic Toys

Original Language Title: Bekendtgørelse om advarselsmærkning af magnetlegetøj

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Overview (Table of Contents)

Annuntending warning labels 1

In accordance with section 13 (3).  1 and 3, section 27 (4).  5, and section 28 of Law No 364 of 18. May 1994 on product safety, as amended by law no. 1170 of 19. December 2003 :


section 1. For the purposes of this notice, the following definitions are set for reason :

1) Toys : Any product that is clearly designed or intended for purposes for children under 14 years.

2) Magnetic Toys : Toys that contains or consists of one or more magnets or one or more magnetic components accessible to children and such as size and size that they can be reduced.

3) By such a shape and size that they can be submerging : That they can be completely spaced in the cylinder to small parts as defined by default EN 71-1:2005.

4) Available for Children : Which is loose or can be detached from the toy when it is used by children in a normal manner or in a manner that is reasonably expected to be expected even if they are originally contained, encapsulated, chained or included in the toy.

5) Make available on " market " : Any delivery of magnetic toys for distribution, consumption or use in the Community market in the context of business activity against or without remuneration.

6) Bringing in turnover : First available mailing-up leagingy Community market.

7) Withdrawal : Any measure in order to prevent the distribution of power-toys, the consumer shall be displayed and offered.


section 2. The announcement is made available to the market, made available on the market, brought into service. turnover or made available on the market.

Requirements for warning label

section 3. Magnetic toys that have been put into circulation are made available on the market, placed in circulation or made available on the market must be provided with either :

1) Warning with the following word : " Warning! This toy contains magnetism or magnetic parts. Magnets hanging together or fastening to a metal object inside the human body can cause serious or deadly damage. Find immediate medical assistance if the magnets are swallowed or come in the airway. ", or

2) warning with corresponding easy intellect which clearly provide the same information.

Stk.  2. The warning must appear clear and legible in a conspicuous position on the packaging, or must otherwise be placed on the magnetic toy, so that it is visible to the consumer at the point of sale.

Stk.  3. The warning message must be in Danish.

Stk.  4. Magnetic toys that do not meet the conditions laid down in paragraph 1.  1, 2 or 3 for warning labels, immediate withdrawal must be withdrawn from the market and the consumer must be duly informed.

Market Control

§ 4. The management board shall ensure that the magnetic toys available on the market comply with the provisions of this publication.

Section 5. Constates the Security Agency to power-toys does not satisfy the requirements for the labelling laid down in this notice ; the security board may offer to the person who has placed the magnetic toy in the business or any other way in which the magnetic toy is available on the market, that

1) stop the sale of the product,

2) drag the product back and

3) to duly inform consumers of the risks.

Stk.  2. Anyone who has been part of the turnover may be invited to perform an injunction on a product which has been notified to another pursuant to paragraph 1.

section 6. Security and may take the necessary measures to alert consumers to the safety of magnetic toys which do not comply with the requirements for labelling in this notice.

Appeal access

section 7. Decisions by Security of the Security Board this notice shall not be claimed to another administrative authority, cf. Article 23 (1).

Stk.  2. The issued pursuant to section 5 shall be submitted to the courts without undue delay, provided that the ban is resided, subject to objections, cf. Act 23 (2).

Stk.  3. The court may decide to insert, as mentioned in paragraph 1.  2, having soapting effect, cf. Law 23 (3).


§ 8. Penalty penalty is punished by

1) in breach in section 3 (3).  1 brings magnetic toys into turnover or otherwise make magnetic toys available on the market without warning labels,

2) in violation of section 3 (1).  4 fails to withdraw power toys,

3) in violation of section 3 (3).  4 fails to inform consumers duly, or

4) fails to comply with the security type's injunction in accordance with section 5.

Stk.  2. Companies can be imposed on them. (legal persons) punishable by the rules of the fifth chapter of the penal code

Entry into force

section 9. The announcement will enter into force on the 21. of July 2008.

Security Management, 9. July 2008Carsten Searich / Tina Marie Møller
Officially Notes

1) The Bekendtstatement implements the Commission Decision 2008 /329/EC of 21. In April 2008, a call to the Member States to ensure that the magnetic toys put into circulation or made available on the market bear a warning of the health and safety risks that it entails, (OJ L 114, 26. April 2008, s. 90-93).