Ordinance On The Rules Of Procedure Of The Selection Board

Original Language Title: Bekendtgørelse om forretningsorden for Valgnævnet

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gust 2008Karen Jespersen / Nicoline Nyholm Miller
the Rules of Procedure for the Conventions

Pursuing section 17 (2). 7, in the Act of Elected Elected Elected Elected, cf. Law Order no. 583 of 23. June 2008, the following Rules of Procedure for the OptionBoard :

Radio Board Competency

section 1. The Behavior

Minister will set up an election name that takes place Decision

1) the inclusion of the electoral list in accordance with the section 16 (2)

2) approval of forms to selector statements for new parties that wish to participate in public election, cf. . The section 12 of the parliamentary election vol. paragraphs 2 and 3, section 13 (3). 3, or European Parliament elections, cf. Section 11 (1). 2 and 3, and section 12 of the Danish Members of the Danish Members of the European Parliament, and

3) take part in the PartinAvnnregister, cf. The section 13 (4) of the parliamentary election vol

Opposition of composition

section 2. The election board consists of a chairman and two other members, in the matters referred to in the case of the Committee on the Board of the European Parliament. in section 1, no. 2 and 3, however, three other members. The President must be a judge, and one of the other members must be cynical in the constitutional court. The further Member, the second member, is made up of the cases mentioned in section 1. 2 and 3 (partineus cases) must be knowledgeable in the names and trademarks rights, cf. The section voter section 17 (2).

Stk. 2. The same rules shall be appointed for the President and each of the three other members, cf. Section 17 (2).

section 3. Every time as a member of the Opinion Board ceases when the conditions of the Member's occupation are no longer fulfilled or when the member is deducted from his own country ; request. The term terminates no later than the end of the month in which the person concerned is 70 years old.

§ 4. Is a member prevented from participating in the Election Board's work and the cases are not resolved by the President, cf. Section 10 calls the President of the President the delegate of the Member,


Radio Board

section 5. The OptionBoard will meet the days that the Choovation Board adops, and, by the way, frequently, as the President considers necessary.

Section 6. The Optionals are in cases on the inclusion of the choice list, cf. § 1, no. 1, decision-making when the three members of the Group of the European Parliament or their delegates are present, cf. The section voter section 17 (3).

Stk. 2. The Opinion Board is in partinekeeping matters, cf. § 1, no. 2 and 3, quorum, when the four members of the Group of the European Parliament or their delegates are present, cf. Section 17 (3).

section 7. Optionable decisions are taken by the majority of votes. If the voices are equal, the President's voice is crucial, cf. Section 17 (3), section 17 (3)


§ 8. A member of the Opinion Board shall not participate in the decision, or, by the way, contribute to the treatment of a the case in relation to which the member is inhabibilt, cf. administrative law, section 3.

Stk. Paragraph 2 of the Member States shall take the view of a Member State which may be subject to the provision referred to in paragraph 1. 1, before the processing board, the member must present the relationship with the Optionment board.

Stk. 3. The Opposition Board shall take the final administrative decision if the Member may participate in the proceedings and decisions of the matter. The member is not excluded from participating in processing and decision on this question.

The President

section 9. The President of the Election Board is preparing for this. cooperate with the secretariat of the Committee for the Committee of Election and Executive Board of the Election Board. The Chairman shall, in cooperation with the Secretariat, care for the execution of the decisions of the Election Board, cf. Section 13.

section 10. The chairman of the European Parliament may decide on behalf of the Opposition on behalf of the Committee on behalf of the Committee on behalf of the Committee on behalf of the Committee on behalf of the Committee on Election of the Committee on behalf of the Committee on European elections Election voter section 17, paragraph 4.

Stk. 2. The President shall inform the other Member of the Commission at the latest on decisions taken pursuant to paragraph 1.

section 11. When the Optionment has taken a decision on cases of admission ; in the selection list, cf. § 1, no. 1, the President shall ensure that the decision of the Election Board shall be notified to the person who filed a motion for inclusion in the electoral list and the local authority.

Stk. 2. In partineavnematters, cf. § 1, no. 2 and 3, the President shall ensure that the decision of the Court shall be communicated to the parties, including the person submitting the approval for the name of a new party and the form to which a new party is to be declared, and The PartinAvnnregister.

§ 12. Is the President prevented from attending the Election Board's work, and may the President's resume of his duties be refused, the powers of the President shall be exercised in accordance with section 4, 9, 10, 11 and 13 of the President's deputy.

Secretariat Secretariat

§ 13. The Ministry of Behavior provides the secretarial service to the OptionBoard, cf. The Section 17 (8) of the parliamentary election vol

Stk. 2. The secretariat service shall include, inter alia, the drawing up of the options for decisions of the Radio Board, the preparation of the proceedings, and the execution of the decisions of the Court of Election, including the signature of the Agreement with the Chairman of the Court of Justice, The election board or its President have reached a decision.

Stk. 3. The public secretariat of the jury is only subgiven instruction from the Optionament and its President.

Entry into force

section 14. The Rules of Procedure enter into force. 1. September 2008.

Stk. 2. The Rules of Procedure also apply to any case that has not been completed at the time of the Rules of Procedure of the Rules of Procedure.

The Ministry of Behavior, 22. Au