Announcement Of Reimbursement For Treatment At The Dentist In Practice Sector

Original Language Title: Bekendtgørelse om tilskud til behandling hos tandlæge i praksissektoren

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Table of Contents

Publication of treatment for the treatment of the dentist in the practice sector

In accordance with section 65 and 72 of the health bill, cf. Law Order no. 95 of 7. February 2008 :

§ 1. Group 1-proof and Group 2-sured persons are entitled to a grant for treatment in the dentist in the practice sector.

§ 2. The exception is children and young people under the age of 18, covered by the statutory offer of the municipality of dental care and those who receive dental care in accordance with Article 131 of the Health Code (circumsorption).

§ 3. Sikingers are entitled to a periodic diagnostic examination, diagnostic and preventive basic benefit, interlocusts in periodic diagnostic tests and diagnostics and prevention of prevention, individual preventative and preventative and preventive measures ; treatment of caries and gingivitis, and fluorine treatment of initial caries, general dental cleaning, extended gutting, teeth cleaning, standard paroeontal treatment, extended parodontal treatment, surgical paroeontal care, post-examination, control ; prevent / diagnostics and parodontal treatment, bitewings ; a check on periodic diagnostic examination, after the reference from dental, floodling, with the use of plastic, glamour or amalgam as filling material, progressively excavation, root canal and root filling, dentition, under local anesthesia, and the removal of teeth, sprouts and smaller cysts and so on.

Paragraph 2. Specifications of the individual oral treatments are specified by the applicable agreement between the Salary and Takstn of the Regions and the Dental Board of the Dentist.

Paragraph 3. The Board of Health shall draw up separate technical guidance on the use of dentition materials, which will be applicable to the access of dentition services by the person concerned in accordance with paragraph 1. 1.

Paragraph 4. No subsidies for dental and dental hygienists are being granted.

§ 4. The Committee of the Regions in the patient's residence of the patient shall grant grants of 40% of the payment pacts of group 1 secured by the Agreement, cf. however, paragraph 1 Two and three.

Paragraph 2. For the periodic diagnostic tests, diagnostic and preventative and preventive checks following the periodic diagnostic examination, the region shall provide a financial contribution of 30%. For the age of 18 to 25 years, the region of the region shall provide a grant of 65% of the periodic diagnostic tests and checks carried out after the periodic diagnostic examination. The grants shall be calculated on the basis of the payment stacks to group 1 secured by the Agreement.

Paragraph 3. For single-floodfloodling with the use of plastic, glazing or amalgam a grant of 59,57 kr. For multi-flaging, with the use of plastic, glazing or amalgam, a subsidy shall be granted at 86,99 kr. For gradual excavation, grants are awarded as for similarly filling. For apial amputation and root fillings per The channel shall be granted a grant of 169,68 kr. On the operative removal of teeth, sprouts, smaller cysts and so on, a grant of DKK 157.54 is granted. For dental extraction under local anesthesia, a grant shall be awarded on 135.59 kr. per Tooth. For surgical parodontal treatment, a subsidy is granted at 209,14 kr. The amounts are set in April 2008 level. The amounts specified shall be adjusted in accordance with the rules laid down in the Agreement.

§ 5. The Committee of the Regions shall provide grants with the same amount to persons in security groups 1 and 2.

Paragraph 2. For Group 1-proof people, it is a condition for receiving subsidies that the treatment is carried out by a dentist who has agreed to the current agreement between the Salary and Takstn of the Regions and the Dental Board of the Dentist.

Paragraph 3. For Group 2-proof persons who have received treatment with a dentist who has not signed up to the Agreement, the Member State of residence shall pay the grant on behalf of the regional council. In order to obtain the deposit, the patient shall forward a quitted and specified bill to the municipality. The amount of the subsidy cannot exceed the amount of the account.

Paragraph 4. Both Group 1 and Group 2-Secured people will pay their own share of the fee directly to the dentist.

§ 6. The Committee of the Regions shall not grant a grant to the dentists of the dentist to himself or to his spouse.

§ 7. In the case of dentition which is not carried out at the dentist ' s practice or carried out outside the usual treatment time of the dentist, the patient shall pay the addendum laid down in the Agreement between the Salary of the Regions and the Takstn and the Dentist Association ; grants from the regional council.

§ 8. Persons entitled to benefits in the practice sector pursuant to Community law or international agreements shall be entitled to grant treatment to the dentist in the practice sector under the same conditions as group 1 ensured persons in the country.

Paragraph 2. For the purposes of Community law or international agreements, the Council Regulation (EEC) No (EEC) No The provisions of 1408/71 on the application of social security schemes to workers, self-employed persons and members of their families who are moving within the Community and in the annebated Regulation (EEC) No (EEC) No 1408/71. Regulation No 2 574/72 on the implementation of Regulation No The Agreement on European Economic Cooperation (EEA Agreement), Nordic Convention on Social Security and the Agreement between the European Communities, its Member States and Switzerland, on the free movement of persons, are the Agreement on the Social Security Agreement.

§ 9. The announcement shall enter into force on 1. October 2008.

Paragraph 2. At the same time, notice No 201 of 22. February 2007 on subsidies for the treatment of dentists in the practice sector.

Paragraph 3. In the provisions of this notice, the reference to the Agreement between the Salary of the Regions and the Tac and the Denis Association shall be referred to until a collective agreement between these Parties is concluded between the Parties and the Parties to the Agreement between : The Health Insurance Committee and the Dansk Dental Association.

The Ministry of Health and Prevention, the 23rd. September 2008 Jakob Axel Nielsen / Andreas Daugaard Jørgensen