Amendment Of The Decree On Termination Of Education In Secondary Schools

Original Language Title: změna vyhlášky o ukončování vzdělávání ve středních školách

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311/2016 Sb.


of 16 December 2002. September 2016,

amending Decree No. 177/2009 Coll., on detailed conditions

termination of education in secondary education, GCSE, as amended by


The Ministry of education, youth and sports, establishes, pursuant to § 81 para.

11, § 82 para. 1, section 91 paragraph 2. 1 and section 113a of the paragraph. 2 Act No. 561/2004 Coll.

on pre-school, primary, secondary, higher vocational and other education

(the Education Act), as amended by Act No. 179/2006 Coll., Act No. 242/2008

Coll., Act No. 49/2009 Coll., Act No. 472/2011 Coll., Act No. 370/2012

Coll., Act No. 82/2015 Coll. and Act No. 178/2016 Coll.:

Article. (I)

Decree No. 177/2009 Coll., on detailed conditions of termination of education

in high school, GCSE as amended by Decree No. 90/2010

Coll., Decree No. 274/2010 Coll., Decree No. 54/2007 Coll., Decree No.

273/2010 Coll., Decree No. 371/2012 Coll., Decree No. 173/2014 Sb.

Decree No. 214/2015 Coll. and Decree No. 197/2016 Coll., is amended as follows:

1. in § 5 para. 3 is the number "10" is replaced by "6" and the number "25"

replaced by the number "20".

2. in § 5 para. 4, the word "continuously" is deleted.

3. In article 7 (2). 2, the number "95" is replaced by "100" and the number "35"

replaced by the number "40".

4. in the section 18 para. 1, after the word "tests" shall be replaced by "length".

5. In paragraph 19 (a) at the end of paragraph 2 the following sentence "the communication of the possibility of

the replacement of foreign language tests, principal of the school shall be published together with the

test the profile sections offer within the time limit pursuant to § 79 paragraph 2. 3 school

of the law. ".

6. In section 20 (2). 3, the first sentence of the following sentence "recommendation is at the same time

registered in anonymised form in the information system ".

7. in section 20, at the end of paragraph 5, the following sentence "recommendation is valid

not more than 24 months from the date of issue. ".

8. in section 22 para. 3, the words "from a foreign language" shall be deleted and the words "in the

the class "shall be replaced by the words" the competent learner ".

9. in section 22 to the end of paragraph 3 the following sentence "for the spring test

the Director of the school centre of the period through the information system

The center of the specific oral examination dates of the common parts

competent student of Czech language and literature and from a foreign language into 30.

April. ".

10. In article 22, paragraph 4 shall be deleted.

Paragraphs 5 and 6 shall be renumbered as paragraphs 4 and 5.

11. In paragraph 38 (a). (b)), the words "the assessor the written work of the Czech

language and literature and "are deleted.

12. In paragraph 41, in the first sentence the words "and the written work of the Czech language and

literature "and the words" in the third sentence of the language "shall be deleted.

13. in paragraph 44, paragraph 2 reads as follows:

"(2) the assessor shall appoint a written work for the spring evaluation period

Centre until 31 December 2006. March and for autumn trial period until 30. June.

Assessor of the common part of the oral examination shall be appointed by the headmaster under §

35 para. 4. The contracting authority shall appoint the Director of the school for the relevant test

the period of not later than one month before the beginning of the single test

schema. ".

14. in § 47 para. 3, the amount "Eur 100" is replaced by "Eur 130" and on the

the end of text in a paragraph, the words "shall be added; in the case of the written work of the pupil

According to § 1 (b). c) belongs to the evaluators for the reward of 150 € for one

corrected the written work ".

15. In § 51 paragraph 4 shall be inserted after paragraph 5 and 6 are added:

"(5) Repetition of the test profile section of the graduation exams held in the form of

drawing up the graduation work and its defence before the trial by the Commission

takes place at the latest within 3 months from the date of issue of the decision of the Regional Office

According to § 82 para. 1 (b). (b)) of the Education Act, before the examining Board

appointed by the regional office.

(6) the request for a review of the progress and outcome of the baccalaureate or

the decision to exclude from the venue to the test under section 82 para. 1 (b).

(b)) and § 82 para. 2 Education Act shall be submitted on forms whose

patterns are listed in annex # 7 and # 8 in the annex to this Decree.

Forms exposes the Ministry manner allowing remote

access. ".

The present paragraph 5 shall become paragraph 7.

16. Annexes 1 and 1a shall be added:

' Annex 1 to the Decree No. 177/2009 Sb.

Annex No 1a to a Decree No. 177/2009 Sb.

17. After annex No 6 to annex No. 7 and 8 are added:

' Annex # 7 to Decree No. 177/2009 Sb.

Annex No. 8 Decree No. 177/2009 Sb.

Article II

The effectiveness of the

This Decree shall enter into force on 1 January 2000. October 2016, with the exception of

the provisions of article. I, points 3 and 5, which will become effective on 1 January 2004. January

2017, and with the exception of the provisions of article. I, point 1, which shall take effect on the date of

October 1, 2017.


Mgr. Valachová, Ph.d., v. r.

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