On The Agreement With Cuba In The Area Of Travel. Tourism

Original Language Title: o Dohodě s Kubou v oblasti cest. ruchu

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13/1979 Sb.


Minister of Foreign Affairs

of 6 May 1999. December 1978

on the agreement between the Government of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic and the Government

The Cuban Republic in the area of tourism

On 12 June 2006. December 1977 in Havana was the agreement signed between the Government of

The Czechoslovak Socialist Republic and the Government of the Republic of Cuba

cooperation in the field of tourism. The agreement on the basis of article

10 entered into force on 23 September 2006. August 1978.

The Czech version of the agreement shall be published at the same time.


Ing. Now in r.

The agreement

on cooperation in the field of tourism

The Government of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic and the Government of the Republic of Cuba

Desiring to develop and further strengthen the friendly relations between the peoples of the

both States on the basis of the principles of proletarian internationalism and

Socialist economic integration of the Member States of the Council of mutual

economic assistance,

in an effort to ensure the best conditions for promoting mutual

Tourism, which would have allowed a deeper understanding of the achievements of both States in the

the building of socialism,

in order to further develop mutual tourism and cooperation in this


have decided to conclude this agreement.

To this end, the Contracting Parties shall designate their agents:

the Government of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic:

ing. Francis Žurka,

the Government of the Republic of Cuba:

Lic. Joaguína Góngoru Suaua,

who, having exchanged their full powers, found in good and due

the form, have agreed as follows:

Article 1

The Contracting Parties shall develop and broaden all-round cooperation in the

the field of tourism between the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic

and the Republic of Cuba on the basis of the mutually balanced, with an effort to

the deepening of the mutual knowledge of success achieved in the field of

economy, social, cultural and scientific development, as well as

historical monuments, natural beauty, tourist attractions and

the revolutionary traditions of the two countries.

Article 2

The Contracting Parties shall cooperate in the development of tourism on

the basis of the equality of rights and mutual advantage and will facilitate the

the tourist group and individual trips organized through the

travel agencies and social organizations, the path on the occasion

cultural and sport events, exhibitions, fairs and international

meetings, youth travel and specialized thematic tours.

Article 3

The Contracting Parties shall assist in the further development of air services between the

the two countries and facilitating border crossing.

The Contracting Parties agree to ensure air transport

tourists between the two countries by its own aircraft. If necessary, one

Parties will be requested the necessary transport capacity from the other party.

If the parties do not have sufficient capacity for the transport of

tourists using their own resources, in this case, can apply for a

help the carrier of other countries in order to ensure the development of tourism.

Article 4

The Contracting Parties shall take through the competent authorities and organisations

tourism to the appropriate promotional measures, information and

recruitment by the action, if possible, in the language of the other country was improved

informing citizens of both States about how to travel on the territory of another


Article 5

The Contracting Parties shall encourage the exchange of experience, information and

documentation of tourism, in particular in the areas of activity of the competent

authorities and organisations, the construction of tourist facilities and vocational training

cadres, as well as in cooperation in r & d institutes and other

issues of tourism.

The Contracting Parties shall develop and promote the exchange of experts from various

areas of tourism.

Article 6

Scholar in the field of vocational education will be conducted

through the competent authorities of the two parties in the framework of the agreement on cultural

cooperation between the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic and the Cuban


Scientific and technical cooperation in the field of tourism resulting from the

This agreement will be implemented according to the general terms and conditions

Scientific and technological cooperation between the two countries.

Article 7

Salaries resulting from the execution of this agreement will be carried out in accordance with the payment

the agreement between the Contracting Parties and the other contracting documents

dealing with those questions.

Article 8

The Contracting Parties will further expand the cooperation of the authorities of tourism

both States in relevant international organizations and to assist the

the implementation of the exchange of experience of work in this field.

The Contracting Parties shall facilitate cooperation between the authorities and organisations

tourism in improving awareness, promoting the interests of and recruitment

tourists from third countries through the relevant travel


Article 9

The competent authorities of the Contracting Parties are to enter into protocols on certain

the time periods for the implementation of this agreement. In addition, at any time, it will be

deemed necessary, will be evaluated its performance and the progress of mutual


Article 10

This agreement is subject to approval in accordance with the legislation of each of the

the Contracting Parties and shall enter into force on the exchange of notes on its approval.

However, its provisions will be applied provisionally from the date of signature.

This agreement is concluded for a period of five years and will be considered as

extended always for another year, if neither of the Contracting Parties

notice in writing not later than six months before the expiration of the relevant

the period of validity.

Given in Havana on 12 June 2006. December 1977 in two copies, each in the

English and Spanish languages, both texts being equally authentic.

For the Government of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic:

Ing. František Žurek in r.

For the Government of the Republic of Cuba:

Lic. Joaguín Góngora Suau in r.

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