The Announcement Of The Binding Section Of The Zoning Plan Of The Olomouc Agglomeration

Original Language Title: vyhlášení závazné části územního plánu Olomoucké aglomerace

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of 16 December 2002. July 1997,

promulgating a binding part of the master plan of the great territorial unit

Olomouc urban agglomeration

Modified: 2/2002

Government pursuant to § 29 para. 2 Act No. 50/1976 Coll., on urban planning

building code (the building Act), as amended by Act No. 265/1992 Coll.,


§ 1

The mandatory part of the master plan of the great territorial unit of the Olomouc

agglomeration, graphically expressed in annex 1 to this regulation, it is

listed in annex 2 to this regulation.

§ 2

Territorial plan of the great territorial unit of the Olomouc conurbation, approved by the

resolution of the Government of 16 June. July 1997, no. 422, is stored at the district

offices in Olomouc, Prostějov, Přerov and at the Ministry for regional

the development of.

§ 3

This Regulation shall enter into force on the date of publication.

Prime Minister:

Prof. Ing. Klaus CSc. v. r.

Minister for local development:

Ing. Kvapil in r.

Č. 1

Č. 2

The mandatory part of the master plan of the great territorial unit of the Olomouc agglomeration

1. In the use of the territory of the territorially to protect corridors and areas for:

, and the D1 motorway in the stretch) Hulín-Přerov-Lipník nad Bečvou in advanced

position, including associated structures and objects and changes in the designation of D 47

on D 1,

(b) speed communication RS 55) in the section Vsisko-Kokory-Přerov in position

to the West of Krčmaně including associated structures and objects,

(c)), the ring of settlements and relocation of editing positions on the roads and corridors.


-I/35 in the section point of Valašské Meziříčí--Palačov, including related

buildings and objects

-I/46 in the Olomouc-Šternberk, including 9 crossings and replenishment

buildings and related objects, in a section of the upper Yard (bypass)

-I/47 in the Eastern location of lipník nad Bečvou with mimoúrovňovým crossing at

petrol stations,

-I/55 bridge at power plants in Přerov, grade-crossing with railway

tracks in Přerov-Předmostí, in the section Horní Moštěnice-Říkovice-Brest

(bypass and sub-station),

(d)), the bypass roads and the relocation of the directional adjustment positions corridors on the road II.

class, including changes in the marking:

-II/150 change designation from the I/18 on the II/150 for construction bypass Prostějov-

Kraličky II, Dub na Moravě-boundaries in Prostějov district,

Brodek u Přerova, bypass, bypass Ohrozim Protivanov-Malé Hradisko,

bypass Vícov, Přerov

-South-Eastern bypass and the holdout and the relocation and bypasses Želatovice-

Křtomil, directional adjustments and change in designation of the Southeast bypass


-II/377 in Plumlov (bypass)

-II/434 in Kozlovice-Grymov and Tovačov (bypass)

-II/436 in the section Vlkoš-Bochoř,

-II/444 in the section: (Southwest bypass)

-II/445 in the section: (Northern roundabout and sub-station),

-II/448 in Těšetice (relaying),

-II/449 in Lower section Sukolom – Uničov (also includes a bypass Robins) and

Slatinice (bypass)

e) Terminal container transport and logistics centre in Přerov and

to extend the area for public international airport Olomouc-Neředín

(f) the new outdoor power lines):

-management of 110 kV substations and transformer stations, including 110/22 kV Prostějov

-connecting cable 2 x 110 kV switching station in Philips Borders including

transformer stations,

-connecting cable for high voltage transformovnu 110/22 kV Slavonín

in the modified position,

(g)) the new high pressure gas pipelines:

-linking systems of gas pipelines of Severomoravská plynárenská, and Východočeská

very high pressure of the gas pipeline (from Nasobůrek, across the region

Horní Štěpánov)

-high pressure gas pipeline, litovel,

-high pressure gas pipeline, Lipník nad Bečvou,

-high pressure gas pipeline, linking the border with connections from the Large border,

h) water:

-new link water towers Křelov-Droždín water from Cape Town-

Týneček are separated

-extension of the Group tap water by connecting water towers Radíkov-Olomouc

Hraničné Petrovice,

-linking water towers Guard u Prostějova with basins in Křelov in modified

position by extending the range of the supply corridor in Křelov-Topolany,

-supply rows Hluchov (Pěnčín)-Included with Laškova,

Backyard, Candia and Krakovce,

-the new penstock for industrial zone Prostějov

-the slip road from the Ostrava regional tap water to Přerov, area

the industrial zone Boundaries (water tower Střítež nad Ludinou)

I) sewer interceptors and waste water treatment plants:

-wastewater treatment plant region

-sewer and group Niva-wastewater treatment plant


-sewer and group Beech-wastewater treatment plant


-sewer and wastewater treatment plant Lime group, Hrochov

and the Cet,

2. for the need for gradual provision of flood protection of settlements and

the territory of territorially to protect areas for:

and) cofferdams (ohrázování) for municipalities, Birch, Citov Bochoř,

Císařov, Tyldesley, United Kingdom, Dřevohostice, Grymov, Henčlov, Horka nad Moravou,

Horní Moštěnice, The Village Hynkov, Chomoutov, Lhotka, Lobodice, Nové Dvory, Osek

NAD Bečvou, Oldřichov, Prusy, Rokytnice, Rozvadovice, Stren, Sušice

Troubky, Týn nad Bečvou, Uhřičice, Unčovice, Věžky, Village and Vlkoš,

(b)) ohrázování and North West of Litovel, relief

c) water tank-dry polders Teplice (max. up to 38 Mio. m3),

Borders (max. up to 17 million m3) and Osek nad Bečvou (max. up to 35

mln m3).

3. the above corridors for construction shall be defined in the scope of:

-for Highway and road speed type with a width of 300 m from the axis on both

the parties,

-for road I and II. class and for power lines-an outdoor high

voltage and high pressure gas pipelines with a width of 200 m from the axis on both sides,

-for water and sanitation with a width of 100 m from the axis on both sides.

4. the territorial protection corridors and areas for projects and buildings, approved

the Government of the United States by order of 16 December. July 1997 No. 422 and

in annex 2 to the regulation of the Government No. 209/1997 Coll., which has not been

without prejudice to the 1. by changing the LP LLU Olomouc conurbation, approved by resolution of the

The Assembly of the Olomouc region day 28.11.2002 no UZ/12/25/2002

remains unchanged.

Protection of corridors for construction of relaying road I/46 Upper yard and

the construction of a 400 kV lines from the Krasíkova after the border district of Vsetín, contained in the

paragraphs 1 d), and 1 g) Annex 2 to the regulation of the Government No. 209/1997 Coll., has been


5. Construction related to the execution of projects listed in points 1. and 2. and

territorially in the graphics, part 1. changes to the LP LLU agglomerations in Olomouc

a scale of 1:50, 000, with the approval clause, are publicly


6. respect and protect significant Territorial regional areas for:

and production related services), logistic parks and other commercial

economic activity in different locations: Prostějov-East (industrial

Prostějov-production), northeast (commercial activities), Prostejov-

Northeast between R and railway line 46 (business and production),

Moritz (production and warehouses), Přerov-South (the terminal of combined transport with

flood protection), Přerov-Předmostí (small-scale production and services with

a partial flood protection), Lipník nad Bečvou-East

(production, warehouse, infrastructure), border-northeast (production,

services, warehouses), Bělotín-South (joint zone), Hustopeče nad Bečvou-

East (industry and services), Jubail-South and West (manufacturing, services,

motor racing), Glasgow-Southwest (amenities), Olomouc-

Trenches, South (production, warehouse, service), Olomouc-West Below Have

(commercial use), Litovel-Southwest (industry with flood

protection), Velký Týnec-Vsisko (commercial activities and a mixed zone),

Uničov-North (industry and warehouses) and Šternberk-Lhota, North (industry),

(b)) equipment of recreation and tourism in the locations: Grygov (area

free time, facilities), Týn nad Bečvou (recreation and amenities to

the Castle Helfštýn) and Krčmaň (recreational use zemníku).

7. Regulators for spatial development, which are expressed as binding

the basic principles of the arrangement of the territory and limits on its use, shall be amended and

added at various points in the range of 1. changes to the LP LLU Olomouc

approved by the resolution of the Municipal Council of the agglomeration of the Olomouc region day

28.11.2002 no UZ/12/25/2002. Regulators, which have not been this change

without prejudice to, remain in force.

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