On The Issue Of A Commemorative Silver Dvousetkoruny

Original Language Title: o vydání pamětní stříbrné dvousetkoruny

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272/2010 Sb.


of 6 May 1999. September 2010

on the issue of a commemorative silver dvousetkoruny to 100. anniversary of the birth of Charles


The Czech National Bank establishes, pursuant to section 22 (b). and) Act No. 6/1993 Coll., on the

Česká národní banka, as amended by Act No 442/2000 Coll.:

§ 1

(1) on 27 February 1999. October 2010 to 100. anniversary of the birth of film director

Zeman issued a commemorative silver dvousetkoruna (hereinafter referred to as


(2) the Dvousetkoruna shall be issued in the current implementation, and in the specific implementation of

with polished field coins and Matt relief (hereinafter referred to as "special

the implementation of ").

(3) Dvousetkoruna in the ordinary and special models with lead alloy

containing 900 parts silver and 100 parts of copper. Weight dvousetkoruny is

13 g, diameter 31 mm and 2.3 mm. thickness during the excavation of dvousetkoruny in the ordinary

and the specific implementation of a tolerance of 0.1 mm in diameter and in the strength of

0.15 mm. Weight tolerance up is 0.26 g and in the content

Silver up 1% of the variance. The edge of the dvousetkoruny in the current version, it is

milled, edge dvousetkoruny in a special design is smooth with a

frieze of "CZECH NATIONAL BANK * Ag * 0.900 13 g *".

§ 2

(1) on the obverse of the composition is dvousetkoruny characters from the films of Karel Zeman-

on the front is a witch from the movie "the sorcerer's Apprentice", left behind him a Pannel and

Gretel from the movie "the tale of Honzíkovi and Mařence" and right behind him

Sinbad from the movie "fairy tales of the thousand and one nights". For characters from the movies

Karel Zeman's film tape markings of the nominal value of the coin is

the abbreviation "£ 200 trucks" and the name of the State ", the CZECH

REPUBLIC ". The Czech mint mark formed by composition of the letters "n" and "M" is

located at the right edge of the coin next to the figures of the Sinbad show.

(2) on the back of dvousetkoruny's compositions of the themes from the films of Karel Zeman-

the submarine, the Octopus and the cave from the movie "the invention of Doom" and the airship from the

the film "Stolen airship". In the middle of the coin next to the representation

airships is the inscription "KAREL ZEMAN" and the years ' 1910-2010 ". When

the bottom of the dvousetkoruny is the brand name of the designer, Lenka dvousetkoruny

Heavenly, DiS, which is made up of the letters "L" and "N".

(3) the representation of the dvousetkoruny is shown in the annex to this Decree.

§ 3

This Decree shall enter into force on 27 October 2001. October 2010.


Ing. Singer, Ph.d., v. r.


The representation of the commemorative silver dvousetkoruny to 100. anniversary of the birth of Charles


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