For Granting Economic Rights. Relief Compatriots Returning From Hungary

Original Language Title: o přiznávání hosp. a práv. úlev krajanům vracejícím se z Maďarska

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75/1946 Sb.


of 12 October. April 1946

about the allocation of economic and legal relief countrymen returning to

Homeland, in particular from Hungary

The provisional National Assembly of the Republic passed on

This Act:

§ 1

(1) the Czechs and Slovaks, who have moved (returned) to the territory of

The Czechoslovak Republic after the liberation of the territory from the enemy

occupation or are immigrating (return), whether on the basis of

the Czechoslovak official přesidlovací action or even without a connection with her,

may be based on the Government regulation issued in accordance with paragraph 4,

If the Czechoslovak citizens or if they are for them

According to the constitutional law of 12 June 2001. April 1946, no. 74 Coll. on granting

citizenship countrymen returning to their homeland, granted

Economic and legal relief, they may need to do in order to enable them to

or facilitate boarding or occupation (employment),

appropriate to their existing occupation (job). Such relief

may depend, in particular, in the allow exceptions from the various prohibitions,

the remission or mitigation of the requirements prescribed for the attainment of specific

permissions, in the determination of a prior or a more favourable assessment when

the official decision-making, reduce or extend the periods and under.

(2) the provisions of paragraph 1 may be used also for the benefit of nationals of other

the Slavic peoples, which are dictated by the assumptions laid down in the first

sentence of paragraph 1.

(3) the Czechs and Slovaks, who are in the territory of the Czechoslovak

the Republic of Hungary on the basis of the agreement between the Czechoslovak Republic

and Hungary on the exchange of population, signed 27 July. February 1946,

provides for the real estate, which owned in Hungary, and

to which ownership passed to the Hungarian State, full refund. This replacement

as well as a substitute for other property rights demonstrably left in

Hungary, will be granted to those persons from the property and the rights of the constituent,

all past on the Czechoslovak State according to art. VII of the said agreement.

(4) the details, in particular as regards the nature and scope of the exemptions referred to in

paragraph 1, the conditions for granting them, after the case of them time

limitations, provides for government regulation.

§ 2

This Act shall take effect on the date of the notice; It shall carry out all

members of the Government.

Dr. Edvard Beneš in r.

Fierlinger in r.

Gottwald in the r. Kopecký v. r.

Dr. Stransky v. r. Laušman in r.

Wide in r. Ďuriš in r.

Dr. Sramek v. r. Dr. Pietor in r.

Ursíny in r. Gen. Hasal in r.

Masaryk in r. Hála in r.

Gen. freedom in r. Dr. Šoltész in r.

Dr. Ripka in r. Dr. walk in r.

Nosek in r. Majer v r.

Dr. Šrobár, in r. Dr. Clementis v r.

Dr. N v r. Gen. Dr. Ferjenčík in r.

Dr. Crumb in r. Lichner, in r.