Amendment Of The Decree On The Registration Of Accidents At Work Of Children, Pupils And Students

Original Language Title: změna vyhlášky o evidenci úrazů dětí, žáků a studentů

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57/2010 Sb.


of 12 October. February 2010,

amending Decree No 64/2005 Coll., on registration of accidents at work of children, pupils and


The Ministry of education, youth and sports, determined in accordance with § 29 para. 3

Act No. 561/2004 Coll. on pre-school, primary, secondary, higher

vocational and other education (the Education Act):

Article. (I)

Decree No. 64/2005 Coll., on registration of accidents at work of children, pupils and students,

be amended as follows:

1. In article 1 (1). 1, after the words "paragraph. 2 "following the word" school ".

2. In article 2 (2). 1 (b). and), after the words "school"

the words "that spans at least 2 consecutive school days".

3. In article 2 (2). 4, the words "do not cause the absence of the pupil in the school or

a school "shall be replaced by" not mentioned in paragraph 1 ".

4. In section 2, the following paragraph 6 is added:

"(6) School or educational establishment without undue delay updates

record of the accident

and if it has been granted) compensation for pain or compensation for disfigurement

the social trauma caused by the application or

(b)) in the event of death if the death occurred after completion

record. ".

5. In section 3, paragraph 3. 4, the words "work safety inspectorate" is replaced by

the words "to the district labour inspectorate".

6. In section 4, paragraph 4. 1, letter a) is repealed.

Subparagraph (b)), and (c)) shall become letters and) and (b)).

7. in section 4, paragraph 4. 1 (b). (b)) and section 4, paragraph 4. 2 (a). (c)), the words "the competent

the Inspectorate of the Czech school inspection "shall be replaced by the Czech School

the inspection ".

8. In section 4, paragraph 4. 2 the provisions of the introductory part, the words ' section 3 ' shall be

the words "or update the record pursuant to § 2 (2). 6 (a). (b)) ".

9. in paragraph 4, the following paragraphs 3 to 5 shall be added:

"(3) the School and the educational establishment shall send the records of accidents and their

the update also founder based on his written invitation.

(4) in accordance with paragraphs 1 and 2 shall take place, if it is about the update

record according to § 2 (2). 6 (a). a). School or educational establishment

always 30. inform the Czech school inspection of September about the updates of the records

of the accident according to § 2 (2). 6 (a). and in the past school year). Notification

under the second sentence contains a sequence number and a copy of the school year

every record that has been in the past school year

updated, and information about the update.

(5) the record of the accident and notification about updates to the records of the accident according to the

paragraph 4 shall be sent to the Czech school inspection in electronic form. ".

10. Annex:

"The annex to Decree No 64/2005 Sb.

The pattern of injury record form the child, pupil and student


Legal person performing activities of a school or

school facility (name, address, identification number): a record of the accident



The school, the educational establishment (e.g.. Primary schools, secondary schools): sequence number of the record/school year

The record was made at the request of?


Name and surname of the injured: date of birth: class, year:


Place of residence of the injured: name surname and place of residence of legal representative:


Date of injury: time: place: the legal representative shall be informed:

Date: Time: A Way To:


Medical facility, where he was wounded, treated, treated: it was a deadly accident? Date of death


Event description: the type of activity:

1. lesson

2. break

3. practical training or practical preparation

4. the production work, practical work and workshops

Injured part of the body: 5. physical education-group activities

6. physical education-individual activity

The presumed cause of injury: 7. a school trip

8. sports events asoutěže

9. swimming lessons, skiing and sports-

tourist courses

10. other activities

You can assume the fault of the injured/other person?:

The thing has been the injuries immediately due to:

Preventive measures that should prevent injury and was school

or school equipment taken in time before the accident:


The accident was caused by or influenced by another person (name, surname, place of residence)

or was the result of interaction between natural phenomena or animals?


Name, last name and the signatures of the witnesses:


Name, surname, date function signature zraněnéhoJméno, surname and signature of the

drafting and signature of the person performing (if his condition): head,

record: monitoring at the time of injury: stamp:


The update has been compensated for the pain? Name, surname and signature of the

Date: Was compensated for the worsening of social prospects of the head

This is a fatal accident? Date of death: stamp:


Article. (II)

Pursuant to section 4, paragraph 4. 5 of Decree No. 64/2005 Coll., in the version in force from the date of

entry into force of this Decree, proceed from 1. May 2010.

Article. (III)

This Decree shall enter into force on 1 January 2000. April 2010, with the exception of article. (I)

section 7, which shall take effect on 1 January 2000. May 2010.


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