The Implementation Of § 84 Of About Insurance With Mining Of Fraternal Treasuries

Original Language Title: provedení § 84 z. o pojištění u báňských bratrských pokladen

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392/1922 Sb.


the Government of the Czechoslovak Republic

of 22 March. in December 1922,

implementing the section 84 of the law of 11 June 2002. July 1922, no. 242 Coll. and

n., with mining of fraternal treasuries.

According to § § 84 and 100 of the Act of 11 June 2002. July 1922. 242 Coll. and

n., ordering:

§ 1.

(1) in each of the districts councils, set up after revírních the meaning of section 16 of the

the law of 25 June. February 1920. 144 Coll. and n., combined with

Hospital Department of the existing fraternal treasuries, child supervision

mining offices, one guarded brotherly cashier. Only circuit

přičleňuje České plzeňskému, so is the circumference of the Plzeň

Golden Hill brethren checkout is for both circuits of the cash register in common.

(2) Similarly, there shall be established for Slovakia and Subcarpathia in the meantime

common Golden Hill brethren.

(3) these Treasury: Golden Hill is home to the fraternal Kladno, Plzeň (Pilsen), Trutnov,

The bridge over the Falknově, a Moravian Ostrava, Brno and stop at Růžomberku;

their circuits, notwithstanding the consent of the previous exceptions-current

those circuits which revírních advice.

§ 2.

(1) at the same time consolidate provident all of Department

fraternal treasuries, child supervision offices in the Central Mining

brotherly cashier in Prague.

(2) If you did not set up some fraternal treasuries special

Department of the hospital and provident, makes the necessary Division of administrative

the Commission, established by the Central Treasury for brotherly (§ 6 of this regulation;

84 of the Act, paragraph 2.) on the proposal of the Administrative Commission in the Růžomberku and in the agreement

with this Commission. If there is no agreement, decides the Ministry of public

the works.

§ 3.

On the date of publication of this regulation are switching assets, rights and obligations

the Department of health on the new Golden Hill Brethren Church funds and assets, the rights

and liabilities of the zaopatřovacích Department at the central cashier. brotherly In the same

on the day of entering the existing brotherly Treasury into liquidation and shall carry out their

the current Board of Directors according to the applicable regulations, sickness and so far

Provident insurance until the termination of the liquidation and the establishment of the authorities referred to in

the law, in the name and on behalf of the new fraternal Treasury for

supervision of the Administrative Commission, with regard to the supervisory authority.

§ 4.

(1) liquidation of the existing fraternal treasuries performs the Administrative Commission (§

6) according to the principles of sound financial management, preserving these rules:

(2) each new biodegradable fraternal cashier on the date of consolidation accounting builds

accounts and a statement about the status and composition of the equity, and to separate sickness and

for the separation of Provident in particular. Obligations and legal conditions that

avoidance of the ratio of insurance between the Treasury and its brotherly

members of the at, if according to the law of their nature may be, and where it

appropriate, ploughing, undone.

(3) insurance-technical balance, drawn up according to section 35 of the Act of 28 June.

July 1889. 127., shall not be required, however, on the date of

merge the door the actuarial technical value:

1. statutory liquid (napadlých) zaopatřovacích pensions with

excluding pensions, granted by cís. Regulation of 15 March. September 1914,

No. 304, or according to the law of 24 December 2002. May 1918. 270 l.


2. claims arising from the law of 24 December 2002. May 1918. 270.,

If its remuneration according to section 7 of the law falls on the owner of the plant,

3. any voluntary přídavkového insurance (premium reservu),

4. insurance of short-term according to § 91 (and following) of the Act of 16 July.

December 190ž. 1. from 1907, in the text of his novel,

5. other special benefits conferred by the ticket office, or filial piety

taken over.

(4) in addition, the entity shall recognise the value on the date of consolidation deficit, the amount of which was

fixed the last actuarial technical balances and whose remuneration

opatřovala with special sanačními posts, the nation according to the provisions of

to paragraph 3. at 41 and) Cust. of 28 June. July 1889, no. 127, in

amended by Act of 17 May. September 1892, no. 178.

(5) in the event that the business owner has taken over either wholly or largely

reimbursement as follows the reported deficit, let there be the monetary value of such an undertaking

to date the merge napočtena and reported.

(6) the values under no. 3., 4. and (5). referred to at length from the assets of the fraternal

Treasury eliminated and its purpose.

(7) the composition of the assets of liquidation shall be conducted and the acceptance of the rights and obligations

each Department of the newly established fraternal treasuries.

(8) the application of entrepreneurs, which were on the date of publication of this

employed two-thirds of the former regulation of the number of members of each of the merged

the Department of zaopatřovacích, after the case of sickness, allowing them to new

box office see into him in the brethren of the necessary material and sincerity must be

extracts and copies, so they could at their own expense sestaviti

technical-insurance balance existing fraternal treasuries at the date of

merging them. The request must be filed within one year of the date

the publication of this regulation, the Board of Directors of the new fraternal Treasury, after

the case for the Administrative Commission (242/1922).

(9) other measures necessary within the meaning of section 84 of the Act, the Board shall

the Commission (paragraph 6) with the approval of the supervisory authority.

§ 5.

After the termination of the liquidation and after converting to a new agenda of brotherly

cashier, supervisory authority declares the activity of the Department of fraternal

the cash register for the skončenu. All the writings of the cancelled fraternal treasuries

takes the relevant guarded fraternal.

§ 6.

(1) the supervisory authority shall appoint for each guarded brotherly cashier,

vyslechnuv guarded hints and i. Group mining communities, and if it is not

her vyslechnuv a representative of the business, a nine-member Board pertaining to the

the Commission, whose working time lasts until the establishment of the new institutions of the brethren

Treasury in the second head of the Act referred to. At the same time, the supervisory authority shall be appointed by

for each Member of the Administrative Commission after one náhradníku. At least 3 representatives

insured persons in the Administrative Commission and their alternates must be members

the Brethren Church coffers. Clerk cashier or new biodegradable fraternal administrative

the Commission cannot be a member of the Administrative Commission. The Administrative Commission shall elect its

the President and his Deputy of their number, and it unanimously. If it does not agree

the Administrative Commission on the election of the Chairman of the Commission and his Deputy, execute the

These features-however, without the right to vote-the officials of the mining authorities,

appointed by the supervisory authority.

(2) Similarly, the Administrative Commission shall establish a central register of brotherly.

The Administrative Commission of the Central Moravian Church coffers can be povolati as members of the

exceptionally, members of the Administrative Commission revírních fraternal treasuries.

(3) The Commission shall decide by a simple majority of those present and are able to

usnášeti in the presence of the President or his Deputy and five members of the Commission,

After the case of their replacements. In a tie, the Chairperson shall decide.

(4) the Administrative Commission shall submit its rules of procedure to the approval of the competent

to the supervisory authority. Model rules of procedure issues the Ministry of public works.

(5) the scope of the Administrative Commission is Honorary functions; members of the Board

the Commission, however, entitled to compensation for the fare and subsistence, and the representatives of the

policy holders if they are members of the brethren's coffers, in addition, be entitled to

compensation for loss of earnings due to the convening of its functions. Administrative expenses

the Commission shall be borne by the liquidation of assets on account of new biodegradable Department

the existing fraternal treasuries in proportion to the number of its membership.

§ 7.

(1) the supervisory authority shall exercise State supervision to the tills and fraternal

the administrative commissions in accordance with the provisions of §§ 68 equivalent to 71 of the Act and is

entitled to-to ensure correct and quick to adjust the ratios within the meaning of

law-doplniti, after the case of a change of measures of the Administrative Commission.

(2) if the Administrative Commission according to the equivalent of 6. paragraph of section 68 of the Act, the

the supervisory authority will take over the management until the appointment of the new Commission.

(3) revírních Affairs of fraternal treasuries is supervisory authority

the mining Executive, with regard to the Government's Directorate for

mining and metallurgical Affairs in Bratislava, for other matters

Ministry of public works. Both offices are authorized to delegovati

one of the offices of the child.

(4) the Administrative Commission shall oznámiti each meeting to the supervisory authority

showing the daily order at least 5 days in advance.

§ 8.

This Regulation shall enter into force on the date of publication. It entrusts the

the Minister of public works.

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