On Import And Export Syndikátech

Original Language Title: o dovozních a vývozních syndikátech

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100/1919 Sb..


the Government of the Czechoslovak Republic

of 26 March. February 1919

on import and export syndikátech.

§ 1.

In order to secure the raw materials industry and at the same time, in order to

construction of the foreign trade of the Czech Republic is the Minister

trade in industrial trade unions, where are the prerequisites for it, is empowered

zříditi syndicates.

§ 2.

Members of the syndicates are all companies registered in the commercial register,

carrying on the trade or industry in the scope of the syndicate. The tasks of the

syndicates can be authorized for export companies, cooperatives or

the Commission is already existing, shall be subject to the control rules below

referred to. In cases where the offending Minister decides the syndicate membership

trade definitively.

§ 3.

The syndicate is a legal person. It is for his leadership of the Board of Directors, which

appointed by the Minister of trade, after BC. in complicity with the competent ministries

expert. The syndicate has the right to přejímati commitments and waranty are based for loans

raw material up to the garancií členstvem him, has the right to zakládati

for the purposes of the export and import company and vstupovati with existing already

companies and firms in the link in order to achieve the objectives of the syndicate.

If the syndicate shops, is obliged to export usnésti about

How will the common order obtained, distributed,

How will these orders to the individual Member súčtovány

companies and the manner in which they will be charged to the profit between them and common

release. The syndicate may obmeziti on the control of exports and sweeping

imports. Syndicates shall be issued by the export and import permits on the spot

the Czechoslovak Commission for imports and exports. The authorization must, however, be

presented within 24 hours to the inspection of the Office for international

a store that has the right to make a Mormon out permit invalid. The right to

the export and import permits to organize may be bound by the terms of that

will be potřebny for the purpose of protection of public interests of the Czechoslovak

Republic and the financial interests of the State. If the scopes of business or

industrial, which foreign sales could significantly to přispěti

obtaining foreign funds payment, you may be granted a syndicate

the export monopoly for garancií, which will be shown below.

§ 4.

The syndicate is entitled to insist on from its members guarantee Declaration

sufficient to cover the loan needed for obtaining foreign

the raw materials. The syndicate is entitled, if it finds in a particular case

the need for the East on raw material intended for an individual race Lien

the right to the amount of the claim arising from the purchase and import of raw materials. Syndicate

has the right, if the Court finds that the need for credit in another zpracovati raw material

the race, for which it was originally intended, or obstaviti finished

the product obtained from the raw materials. This is especially true if the risk of export

into the enemy abroad. In the case of exports, the syndicate from požádati

its members based on Department of Commerce gift card products

to be eligible for export.

§ 5.

The syndicate is subject to the immediate control of the Ministry of trade,

BC. still other súčastněných ministries, which have the right I start sending

your shortcut to all meetings of the syndicate. In certain cases, it may

the Department of Commerce or other relevant Ministry shall require that

his representative acted immediately when managing the syndicate. The representatives of the

ministries have the right of veto against the authorisation of exports and imports.

The syndicate, which was granted a monopoly on exports, is obliged of realised

surpluses of profitable reservovati the part designated by the Ministry of trade

After the match with the Ministry of finance to support the export and services when

the Department of Commerce.

§ 6.

The Board of Directors shall elect a Chairman and two or more

the Vice-Presidents, which is subject to approval of the Minister of trade of choice.

The Board of Directors shall act on all matters relating to the business

management of syndicate and on any measures needed to ensure the

imports of raw materials and industrial products. The Board of Directors is obliged to

oznámiti Ministry of Finance within the meaning of the regulation. from June 1918.

l. No. 223, within fourteen days after the formation of the syndicate, the total

the need for raw materials for its members outside must obstarati and

at the same time vyznačiti at the purchase price of these raw materials. Syndicate

He is obliged, if export, fell for all been torn away, hard currency

cizozemskou devisní Panel in Prague. The syndicate has the right to insist on

the Ministry of finance to the currency of export achieved his Department

the design was given to in the front row again on loan

effective mass, which for the Member of his company was closed. The syndicate is

entitled to such a company internal organization, which recognizes leadership in the interest of the

trade for most. The syndicate is obliged to all foreign

stores, either immediately or by realisovaných its Member

companies and result in accurate records. These records at length as to the

shops, conducted according to the regulations on business books. The balance of

Let there be made quarterly. This balance is required to syndicate

who has been granted export monopoly, předkládati in two copies

the Department of Commerce and the Ministry of finance.

§ 7.

No syndicate, which has not been granted the monopoly of an export or import, does not have the

obmezovati your rights to export the neb members import more than

sets out the General provisions. The syndicate, however, has the right to usnésti that the

some stores may be carried out only through a syndicate or

only for the approval of the syndicate. This resolution, which is the Board of Directors

the syndicate, subject to the approval of the Ministry of trade or the Ministry of


§ 8.

The cost of the syndicate cover is by exporting companies are

required to přispívati to cover these costs, on which it shall act

the Board of Directors. The resolution is subject to approval of the Ministry of trade.

Syndicates that operate direct export trades, uhražují all

his directing of business gains. For the drawing up of an export permit and

imports are syndicates entitled vybírati a fee shall not

přesahovati import and export Commission fee. Syndicates are required to

odváděti these fees as well as any surplus remaining after payment

overhead costs associated with the performance of export and import control

checkout for international trade authority for imports and exports.

The Bill goes on to a maximum of 15. each month.

§ 9.

Questions common to all syndikátům addresses the joint conferences,

which súčastňuje the Chairman and Vice-Chairman of each syndicate.

The Conference then held behind the Bureau of the Minister of Commerce, respectively.

the Presidency of the person indicated by the Minister of trade. These presentations

be invited all ministries. The task of the Conference is, ensure

such operation of syndicates that the need for raw materials of domestic industry was

hražena and foreign market was the best goods of the Czechoslovak

originating in the Republic of Austria Joint conferences are also vyhražuje

resolution on the acquisition of the joint foreign loan and transport issues.

Resolutions of the Conference are závazna for each syndicate.

§ 10.

If agreed on the Conference, can be increased in order to perform

common to all syndikátům stores a single central syndicate.

The Board of directors appointed by the Minister of trade in the understanding with the relevant

ministries. Its scope may vztahovati only on the measures

Basic loan for all or the greater part of the syndicates, after the case

the Bill, if the raw material has been provided with in Exchange for may.

§ 11.

The resolution, which requires the goods to be exported, the syndicate capable, some

the company of the Czechoslovak Republic, is enforceable district political

the Administration, if it happened in the presence of a representative of the Minister of Commerce.

The Commerce Department will issue the požadovací yield to the hands of the syndicate for a maximum

within three days after that, when resolution happened.

§ 12.

Making the regulation is entrusted to the Minister of trade. The regulation shall take

effect on the date of the Declaration.

Raja, r.

in the St. minutes of the President.

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Dr. Suresh Vaishnav in r.

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