To Download The Small Coins 20Haléřových An Austro-Hungarian Currency

Original Language Title: o stažení drobných mincí 20haléřových měny rakousko-uherské

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49/1922 Sb.


the Government of the Czechoslovak Republic

of 16 December 2002. February 1922

to download the small coins 20haléřových an Austro-Hungarian currency and on the prohibition of

dovážeti of the iron coins of this currency at all.

Under section 5 of the Act of 1 July 1999. in March 1921, no. 94 Coll. and n., and sections 7 and 8

law of 10 June 1999. April 1919, no. 187 Coll. and n., ordering:

§ 1.

Small coins 20haléřové an Austro-Hungarian Crown currency, either nickel or

Iron circulating on the territory of the Republic of Czechoslovakia, on the date of

the publication of this regulation.

§ 2.

From this day on (section 1) will this coin as when you pay in a private contact,

so for public treasuries and agencies when salaries and shift accepted only

half the nominal value, t. j. in the price of 10 cents for the currency


Vydávati again this coin to the public coffers and the authorities no longer.

What date will stop being a old coin 20haléřová (section 1) as well as in the price of 10

cents, the Czechoslovak currency at all tender provided for special

by a decree of the Minister of finance, published in collection of laws and regulations;

This period of time, starting from the date of publication of this Regulation (§ 1), however, will be

at least 30 days.

§ 3.

Exchange old coins 20haléřové worth half the public treasuries and

There is a certain amount of obmezena offices (section 2 of the regulation of the Government of the Republic of

Czechoslovak of 3. February 1921, no. 44 Coll. and n.).

§ 4.

Dovážeti or zasílati of the iron coins of the Austro-Hungarian Crown currency to

the territory of the Republic in any quantity shall be prohibited; Neither

passengers may not have these iron coins.

Who exceeds this prohibition is an offence and shall be punished by a fine

the $ 30,000, while the impregnable prison within 3 months according to the article. III., § 5,

cís. the CLP regulation. of 16 December 2002. March 1917, no. 124.

Imported or sent by cash will be forfeited to the State without further


By (sections 3 and 4) amended the regulation of 3 March 1999. February 1921, no. 44 Coll. and n.

§ 5.

This Regulation shall enter into force on the date of the notice; one is saved

the Minister of finance.

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