The Prison Service And Other Professors. Employees Of The Conservatory Of St.

Original Language Title: o služebním poměru profesorů a ostat. zaměstnanců st. konzervatoře

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179/1920 Sb.


of 19 December 2003. March 1920

on the adjustment of employment of professors, teachers and other staff

State konservatoře of music in Prague.

The National Assembly of the Republic passed on this

the Act:

§ 1.

Some of the music in Prague, which is, under the Act of 4 April 2003. December

1919, no. 648 Coll. and n., Institute of the State with the Czech language teaching, it is

vocational school, consisting of the school master and the middle school.

§ 2.

The Constitution Act these categories of teachers without distinction of gender:

and professors of the school master);

b) professors and high school teachers as real teachers


c) substitutes high school;

(d) contractual teachers schools Championship) or medium;

(e) secondary teachers and tutors).

Teachers and teachers under a) listed make up the faculty master

the school, a group of teachers and teachers listed under b) Faculty of the school

high school. Contractual teachers are only members of the respective Corps

If the ad personam title Professor.

§ 3.

Teachers to appointed on contract or for the main master school

articles on middle school may, Minister of education and national education

uděliti ad personam title of professorship.

§ 4.

and Professors of the school master) are appointed in VI. rating class. About

their salary shall apply mutatis mutandis to sections 1-5, 9 and 11 of the law of

on February 13, 1919, no. 78 Coll. and n. vyučovati, these Professors are required to

8 hours per week. The service of the Ministry of education and the national adjusted

Enlightenment from pragmatics 28, according to a business. July 1917, no. 319.

(b)) on the legal status of teachers of secondary school finite konservatoře

the provisions of 28 business pragmatics July 1917. 319 row.

from., if they relate to professors of industrial and vocational schools. What to

salary is divided into two categories.

In the first category starting salary of IX. rating class they belong

teachers who teach main subjects in all the years the main

items and have the title Professor.

In the second category starting salary X rating class they belong

real teachers, t. j., those who teach main subjects only

lower grades and those who teach the subjects přiřaděným.

Teachers of both these categories are required to a week in the same vyučovati

the number of hours, which is prescribed for other vocational schools. The salary and the procedure

the following categories of controls, according to the provisions of the Act of 7 July. October 1919

# 541 Coll. and n., which govern the ratios of civil servants to the

groups, and., and b. zařaděných. Vřadění to the neb that from these two groups

from the pedagogical and artistic proficiency of these teachers ' forces.

c) substitutes are aspirant of the systemisovaná space and classified in the

two categories under similar conditions as those applicable to both categories

teachers in the paragraph. (b)). Enjoy adjuta in the first category by the

X rating class, in the second category, according to XI. rating class with the

the applicable procedure in the higher paying degrees these classes. In the first

year do not have the right to a local addition.

Substitutes the first category the main subjects are taught in all

years, substitutes the second category the main items in the

lower grades and přiřaděným items.

Substitute teachers of both categories are required to a week in the same number of

hours vyučovati as teachers referred to in paragraph 1(b). (b)).

(d) contractual Teachers, teachers) side, designated for přiřaděné

the subjects of the teaching and non-teaching staff, tutors and governing

the salaries and emoluments of the Treaty.

§ 5.

Definitive and substitutes the secondary schools are entitled to fees 300

To 240, with respect to a year, according to the respective provisions for schools

the mean for each weekly lesson, in excess of the maximum for their

mandatory task učebného.

§ 6.

Administration officials konservatoře officials of the scratch, accounting and

Office and have the same benefits and the same procedure as State officials

in that group of officials, to which they belong under section 52 of the Act of 25. January

1914, no. 15.

§ 7.

For salaries, benefits, procedure and legal status of the podúředníků and servants on

later the same rules as for other State podúředníky and


§ 8.

Konservatoře is headed by a Rector, who is selected from professors masterpiece

the school; the manner of his election and the period of its activity shall be organisačním

the Statute.

§ 9.

For the procedure of professors of the school of business master is crucial time

starting from the appointment of a Professor of the school of law under the unprecedented masterpiece

of 13 October. February 1919, no. 75 Coll. and n., on salaries of professors of high

schools. These professors are not counted either, for years at the Conservatory before

reflections in the sestátněním procedure.

An exception may, Minister of education and national enlightenment do of consent

the Minister of Finance on a draft of the professors of the choir master of the school by

in a way, that the Member who is the professor at the school of konservatoře

the art of action time out of school completely or the reflections of the

parts included in his retire, according to the circumstances and to the years needed

in order to achieve a higher salary step.

§ 10.

Professors and teachers of high school konservatoře one two

thirds of seniority at the Conservatory of Prague before sestátněním

ztrávených and zařaďují in the procedure when the civil service to the

benefits of the relevant rating classes and grade according to the equivalent

the provisions of přeřadění professors and teachers of State schools and


§ 11.

Pensijní claims all professors, teachers, officials, podúředníků and servants

and their widows and children treat the regulations on odpočivných and

zaopatřovacích benefits applicable to all civil servants

the appropriate category and they shall be retired all summer, which

already passed in the service of the Prague konservatoře, if it vydržovala

"Unity for the edification of music in the Czech Republic and after its breakup administer

Commission for sestátnění konservatoře to the sestátnění.

§ 12.

Employees of the působivším at the Conservatory at the time before the sestátněním,

for the procedure applicable under pensijního pense for times when

Some managed was "Unity for the edification of music in the Czech Republic",

the State will continue to vypláceti the sea, and adjusts it to the Ministry of education and

national education, in agreement with the Ministry of finance.

§ 13.

State takes over to their ownership of the pensijní Fund of the Foundation and all

inventory konservatoře that his Unity. Foundation and equipment

be employed for the purposes of konservatoře.

§ 14.

Implement the law this is the Minister of education and national enlightenment in

complicity with the Minister of finance.

§ 15.

Minister of education and national enlightenment of the soul organisační empowering statute

the Institute, in which, in particular, vytčen will be the purpose of the State konservatoře and set

are the rights and obligations of professors and other employees.

§ 16.

The law takes effect on January 1. January 1920.

T. g. Masaryk in r.

Raja, r.

on behalf of the Prime Minister.

Habrman in r.