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Original Language Title: změna advokátního tarifu

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of 21 June 1999. November 2013

amending the Decree of the Ministry of justice no. 177/1996 Coll., on

rewards and compensation lawyers for lawyers providing legal services

(the bar fare), as amended

The Justice Department determined in accordance with section 22 paragraph 1. 3 of Act No. 85/1996

Coll., on the legal profession, as amended by Act No. 79/2006 Coll.:

Article. (I)

Decree No. 177/1996 Coll., on the remuneration of lawyers and lawyers for refunds

provision of legal services (lawyer's tariff), as amended by Decree No.

235/1997 Coll., Act No. 484/2000 Coll., Act No. 68/2003 Coll.

Decree No. 621/2004 Coll., Decree No. 276/2006 Coll., Decree No.

399/2010 Coll., Decree No. 486/2012 Coll. and Constitutional Court,

the declared under no. 116/2013 Coll., is amended as follows:

1. In section 8 paragraph 1. 1 the term "undertaking" shall be replaced by the word "debt".

2. In section 8 paragraph 1. 6, the words "joint ownership of marital spouses"

replaced by the words "spouses" and the word "obligations"

replaced by the word "debt".

3. in section 9, paragraph 2 reads as follows:

"(2) in matters of custody court on minors, adoption, support measures,

incapacitation, nezvěstnosti and death, consent to the intervention in integrity,

the admissibility of the receipt or possession of Health Institute, in matters

guardianship and matters of claims by natural people in the field of social

security, pension, sickness and general health

insurance tariff shall be considered as the value of the amount of $100. ".

4. in § 9 para. 3 (b). and), § 9 para. 3 (b). (b)) and in section 11 (1) 1 (b).

m), the word "Act" is replaced by the word "acts".

5. § 9 para. 3 (c)):

"(c)) the establishment or abolition of easement or the right to build and other

the rights and obligations of the easements or rights ".

6. § 9 para. 4 (b). (b)), the words "company, real estate" is replaced by

the words "commercial plant, of immovable property".

7. § 9 para. 4 (b). (c)), after the word "issues", the words

"trust funds".

8. in § 9 para. 4 (b). (d)), after the words "with the exception of the things referred to in paragraph

2.0 "the words" and in the cases referred to in part five

Code of civil procedure ".

9. in § 9 para. 5, after the words "the Administration party"

the words ", appointed by the Court under the law governing

the criminal liability of legal persons, appointed by the Court according to the law

special procedure governing the Court. "

10. In section 10, paragraph 1. 5, the word "damages" is replaced by the word "injury".

11. In article 11 (1) 1 (b). k), the words "a retrial," the words

"an action for annulment,".

Article. (II)

Transitional provision

For the actions of legal services rendered before the date of entry into force of this

the Decree, according to the lawyer belongs to reward the existing legislation.

Article. (III)

The effectiveness of the

This Decree shall enter into force on 1 January 2000. January 2014.


Mgr. B in r.

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