Of The Treaty On Friendship And Cooperation Between The Czechoslovak Socialist Republic And Cambodia

Original Language Title: o Smlouvě o přátelství a spolupráci mezi ČSSR a Kambodžou

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52/1961 Coll.


Minister of Foreign Affairs

of 30 March 2004. May 1961

a friendship and cooperation treaty between the Czechoslovak Socialist

Republic of Iceland and the Kingdom of Cambodia

27 June 2002. November 1960 in Prague was signed the Treaty of friendship and

cooperation between the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic and Cambodia

Kingdom of the Netherlands.

With the Treaty, the National Assembly expressed its assent on 18 July 2005. January 1961 and

The Treaty was ratified by the President of the Republic on 11 July. February 1961.

The instruments of ratification were exchanged in Phnom Penh on 2 February 2005. May 1961.

According to article IV of the Treaty came into force on 2 February 2005. May 1961.

The Czech version of the Treaty shall be designated at the same time.

David v. r.


about the friendship and cooperation between the Czechoslovak Socialist

Republic of Iceland and the Kingdom of Cambodia

The Czechoslovak Socialist Republic and the Kingdom of Cambodia,

Desiring to consolidate friendly relations, which have long been developing

between the two countries,

kept the effort to deepen and strengthen mutual friendly economic and

cultural contacts and cooperation between Czechoslovakia and Cambodia for the

mutual respect for State sovereignty, non-interference in the internal

Affairs, equality and mutual benefits,

firmly committed to contribute mutual relations to mitigate international

tension, to create a climate of trust between States and to the development of international


convinced that the development and strengthening of friendly relations and mutual

cooperation between them conforms to the interests of both countries,

Desiring to pursue in their relations with the objectives and principles

The Charter of the United Nations,

have decided to conclude this agreement

Article. (I)

(1) between Czechoslovakia and Cambodia will be eternal peace and permanent


(2) the High Contracting Parties shall address all of the issues that would

could arise exclusively between them by peaceful means within the framework of the Charter of the

Of the United Nations.

Article II

The High Contracting Parties shall develop and strengthen mutual relations in the field of

Science, culture, technology and education and to contribute to better mutual

understanding between the Nations of Czechoslovakia, and Cambodia.

Article. (III)

The High Contracting Parties, starting from the belief that mutual

economic cooperation is the Foundation of their peace and friendship

relations and is in the interest of peaceful construction and the progress of their countries, they will be

help each other and develop economic cooperation beneficial

both countries.

Article IV

(1) this Treaty shall be ratified in accordance with the constitutional rules of each of the

High Contracting Parties and shall enter into force on the date of exchange of instruments of ratification

of documents.

(2) shall remain in force for a period of 10 years from the date of entry into force

and its validity will be tacitly extended for another ten-year always

period, unless one of the High Contracting Party in writing six months

before the expiry of the current 10-year period, denounces it.

Done in Prague on 27. November 1960 in duplicate in c

the Czech, the Khmer and French languages, all three texts being equally

the same force; in case of different interpretation of the French version


For the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic:

Novotný in r.

For the Kingdom of Cambodia:

Norodom Sihanouk in r.

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