Amendment Of The Decree On Technical Requirements For The Construction

Original Language Title: změna vyhlášky o technických požadavcích na stavby

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20/2012 Sb.


of 9 June. January 2012,

amending Decree No. 268/2009 Coll., on technical requirements for


Ministry for regional development shall determine pursuant to section 194 (a). a) of law No.

183/2006 Coll., on zoning and the building code (the building Act):

Article. (I)

This Decree was notified in accordance with the directive of the European Parliament

and Directive 98/34/EC of 22 December 2004. June 1998 on the procedure for the provision

information in the field of technical standards and regulations and of rules on services,

the information society, as amended by Directive 98/48/EC.

Article. (II)

Decree No. 268/2009 Coll., on technical requirements for the construction, is amended

as follows:

1. In paragraph 3 (b). f) of point 1, the words "with the exception of the buildings and equipment for the

bees and fish ' are deleted.

2. In paragraph 3 (b). f) point 4 is added:

"4. the building for storage of mineral fertilizers".

3. In paragraph 3 (b). (f)), the following points 5 and 6 are added:

"5. the building for storage of medicinal products and plant protection products,

6. store, structure, part of the building or separate room for

for the storage of medicinal products and plant protection products with a maximum

permissible weight of up to 1,000 kg of medicines and protection

plants ".

4. In paragraph 3, at the end of the letter k) dot is replaced by a comma and the following

the letter l) is added:

"l) emergency trap-sink, sump tray or tank, designed to

retention of harmful substances emitted during accidental or uniklých

States from the tanks, containers, packaging, or technological equipment

with the volume at least corresponding to the capacity of the largest tank in it

located, or seduced. ".

5. In article 11, paragraphs 3 to 5 shall be added:

"(3) the living room must have sufficient ventilation outdoor

air and heating in accordance with the standards, with values

Regulation of the internal temperature.

(4) in the residential rooms must be designed daily, artificial and, where appropriate,

combined lighting depending on their functional use and on the length of

residence of persons in accordance with the standards.

(5) a residence room shall have adequate natural or

forced ventilation and must be sufficiently heated with the possibility of regulation of

the internal temperature. For ventilation of residential rooms must be provided in

period of stay of persons the minimum quantity of outdoor air 25

m3/h per person, or minimum ventilation 0.5 1/h as a pointer

the quality of the indoor environment is used, carbon dioxide CO2, with a concentration

in the internal air must not exceed 1 500 ppm ".

6. In article 11, paragraph 5, the following new paragraphs 6 and 7 are added:

"(6) in the rooms where they are installed appliances fuels, must be

always ensure a supply of outdoor air flow rate at least equal to the

combustion air for the rated power and the type of appliance.

(7) the toilets, facilities for personal hygiene and cooking must have

artificial light in accordance with the standards, values must be effectively

ventilated in accordance with the values and standards must be sufficiently

heated with internal temperature regulation. ".

Paragraphs 6 and 7 shall become paragraph 8 and 9.

7. In § 13 para. 1 the words "living rooms" are replaced by the words "all

apartments ".

8. In § 13 para. 2, the first sentence shall be deleted.

9. in § 14 para. 3 the words "and" shall be replaced by "dividers, partitions and

ceilings ".

10. In article 20 paragraph 2 reads as follows:

"(2) the Ceilings along with the floors and surfaces are satisfactory in terms of

sound insulation, if their air and reduces FootFall

reduces meet the minimum requirements given the standards values. ".

11. in section 26 para. 1 the words "construction of fill" shall be replaced by

"The fill".

12. in section 26 paragraph 2 and 3 shall be added:

"(2) Filling the holes must meet the requirements for thermal

the steady-state temperature properties in accordance with the standards.

(3) Fill the holes must meet the requirements for acoustic characteristics in

accordance with the standards to ensure the adequate protection of values before

noise in all protected indoor construction ^ 10). ".

13. in section 34 para. 2 of the introductory part of the provisions for the word "meet"

the words "in accordance with the standards values."

14. in section 34 is at the end of paragraph 7, the following sentence "the minimum equipment

the apartment electrical equipment and instruments is determined by the standards values. ".

15. In article 43, paragraph 5 is added:

"(5) Hallway guest rooms shall have a minimum width of 900 mm, loop-through for

rooms intended for the accommodation of persons with reduced mobility

orientation must be through the width of the hallway of at least 1 500 mm and length of

a minimum of 2 200 mm; may not be separated from the guest room door. ".

16. in section 44 para. 3, the first sentence is replaced by the phrase "units in

accommodation in class three to five stars must have

sanitary equipment. ".

17. § 47 para. 5, after the words "par", the words "and the risk of

the explosion ".

18. in § 50 para. 5 (b). a), the words "with these" shall be replaced by "

objectionable ".

19. in paragraph 53, in the title the words "plant protection products".

20. in section 53, paragraph 6 shall be deleted.

21. in paragraph 53, the following new section 53a, which including the title and notes

line # 30:

"§ 53a

Construction for the storage of medicinal products and plant protection products

(1) basic security structures must prevent the unintentional penetration

substances affecting the water quality of the buildings into the surrounding terrain and the subsoil and

then to the surface water and groundwater

and impermeability of surfaces and structures) that come into contact with

noxious substances,

(b)), or structural modifications odkanalizováním znemožňujícími escape

leakage of the substances in the construction, overflow or splachem.

(2) the building must be broken down into

and the reception section and pick) of medicinal products and plant protection products

with a covered area, with a ramp handling and safety emergency


(b)) and the storage of medicinal products section of plant protection products for

the separate storage of each species, the empty contaminated packagings

odběr30-back), the section must be separately odvětratelný with options

tempering and temperature monitoring of air,

(c) section of the auxiliary and sanitary) plants separately with odvětratelný

tempering options, especially the washrooms, toilets and changing rooms.

(3) the floor shall be impermeable to liquids, chemical resistant

effects of stored products, with the surface allowing for easy cleaning and

vyspádovaná to a separate emergency sink.

(4) the Drainage system shall be designed as a separate for the withholding,

sewage and waste water contaminated products.

(5) Building for the storage of medicinal products and plant protection products

must be equipped with emergency trap, which must have a surface resistant to

the chemical effects of the stored products and must be secured against

the inflow of rainwater from the surrounding areas and against penetration of underground water.

Must be dimensioned for a minimum of 10% of the total volume of the stored

liquids, however, at least one of the largest on the entire volume of the stored

shipping container or containers.

(6) the floor of the storage must be impermeable to liquids, durable

against chemical effects of the stored products and funds to the protection

the plants must be equipped with a raised plinth around the perimeter of the walls, including the

door threshold as a substitute for emergency sump. Store must be

self odvětratelný with the option of tempering and temperature monitoring

air, technical and layout must be capable of saving products

and plant health products clearly and separately by type

hazard in transport packaging, containers and receptacles, separated

storing contaminated obalů30), personal protective

equipment and clothing, in compliance with the conditions of hygiene, security

and health at work. On hand inventory is not subject to the

paragraphs 1 to 5.

30) Act No. 477/2001 SB., on packaging and on amendments to certain laws (law

on packaging), as amended. ".

Article. (III)

Transitional provision

For buildings, for that was processed before the project documentation

effect of this order, the process according to the existing legislation.

Article. (IV)

The effectiveness of the

This Decree shall enter into force on 1 January 2000. February 2012.


Ing. Jankovský in r.