He Protected Areas Of Natural Water Accumulation

Original Language Title: on protected areas of natural water accumulation

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40/1978 Coll. Government regulation of the Czech Socialist Republic of 19 April 1978 on the protected areas of natural water accumulation in the Beskids Mountains, Giant Mountains, Eagle Mountains, Žďárské Hills and Forest, Government of the Czech Socialist Republic directs pursuant this section 18 of Act No. 138/1973 Coll. Waters (Water Act): § 1 (1) the Areas of Beskydy Mountains, Jizera Mountains, Orlické Mountains , Sumava Mountains and Žďárské Hills to its natural conditions constitute an important natural accumulation of groundwater and surface waters are protected areas of natural water accumulation (hereinafter referred to as ' it ' protected water area "). (2) The boundaries of protected water management areas referred to it in paragraph 1 are defined identically with the boundaries of the protected areas; ^ 1) maps of protected water management areas are kept at the district national committees in whose territorial scope of these areas are. section 2 (1) of the protected water management areas is prohibited and) reduce the extent of forest land in individual cases by more than 25 hectares; water management in individual protected areas may be the overall extent of forest land and reduced maximum of 500 ha, compared it to January 1, 1979, (b)) the drain of the forest land in an area of over 250 ha contiguous area, c) that drain agricultural land in an area of over 50 ha contiguous area if it is not based on hydrological survey demonstrated that drainage will not jeopardize the capacity of the catchment area , d) extract peat in excess of 500.000 cubic meters in one location unless on the basis of hydrological survey demonstrated that peat extraction will not jeopardize the capacity of catchment areas, e) mine minerals surface way, or perform other ground work, which could lead to uncovering contiguous groundwater levels, with the exception of quarries in which it is necessary to go it polojámové or pit mining , and the absence of higher across the board uncovered over 10 ha, f) that extract and process radioactive raw materials, which do not ensure waste disposal in accordance with regulations to protect water quality, g) to store radioactive waste, h) that carry out the construction of the first facility for fattening pigs with a total capacity of over 5000 arrest, 2nd stocks of oil products with a capacity of each tank over 1000 m3 3. thermal power plants using solid fuels with a capacity of over 200 MW, 4th of industrial establishments where the operation took place at the time of the release of untreated or inadequately treated wastewater, the pollution exceeds the 5 point at 5 t/year suspended solids 10 t/mineral oil 5 t/year apparent acidity of 500 kg, EQ./year apparent alkalinity of 500 kg, EQ./year dissolved inorganic salts of 50 t/year. (2) The prohibitions in paragraph 1 shall be in a protected water management areas do not apply to and) buildings and equipment that were before the effective date of this regulation in accordance with regulations under construction or in use, b) activities which were before the effective date of this regulation in accordance Regulatory operated c) activities referred to in this paragraph 1. and), d) and (e)) if it is the construction of water reservoirs. (3) In exceptional cases, the Government of the Republic, derogate from paragraph 1 point. and), e) and (h)) No. 3 and 4, § 3 of the water protected areas can be established municipal landfills and industrial waste only in locations where it can not be content leaching waste into groundwater or surface water, or if they are on have taken technical measures to prevent leakage of leachate into groundwater or surface water. section 4 of This Regulation shall not affect the powers of authorities and responsibilities of organizations under the rules of the State Nature Protection and other regulations it is. ^ 2) § 5 This regulation comes into force on 1 January 1979. 1) section 4 of the Act No. 40/1956 Coll. On the state protection of nature. 2) Eg. Government regulation of the Czech Socialist Republic No. 25/1975 Coll., laying down the indicators of acceptable water pollution, Decree of the Ministry of Forestry and Water Management of the Czech Socialist Republic No. 28/1975 Coll., which determines the water streams, and their watersheds and determining the sheet of water management significant watercourses, section 16 of the Decree of the Ministry of Health No. 45/1966 Coll. , on the creation and protection of healthy living conditions.