The Temporary Adjustment Of The Administration Policy In Slovakia

Original Language Title: o prozatimní úpravě správy politické na Slovensku

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210/1920 Sb.


of 22 March. March 1920

the interim adjustment of political management in Slovakia.

The National Assembly of the Czechoslovak Republic decided on this

the Act:

§ 1.

The Government is empowered to require of public interests, apart

the applicable law of the regulation:

1. the merged 2 or more of the County, or even the amount of them, to the performance of the internal

Management (political) in a single circuit board with a single Office and refer to when

Tom, if need be, left in the premises of the County exposituru;

2. adjust circuits districts slúžnovských and their headquarters;

3. the city with a regulated magistrate said a large village;

4. the city with the right municipálním for the city with a regulated

the municipality, or in large municipalities.

§ 2.

Management in the County and slúžnovských offices in Slovakia will be the date on

that will be determined by the regulation, protection are ensured only by government officials, who

will be appointed by the competent authorities of the Republic.

§ 3.

The provisions of paragraph 2 shall also apply to the political administration in the Office of the Minister of

splnomocněného for management of Slovakia.

However, they are exempt from the provisions of the temporary Government counselors

(officers) and the Contracting officers who were at the time

appointed by the Minister for the administration of splnomocněným Slovakia.

§ 4.

These officials (sections 2 and 3. 1.) subjected to laws and provisions are

that apply to State officials in other parts of the Republic, in particular

the law of 25 June. in January 1914, no. 15 lines on the staff ratio of State

úředníkův and public servants (pragmatice business), regulation and

the regulations, issued to him, as well as all the laws and provisions, which

in other parts of the Republic are governed by business and provident

the perks of State officials and public servants. Special perks,

which provides for special conditions in Slovakia, are not

without prejudice to the.

The laws and regulations of the former Hungarian Government, which are with the following provisions

(paragraph. 1.) in the resistance, are void.

§ 5 .

At the head of the Office of the County is a bathrobe, which is odpověden for the administration of the County.

Robe must have ability to scratch the service of the political administration. In

the first five years of application of this Act may be appointed bathrobes

also, those who do not have this capability.

The procurement agenda is the Župani when refer to Office and slúžnovských

offices, as appropriate, assigned to the Ministry of the Interior the required number of

konceptního, vocational, accounting and handling and sluhovského


The staff of the tem must vyhovovati terms and conditions, which are for the service of the kind

employment salary provisions laid down in other parts of the Republic. In

the first five years of application of this law may be courtesy of

Minister of the Interior appointed staff who does not meet these


The representative of the županovým is the highest political rank by scratch

an official appointed to Office, must refer to the Interior Minister does not make another

the measures.

§ 6.

Officials of the County and a slúžnovských offices in Slovakia, whether

they were provisionally by the Minister for the administration of the Slovak Republic splnomocněným

appointed, or in the offices of their provisionally confirmed, whether they are

former officials of the Royal Hungarian Government officials, or others, are obliged to

administer the application for admission to the service of the political Secretary of him splnomocněného

for the management of Slovakia to 60 dnův the date when this law became

efficiency. Minister of the Interior for special circumstances this period and different

ustanoviti for each county or their parts.

The provisions of the first paragraph does not apply to civil servants, who were for the

Slovakia permanently appointed by the central authorities, or were of officialdom

set up in other parts of the Republic of Slovakia on the service


§ 7.

If you do not submit to the officials set the time limit for the receipt of applications, the

It is considered, that the expiry of the deadline on a voluntary basis without any claims

the place still means giving up.

§ 8.

Officials of the former Government of the Hungarian, who were after the oath of fidelity

Republic with County and slúžnovských leave and may in time

request for adoption (section 6), but were not appointed, will be put on the

rest, and they will be provided zaopatřovacích benefits, if the

entitled under the applicable laws of the Hungarian.

If, however, it has been shown that these officials, the Government of the Republic of

The Czechoslovak provisorně provisions, or even confirm, committed

the meetings, directed against the Czechoslovak State, without

any claims made redundant, and is reserved for criminally is


§ 9.

The applicable rules for the adaptation of the technical services are not affected by this law.

If according to the Hungarian law was the příslušno Ministry of trade,

comes to the Ministry of public works instead.

§ 10.

Officers and ushers, elected in municipal towns, must be

confirmation of the Minister of the Interior; until the confirmation, the authorities cannot, on

which they were elected, nastoupiti, or vykonávati.

§ 11.

The Government is empowered to act for the time being, the provisions of this regulation

in whole or in part have been extended to the territory of Carpathian Ruthenia.

§ 12.

This Act effective from the date of publication. Make it the responsibility of the Government.

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