Amendment Of The Decree On Driving Licences And The Register Of Drivers

Original Language Title: Změna vyhlášky o řidičských průkazech a o registru řidičů

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1/2014 Sb.


of 13 October. December 2013,

amending the Decree of the Ministry of transport and communications No. 31/2001 Coll., on the

driving licences and the register of drivers, as amended

The Department of transportation shall determine pursuant to § 137 para. 2 Act No. 361/2000

Coll. on road safety and on changes of some acts

(road traffic law), as amended by law No 411/2005 Coll., Act No.

226/2006 Coll., Act No. 274/2008 Coll., Act No. 133/2007 Coll. and act

No 297/2010 Coll., to implement section 104 paragraph. 5 and § 105 para. 5 of the Act:

Article. (I)

Decree of the Ministry of transport and communications No. 31/2001 Coll., on driving

licences and on the register of drivers, as amended by Decree No 154/2003 Coll.

Decree No. 177/2004 Coll., Decree No. 194/2006 Coll., Decree No. 27/2012

Coll. and Decree No. 243/2012 Coll., is amended as follows:

1. At the end of footnote # 5, the following sentence

"Commission directive 2012/36/EU of 7. November 2012, amending

European Parliament and Council Directive 2006/126/EC on driving


Council Directive 2013/22/EU of 13 July. may 2013, which as a result of

the accession of the Republic of Croatia, adapting certain directives in the field of

transport policy. ".

2. Appendix 1:

' Annex 1 to the Decree No 31/2001 Sb.

Model driving licence in the Czech Republic

3. Appendix 5:

' Annex No. 5 to the Decree No 31/2001 Sb.

Harmonised codes and national codes

I. harmonized codes

and the other conditions for the driver)

01. how to protect or vision correction

01.01 glasses,

01.02 contact lense,

01.03 protective goggles,

01.04 Glasses reduce light transmission,

01.05 eye cover,

01.06 glasses or contact lenses.

02 hearing aid/communication aid

02.01 hearing aid for one ear,

02.02 hearing aid for two ears.

03. mandatory use of AIDS for the support of the musculoskeletal system (prostheses, orthoses)

03.01 upper limb prosthesis/orthosis,

03.02 lower limb prosthesis/orthosis.

05. driving Limit (mandatory additional conditional or restrict the driver's licence)

05.01 limited to journeys according to time of day (for example: one hour after sunrise and one hour before sunset)

05.02 limited to journeys within a radius of ... km from the place of residence of the driver, or only inside city/region,

05.03 Driving without passengers (horse),

05/04 Ride at a speed not exceeding ... ... km/h,

05.05 Driving only if it is accompanied by other held the driving licence,

05.06 Without trailer

05.07 no driving on the highway and the road for motor vehicles,

05.08 no driving under the influence of alcohol.

(b)) the adaptation of the vehicle

10. The modified mechanism to control the gear changes

10.01 manual transmission,

10.02 automatic transmission,

10.03 electronically operated Transmission

10.04 to accommodate the gear lever,

10.05 without auxiliary transmission.

15. The adjusted gear clutch control

15.01 Adapted the clutch pedal,

15.02 Manual clutch control,

15.03 automatic clutch,

15.04 partitioning in front of/fold away/detached clutch pedal.

20. The modified mechanism of the control of the braking system

20.01 and adapted to the brake pedal,

20.02 Enlarged brake pedal

20.03 brake pedal adjusted for left foot,

20.04 brake pedal by sole,

20.05 Bent brake pedal,

20.06 manual control of the service brake,

service brake 20.07 with an increased effect, brake boosters

service brake 20.08 maximum efficient system with a built-in emergency brake

20.09 Adapted parking brake, driver

20.10 electrically, parking brake control

20.11 (Customized) foot operated parking brake,

20.12 partitioning in front of/fold away/detached brake pedal,

20.13 brake Control knee

service brake Control 20.14 electrically.

25. The modified mechanism of the accelerator control

25.01 Adapted the accelerator pedal,

25/02 the accelerator pedal with the foot pad

25.03 Bent the throttle pedal,

25.04 Manual accelerator control,

on 25.05 Accelerator at knee Control

25.06 Servo-Accelerator (electronic, pneumatic, for example),

25.07 accelerator pedal on the left of the brake pedal,

25.08 accelerator pedal on the left,

25.09 partitioning in front of/fold away/detached accelerator pedal.

30. The modified common brake system and control system of Accelerator

30.01 Parallel pedals

30.02 pedals at (or almost at) the same level

30.03 Accelerator and brake pedal Slider,

30.04 Accelerator and brake pedal with prosthesis/orthosis,

30.05 fold away/detached Accelerator and brake pedal,

30.06 raised floor,

30.07 Partitioning on the side of the brake pedal,

30.08 partitioning for prosthesis on the side of the brake pedal,

30.09 partitioning in front of the accelerator pedal and brake pedal,

30.10 heel/leg Support,

30.11 electrically operated Accelerator and brake pedal.

35. A modified arrangement of drivers (for example, lights switches, windscreen wiper/washer windshield, driver

audible warning signs, directional lights)

35.01 control devices operable without negative influence on the Steering and handling,

No 35.02 control devices operable without releasing the steering wheel and accessories

35.03 control devices operable without releasing the steering wheel with your left hand and accessories

35.04 control devices operable without releasing the steering wheel with his right hand and accessories

35.05 control devices operable without releasing the steering wheel and accessories and advanced the throttle mechanism

and the service brakes.

40. Edit control

40.01 Standard power steering,

40.02 power steering with an increased effect,

40.03 Steering requiring support system,

40.04 Lengthened steering column,

40.05 Adapted steering wheel (for example, larger and/or more powerful steering wheel the steering wheel diameter, scale)

40.06 Angled steering wheel,

40.07 Vertical steering wheel,

40.08 Horizontal steering wheel,

40.09 foot control management,

40.10 alternative adjusted steering (for example, the control lever)

40.11 grip on the steering wheel,

40.12 Hand prosthesis on the steering wheel,

40.13 with orthesis tenodese.

42. Adjusting rear-view mirrors

42.01 external (left or right) rear-view mirror,

42.02 Outdoor rearview mirror set on the wing,

No 42.03 Additional inside rear-view mirror to monitor traffic,

42.04 Panoramic inside rear-view mirror,

rear-view mirror 42.05 blind angle

No 42.06 Exterior rear-view mirror (and) controlled electrically.

43. Adjusting the driver's seat

43.01 driver seat at the right height and in appropriate distance from the steering wheel, apedálů

43.02 driver seat Settings-anatomical shaping,

43.03 driver seat with lateral support for good stability,

43.04 driver seat with armrest,

43.05 Lengthening scroll of driver's seat

43.06 seat belt Set,

43.07 Harness safety belt.

44. The technical adjustment of the motorcycle (mandatory)

44.01 Separately operated brake,

44.02 (adjusted) hand operated brake (front wheel)

44.03 (adjusted) foot operated brake (back wheel)

No 44.04 (adjusted) Accelerator handle

No 44.05 (adjusted) manual transmission and clutch,

44.06 (adjusted) rear-view mirrors,

44.07 Modified drivers (such as directional lights),

No 44.08 seat height allowing the driver, in sitting position to have both feet on the ground.

45. Motorcycle with side-car only.

46. only for three-wheeled motor vehicles.

50. the restrictions on certain vehicles (vehicle identification number-VIN/chassis number).

51. Restricted to a specific vehicle (registration)

c) administrative matters

70. Exchange of licence No........., issued by the (who) ... .... (EU/UN designation

in the case of a third country; for example, UR70.0123456789.NL).

71. Duplicate driver's license number......., (EU/UN designation in the case of a third country;

for example, UR71.987654321.HR).

73. only for four-wheel motor vehicles of category B (B1).

78. Only for vehicles with automatic transmission.

79. Only to vehicles, which comply with the specifications indicated in brackets, in the context of using Article

13 Directive 2006/126/EC

No 79.01 only for two-wheel motor vehicles with or without side-car,

79.02 Only for three-wheel motor vehicles or four-wheel motor vehicles in category AM,

79.03 Only for three-wheel motor vehicles,

79.04 only for three-wheeled motor vehicle with a trailer of a maximum permitted weight

not exceeding 750 kg,

79.05 a lightweight motorcycle in category A1 with or without side-car with a power/weight ratio exceeding

0.1 kW/kg,

79.06 combination categories B + E, if the maximum allowable weight of the trailer exceeds 3 500 kg.

80. only for the holder of the licence and with the constraint for three-wheel motor vehicles, who

reached the age of 24.

81. only for the holder of the licence and the restricted for motorcycles with side-car

or not, who have not reached the age of 21.

90. The codes used in combination with codes that define the modification to the vehicle.

No 90.01 to the left,

90.02 to the right,

90.03 left,

No 90.04 Right,

90.05 Manual,

90.06 a foot,


95. the driver is professionally qualified to.......... [95 format (DD. MM. RR)]

96. motor vehicles of category B for a trailer of a maximum permitted weight exceeding 750 kg,

If the maximum allowable weight of this combination exceeds 3 500 kg but does not exceed 4 250 kg.

97. it is not permitted to drive a motor vehicle of category C1, which falls within the scope of Council regulation

(EEC) No 3821/85 of 20 December 2002. 20 December 1985 on recording equipment in road transport.

II. National codes

105. Other health restrictions which are not listed in part I of this

of the annex.

111. unable to carry on business:

and the driver that controls) motor vehicle in the employment relationship and

which is driving a motor vehicle type of work contracted at work

the contract,

(b)), for which the driver is driving a motor vehicle subject to separate

gainful activities carried out under a special legal regulation, or

(c)) of training in the management of motor vehicles under a special

legal regulation.

115. Clutch.

160. the exemption from the age of the vehicle licence of A1, A2, or

And the person who is the holder of a licence granted to the athletes, the Motorsport

only for sport competition.

172. the restriction of vehicle licence and only to control

power-driven wheelchairs.

175. the restriction of vehicle licence D only to control

vehicles of municipal public transport people.

185. only for driving vehicles provided for in § 83 para. 5

Act No. 361/2000 Coll. until reaching the age of 21 in the Group of vehicles (C)

years, in the Group of vehicles (D) age 24.

199. The trial period of a conditional waiver from the rest of the performance penalty of prohibition

activity. ".

Footnotes 3, 4 and 4a shall be deleted.

4. Appendix 6:

' Annex No 6 to Decree No 31/2001 Sb.

A list of the words "driving licence" in the languages of the Member States

Cyrillic text

Permiso de Conducción

Driver's license




Greek text

Driving License

Permis de conduire

Ceadúas Tiomána

Vozačka dozvola

Patente di guida

Vadítája apliecíba

Vairuotojo pažymejimas

Vezetői engedély

Tas-Sewqan licenzja


Prawo Jazdy

Carta de Conduçao

Permis de conducere

Vodičský preukaz

Vozniško dovoljenje


Körkort. ".

Article. (II)

Transitional provisions

1. Driver's license, whose form was made prior to the date of acquisition

the effectiveness of this Ordinance in accordance with the specimen in annex No. 1 of the Decree

No 31/2001 Coll., in the version in force before the date of entry into force of this

the Decree, it is possible to issue until stocks are exhausted but not later than 31 December 1998.

December 2014.

2. limitation of driving licenses recorded the harmonised codes 72.,

73, 74, 75, 76. and 77. in the version in force until the date of entry into force of this

the Decree, shall remain in effect even after the entry into force of this Decree.

Article. (III)

The effectiveness of the

This Decree shall take effect on the date of its publication.


Pupil in r.

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