List Of Active Substances Intended For Supporting Or Complementary Treatment

Original Language Title: seznam léčivých látek určených k podpůrné nebo doplňkové léčbě

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385/2007 Sb.


of 19 December 2003. December 2007

establishing the list of active substances intended for support or additional

the treatment of

Change: 115/2009 Sb.

The Ministry of health provides under section 16b, para. 1 of law No.

48/1997 Coll., on public health insurance and amending and supplementing

some related laws, as amended by the Act No. 261/2007 Coll.:

§ 1

List of active substances intended for support or additional treatment is

listed in the annex to this Decree.

§ 2

This Decree shall enter into force on 1 January 2000. January 1, 2008.


Mudr. Julínek, MBA in r.


List of active substances intended for supporting or complementary treatment

------------------------------------------ ---------------------------------------------------------- ----------

the number of the active substance group name method

group administration

------------------------------------------ ---------------------------------------------------------- ----------

1 supporting and complementary fluorfosforečnan disodium to 99, 0 mg per tablet.

stomatologika sodium fluoride to 0, 55mg per tablet.

mixture of aminofluoridů p.

2 supporting and complementary benzocaine lok.

medicinal products intended for topical treatment of benzydamin cavity lok.


including a combination of disodium fluorfosforečnan lok.

chlorhexidine digluconate lok.

choline salicylate-lok.

isopropylmetakresol lok.

lidocaine lok.

mixture of aminofluoridů lok.

3 support and additional antacids with sodium carbonate and calcium carbonate.

the drug, intended to treat diseases of the usual combination of aluminium, calcium and magnesium.

with acidity, heavy alkaline magnesium carbonate.

4 protivředová of the drug from a group of H2-FAMOTIDINE to 10 mg per tablet, including p.


and Proton pump inhibitors omeprazole to 10 mg per tablet, including p.

the defined content per Tablet ranitidine to 75 mg per tablet, including p.

5 antispasmodics, psycholeptics ephedrine p. rect.

and analgesics, rectal exam administered phenobarbital p. rect.

including a combination of codeine p. rect.

Metylatropinium-bromide p. rect.

papaverine p. rect.

propyfenazon p. rect.

6 supportive and complementary dimenhydrinát to 20 mg per tablet.

antiemetics moxastinium-teoklát p. o.

7 support and complementary medicines, magnesium salicylate, p. o.

intended to treat diseases of the bile ducts and hymechromon.

including a combination of

8 supporting and complementary bisakodyl p. o.

laxatives glycerol p. Rect., lok.

including a combination of polyethylene glycol 3350.

sodium picosulfate citric acid monohydrate, p. o.

9 ancillary and supplementary antidiarhoika, atropine sulfate monohydrate.

intestinal adsorbents, antiinfectives, difenoxylát hydrochloride, p. o.

gallan bismuth subsalicylate combinations including alkaline p. o.

kloroxin p.o.

citric acid monohydrate.

loperamide hydrochloride.

nifuroxazid p.o.

sodium thiosulfate pentahydrate p. o.

coal adsorption p. o.

diosmectite p. o.

10 supportive and complementary protiprůjmové micro-organisms-Escherichia coli p. o.

protiprůjmové micro-organisms producing lactic acid.

Saccharomyces boulardi sicatus p. o.

11 ancillary and complementary ephedrine p. o.

the drug designed to treat obesity phentermine p. o.

Caffeine p. o.

Orlistat p. o.

sibutramine p. o.

12 supporting and complementary thioktová acid p. o.

the drug of the digestive tract and metabolism of takadiastasa p.

13 supportive and complementary indobufen p. o.

antiplatelet drugs

14 support and additional local hemostatics, cinchocaine p. Rect., lok.

gallan bismuth subsalicylate combinations including alkaline p. Rect., lok.

the calcium salt karboxycelulosy p. Rect., lok.

15 supporting and complementary hyaluronidasa parent.


16 supporting and complementary midodrin hydrochloride, p. o., parent.

Cardiac therapy phosphocreatine parent.

potassium-l-aspartate hemihydrate p. o., parent.

17 support and additional drug naftidrofuryl p. o.

designed to perifirní vasodilatation nicergoline p.o.

does not apply to diagnoses listed in the limitations

specified for a particular active substance

18 supporting and complementary medicines, etofylin p.o.

from a group of derivatives of purine Pentoxifylline p. o.

xanthinol-nikotinát p. o.

does not apply to diagnoses listed in the limitations

specified for a particular active substance

19 supporting and complementary bufexamac p. Rect., lok.

antihemoroidika served rectal exam, cinchocaine p. Rect., lok.

including the combination of dexamethasone acetate p. Rect., lok.

calcium dobesilan monohydát p. Rect., lok.

gallan bismuth subsalicylate alkaline p. Rect., lok.

Active dried yeast p. Rect., lok.

lidocaine p. Rect., lok.

shark liver oil, p. Rect., lok.

titanium dioxide p. Rect., lok.

policresulen p. Rect., lok.

20 supporting and complementary allantoin lok.

escin venofarmaka lok.

intended for topical application, including escin-beta lok.

a combination of

polysulfát glucosaminoglycan-lok.

does not apply to diagnoses listed in the limitations of heparin lok.

specified for a particular active substance heparinoid lok.

oxerutin lok.

21 supporting and complementary dihydroergocristine-mesylate p. o.

venofarmaka p, including a combination of calcium dobesilan monohydát p. o.

escin p. o.

does not apply to diagnoses listed in the limitations of escin-beta p. o.

specified for a particular active substance eskulin.

hesperidin p. o.

oxerutin p.o.

Rutoside p. o.

tribenosid p.o.

troxerutine p. o.

22 support and additional ethyl esters of omega-3 acids.

drugs affecting lipid, a mixture of ethyl ester of ikosapentu and dokonexentu.

including a combination of

23 supportive and complementary ketoconazole lok.

antifungal agents intended for topical application of undecylenová acid lok.

tridekanamin-undecylenát lok.

trolamin-1: lok.

24 support and complementary medicines dexpanthenol lok.

intended for topical treatment of wounds and ulcers, ergocalciferol lok.

including a combination of chlorhexidine lok.


retinol acetate lok.

alpha-tocopherol acetate lok.

25 support and additional antihistamines diphenhydramine hydrochloride lok.

for topical application, including a combination of dimetinden maleate lok.

26 antivirals, intended for topical application of aciclovir eye ointment except lok.

penciclovir lok.

tromantadin hydrochloride lok.

27 supportive and complementary, and potassium acetate solution aluminium lok.

medicinal products containing aluminum

28 supportive and complementary hexamidine-diisetionát lok.

antiseptics, desinficiencia karbethopendecinium bromide lok.

boric acid lok.

hydrogen peroxide 3% lok.

29 supporting and complementary of the drug fluorouracil lok.

intended for topical treatment of warts and kuřích


30 stimulant growth hair minoxidil lok.

methionine p. o.

31 additional supportive and estriol to 0, 03mg including in one vag. Tablet vag.

anti-infectious agents, antiseptics and genus Lactobacillus vag.

anti-inflammatory drugs

the vaginal application, including a combination of the genus Streptococcus vag.

levonorgestrel intrauterine intraut 32.

33 oral contraceptives, cyproterone acetate to 2.0 mg including in one tablet.

including a combination of desogestrel p. o.

dienogest p. o.

drospirenone p. o.

ethinyl estradiol, p. o.

gestodene p. o.

chlormadinone p. o.

levonorgestrel p. o.

norethindrone p. o.

norgestimate p. o.

34 contraceptives administered differently than the p. o. ethinyl estradiol, tdr.

etonogestrel sdr.

medroxyprogesterone i.m.

norelgestromin tdr.

supportive and complementary medicines, 35 acekarbromal.

used in erectile dysfunction, alprostadil p. o.

Sildenafil p. o.

does not apply to the use of the active substance tadalafil.

vardenafil for the treatment of pulmonary hypertension.

yohimbine p. o.

36 support and additional non-steroidal glucosamine sulfate p. o., parent.

anti-inflammatory and protirevmatická pharmaceuticals chondroitin sulphate p. o., parent.

supportive and supplementary pharmaceuticals 37 benzydamid lok.

intended for topical therapy of muscle pain and diclofenak lok.


diethylamine salicylate-lok.

does not apply to diagnoses listed in etofenamát lok restrictions.

specified for a particular active substance heparinoid lok.

hydroxyethyl salicylate lok.

ibuprofen lok.

indomethacin lok.

ketoprofen lok.

niflumic acid lok.

Salicylic acid lok.

Methyl-salicylate lok.

naproxen lok.

nimesulide lok.

piroxicam lok.

38 supporting and complementary benzocaine lok.

local anesthetics designed to topically cinchocaine lok.

on the skin, the mucous membranes in the oral cavity and lidocaine lok.

the neck,

topical treatment recta myrtekain lok.

Prilocaine lok.

39 medicines containing separately metamizole metamizole p. o.

in oral solid dosage forms

40 medicines containing a combination of phenobarbital.

acetylosalicylové with psycholeptiky acid caffeine p. o.

acetylsalicylic acid p. o.

supportive and complementary dextromethorphan 41 p. o.

combined drugs intended for the symptomatic phenylephrine p. o.

treatment of flu and colds hydrogen sodium carbonate.

as chlorphenamine p. o.

ibuprofen p. o.

ibuprofen p. o.

Caffeine p. o.

acetylsalicylic acid p. o.

Ascorbic acid p. o.

citric acid p. o.

paracetamol p. o.

promethazin p. o.

pseudoephedrine p. o.

terpine monohydrate p. o.

412 compound analgesics dimenhydrinát p. o.

with the exception of the combination of guaifenesin.

paracetamol/ibuprofen tramadol, p. o.


acetylsalicylic acid p. o.

metoclopramide p. o.

paracetamol p. o.

propyfenazon p.o.

43 hypnotics, sedatives alkaloid rulíkového root of p. o.

the combination of cinolazepam p.o.

ergotamine tartrate.

does not apply to diagnoses listed in the limitations of phenobarbital.

specified for a particular active ingredient guaifenesin.

klomethiazol p.o.

Midazolam p. o.

nitrazepam p. o.

zolpidem p. o.

zopiclone p. o.

44 of the drug intended bupropion p.o.

for the treatment of nicotine addiction nicotine p. o.

varenicline l-tartrate.

45 drug designed akamprosát calcium salt.

for the treatment of alcohol dependence disulfiram p. o.

Naltrexone p. o.

46 drug designed buprenorphine p. o.

for the treatment of opioid dependence methadone p. o.

naloxone hydrochloride, p. o.

47 support and complementary cerebrolysinum parent.

CNS drugs

48 supportive and complementary piracetam p. o.

nootropics pyritinol p. o.

vinpocetine p. o.

does not apply to diagnoses listed in the limitations

specified for a particular active substance

supportive and complementary otorinolaryngologika 49 dimetinden lok.

intended for topical application of ephedrine lok.

including a combination of phenylephrine lok.

karbethopendecinium-bromide lok.

mupirocin lok.

naphazoline lok.

oxymetazoline lok.

alpha-tocopherol acetate lok.

tramazolin lok.

xylometazoline lok.

50 antihistamines dexbromfeniramin p. o.

in combination with pseudoefedrinem Loratadine.

pseudoephedrine p. o.

51 supportive and complementary benzalkonium chloride lok.

antiseptics, desinficiens, a combination of benzocaine lok.

with local anaesthetics benzoxonium chloride lok.

cetylpyridin lok.

dichlorbenzenmethanol lok.

hexetidin lok.

hexylresorcinol lok.

chlorhexidine digluconate-lok.

lidocaine lok.

tridekanamin-adipát lok.

52 supplementary supportive and fusafungine lok.

antibiotic drugs intended for local


53 supportive and complementary expectorants acetylcystein p. o.

ambroxol p. o.

does not apply to diagnoses listed in the limitations of bromhexine p. o.

specified for a particular active substance erdostein.

guaifenesin p. o.

karbocystein p.o.

mesna p. o.

54 supportive and complementary expectorants butamirát p. o.

in combination with antitusiky, the drug guaifenesin hard f. p. o.

55 supportive and complementary benzododecinium bromide lok.

ophtalmologika deproteinovaná telecíkrve lok faction.

dexpanthenol lok.

dextran 70 lok.

hypromellose lok.

chlorhexidine digluconate-lok.

karbachol lok.

karbethopendecinium-bromide lok.

carbomer 974 P lok.

carbomer 980 lok.

karmelosa sodium salt of lok.

boric acid lok.

Polyvinyl alcohol lok.

povidone lok.

tetryzolin lok.

supportive and complementary medicines 56 calcium-polystyrensulfonát p. o., rect.

for the treatment of hyperkalaemia, hyperphosphataemia and

57 enzyme and multienzymové preparations aspergilasa p. o.

with the content of lipase bromelainy p. o.

to 19 999 IU per tablet, p. chymotrypsin.

pancreatin p. o.

does not apply to diagnoses listed in the limitations of papain.

specified for a particular active ingredient papain.

Rutoside p. o.

takadiastasa p.o.

heavy alkaline magnesium carbonate.

trypsin p. o.

calcium carbonate.

58 fytofarmaka agnus castus 1 d

regardless of the method of use of aloe

aloe ferox

andělikový root


dye kurkumová

blahovičníková essential oil


boldovníkový sheet


pine essential oil

Blueberry leaves

Blueberry Juice

Blueberry products

Birch leaf

Caulophyllum thalictoides 4 d

Onion extract dry


citronelová essential oil

cyclamen europaeum 4 d

diviznový flower

dobromyslová stem

dřišťálová juice

Oak bark

eucalyptus essential oil

the extract of herbal medicine baldracin

herbal extract for sinupret

andělikového root extract liquid

extract from břečťanového listutekutý

drmkových fruit extract dry

extract from galganového kořenetekutý

the extract of hop cones dry

kardamového fruit extract

listnatce bodlinatého root extract dry

extract from the flower skořicovníkučínského

extract from the leaves of the vine aqueous dry

extract of peppermint

the extract of meduňkového leaf dry

meduňkového extract liquid sheet

muškátovníkového seed extract liquid

omanového root extract liquid

bitter orange pericarp extract liquid

Pepper fruit extract liquid

serenového fruit extract

skořicovníkové bark extract liquid

extract of Prunus African

Ginger Rhizome extract liquid

bean fruit without seeds


fennel fruit


harpagofytový root

Chamomile tincture

chamomile extract liquid

Chamomile flower

hlohový sheet with flower

hlohový product

hlohový product

hořcový extract liquid

hořcový root

mushroom larch

hřebíčkovcový extract liquid

Brown algae

hop cones

IRIS versicolor-d

jablečníková stem

jehlicový root

Huckleberry leaves

jinanový extract

dry standardized extract jinanový

plantain extract liquid



kebračový extract dry

kontryhelová stem

y k stem

the root of the kurkumovníku citvárového

the root of the totenu medical

kozlíkový extract dry

kozlíkový root

Mahendra bark

elderberry flower

liquorice root

Lavender flower

libečkový root

Lilium tigrinum 3D

lime blossom

leaf plantain kopinatého

list of Sage medical

sheet těhozevu

burdock root

maliníkový sheet

mateřídoušková stem

mateřídouškový extract liquid

meduňková stem

meduňkový sheet



Calendula extract liquid

Calendula flower is zákrovem

mučenková stem

muškátovníkové seed

muškátovníkový flower

myrhovníková gum-resins

mistletoe leaves

Peppermint leaves

the grass Wormwood

stem rdesna of avian

the leaves of Sage medical

stem tužebníku jilmový

the stem suitcase three-color

grass, goldenrod General

nátržníkový Rhizome

Caryopsis of oats

omanový root

omějová tincture

sweet orange pericarp

plantain seed ovoid

ostružiníkový sheet

parsley root

pigments of Rhizome Curcuma long

Alpha pinene

pinene beta

product cassia

ploštičníkový extract dry

podbělový sheet

proskurníkový root

průtržníková stem

prvosenkový extract dry

horsetail grass

pupavový root

puškvorcový root

dry standardized extract reveňový

reveňový root

řebříčková stem

řebříčkový extract liquid

řepíková stem

řepíkový extract liquid

the saponin šáterový

plantain seed ovoid

sennový sheet

the essential oil of the flower hřebíčkovcového

the bark of the Ceylon Cinnamon Bark essential oil

the essential oil of peppermint

skořicovníková bark

slézový flower

smetankový root with leaves

strychnos 1703 6 d


šalvějová tincture

šípek stripped of achenes

sleeping juice

black currant juice

the juice of the nati Comfrey foreign

the juice of the leaves Purple Coneflower


tinctura from bitter orange pericarp

tincture of Coneflower úzkolisté-tincture of bas.

třemdavový root

St Johns Wort leaves

třezalkový extract dry

solidago stem

thyme extract dry

thyme extract liquid

bee venom

Willow bark

vrbovková bark

vřesovcová stem

všehojový extract dry

zeměžlučová stem

59 homeopathics all basic homeopathic substances and substances in


regardless of the method of use of the products contained

60 vitamins alone. benfotiamin p. o.

beta-carotene p. o.

biotin p. o.


cyanocobalamin p. o.

Ascorbic acid p. o.



pyridoxine p. o.

Riboflavin p. o.


thiamin p. o.


61 minerals separately. phosphorus p. o.

chrome p. o.

Mangan p. o.

copper p. o.

Selenium p. o.

Zinc p. o.

62 all combinations of vitamins and minerals p.o. exception combinations:

except those listed below

calcium carbonate, cholecalciferol 440 Ut p. o.

calcium carbonate, cholecalciferol 100 UT, p. o.

magnesium, zinc sulphate heptahydrate

calcium carbonate, cholecalciferol 200 UT, p. o.

magnesium, zinc oxide, copper oxide,

dekahydrát disodium tetraborate, sodium sulphate


Calcium Gluconate monohydrate, p. o.

calcium citrate tetrahydrate, levoglutamid-


calcium carbonate, sodium monofluorofosforečnan.

------------------------------------------ ---------------------------------------------------------- ----------

Abbreviations used:

the abbreviation method of administration

i.m. intramuscular administration

intraut. intrauterine administration

Lok. locally

p. o. oral administration of

parent. parenteral administration

p. rect. rectal use

Rect., lok. rectal use

SDR. subdermální administration

the TDR. transdermal administration of

VAG. vaginal administration