To The Legions Of Propůjčování Places

Original Language Title: o propůjčování míst legionářům

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462/1919 Sb..


of 24 July 2003. July 1919

about propůjčování sites to the legions.

On the basis of a resolution of the National Assembly to complement the law of 23 December 2003.

in May 1919, no. 282 Coll. and n., ordering:

§ 1.

The Legionnaires, t. j., Czechoslovak soldiers who meet the conditions

laid down in paragraph 2, shall be entitled to insist on granting State and locations in Google

public or other plants, and supported by the State and enterprises


Services in CPP. legions is counted three times to all the Legionnaires

service and retired. Reflections in time is calculated on the date of the application for juniors III

to the legions, where you cannot find out the day of the application, i.e., the date of commencement of service

in the legions.

§ 2.

Legionářem is every volunteer. Castel San Pietro

(the revolutionary-foreign) armies, which was included into it on the basis of

the application made to the competent authority or the representatives of the CSL. The National Council on

Paris or one of its branches within a maximum of 28. October, 1918,

completely voluntarily, without any coercion or regulation. National

The Council or a another CSL. revolutionary Authority public authorities of a gifted, and in

the day of the coup, t. s. 28. October 1918, actually in the service of their

staff allocation took place-or who satisfy the established that from the

the reasons for his power and the will to independent, could not on that day at the place of

the relevant zařazujícího and allocator. the military authority to

the classification to be present-or that it was properly released.

The Czechoslovak legionaries (revolutionary-foreign) military means are

autonomous, of the Czechoslovaks composite military formations in the volume

their respective allied armies that were subject to the highest political

the authority of the CAA. The National Council in Paris under the chairmanship of Masaryk.

In addition, for Legionnaires is thought me also Czechoslovakians, Austria

Hungarian neb German nationality, who during the war

voluntarily entered into some of Allied and friendly

regular (regular) army, existing in the regular war against

a coalition of Central Europe (Germany, Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria, Turkey)

and at the time of the coup, t. s. 28. October 1918, actually did the service

or are properly released, show a plausible reasons for

their will to enter was not independent or přestoupiti to

CSL. the revolutionary-foreign Legionnaires ' army.

The Allied army and Allied are: American, English, French,

Italian, Russian up to 28. February 1918 and Serbian.

Confirmation about who is legionářem, issued by the Office of the Czechoslovak

the legions at the Ministry of national defense.

§ 3.

To claim in section 1 of the desired, vyhražují with the Legionnaires:

1. some places business exclusively;

2. take precedence over spolužadateli for other places.

§ 4.

The place of business to the legions vyhražená are:

and the servants, and all the places) the guardian (the peacekeepers) in government offices,

trestnic and other institutions, on which the State either the whole or part of the cargo,

cargo carries, as well as in the service of the provincial, district and municipal

offices and public funds.

(b)) of the servants, official and Office, also to lower service

dohlížitelské and parts belonging, for railroads, steamship and for

other races and State supported and guaranteed by the undertakings to which the

before it makes concessions, or that are already enabled, but the statutes

its concession, the neb in any other way leaves are committed to when

the filling of seats should take the longer serving non-commissioned officers.

All the above places vyhražuje for the Legionnaires, 50 percent to the

as long as the Office of the českoslov. the legions at the Ministry of national defense

not to declare that certain places for Legionnaires does not reflect that.

§ 5.

When filling bureaucratic posts handling Office offices,

courts and establishments referred to in paragraph 4 below. a) and b), let it be given

precedence over other spolužadateli to the legions who are eligible for

such places insist on showing them the full capacity.

The same priority shall belong to them when filling posts in State civil guard

safety and guard the financial.

§ 6.

Vyhražených lists the places of servants and officials of the occupation have

the Legionnaires takes precedence at the officially compiled, be kept in the register and the time

from the time of quotation.

§ 7.

To the legions who are entitled under this Act, for the vyhražená

places, or have a preference when filling the place, the Ministry will issue a

National Defense license, which should be přiložiti applications.

If the eligible zastávati instead of bureaucratic legionnaire good card


Ministry of national defense will lead a special list of licences.

Relief provided to the legions on the basis of the law of 23 December 2003. in May 1919,

No 282 Coll. and n., at Government offices also applies to

the adoption of the other services listed in section 4.

§ 8.

The request may be týkati:

and a space free of neb)

(b)) of, which is yet to be released.

In the case of the second Legion-the applicant will be recorded.

§ 9.

If it has to be obsazováno any place referred to in § 4, lit. a) and b) and §

5, is the authority, Institute or race, to whom belongs the right busy,

obliged to place public vyhlásiti, vyměřiti a reasonable deadline to submit

the application and zpraviti of the Ministry of national defence.

If, however, for the space are already recorded

applicants-Legionnaires, and if the place is granted the Legionnaires, need not be

vypisovati and oznamovati Ministry.

§ 10.

Authorities, institutes and factories, having the right obsazovati of the place, which are

reserved to the legions, or covered the Legionnaires have preferential right, are

obliged to, lead the lists of requests and the soul to any applicant

confirmation that made the request, specifying the number of applicants on the same

Instead they were recorded.

§ 11.

Each applicant is required to předložiti card that has acquired the rights to insist on (section

7), and is obliged to prokázati that is eligible for the service for which the

calls, as well as that is a citizen of the Czech Republic.

§ 12.

In paragraph 4 of the space reserved can be propůjčovati only to the legions who

they have the right to insist on them (section 1), except that did not report a legionnaire,

who has the right to insist and which is for the site to be eligible.

Of the eligible applicants-Legionnaires can be chosen.

§ 13.

Each eligible applicant may stěžovati, if some space for

Legionnaire directed, or instead of, the occupation of the Legionnaires have

precedence has been entered against the provisions of this Act.

§ 14.

If a place has been busy against the provisions of this Act,

so is duty bound to the Ministry, which shall be subject to the authority, institution or establishment,

that place was taken, make a Mormon out filling the void and may

to be released one who instead received; This provision does not apply,

If the date on which it was busy, instead of the law until the day when

Ministry of zvědělo about it, 1 year has elapsed.

If the plants referred to in § 4, lit. a) and b), occupy some space

against the provisions of this Act, a fine of up to 1000 are punished by the 5000 to i

If the cast could no longer be declared null and void; the fine follows to

the auxiliary Fund of the Czechoslovak legions.

§ 15.

Entitled to the reserved space and priority when filling seats shall cease to

or passes:

and when a legionnaire himself) it gives up,

(b)) when he was sentenced, and to denounce the force of law is linked to the loss of

competence to achieve State and public authorities.

Termination of the right of the space reserved or termination of the right of priority be it

marked in the list of certificates (section 7) and let the owners issued photo

is removed.

§ 16.

Passes issued pursuant to section 7, the application for space, as well as the application for

record and all the attachments to applications are exempt from the stamp.

§ 17.

When is granted concessions to industries and undertakings referred to in paragraph 4, be it in

the Charter states that the authorisation shall be required to vyhověti the provisions of this

law, even if from the State do not benefit from the warranty or support.

§ 18.

The Minister of national defence is directed to this act carried out in agreement with the

the other central authorities.

This Act shall take effect on the date of publication.

T. g. Masaryk in r.

The Austrian reichsrat in r.

K v r.