Establishing The Validity Of The Marriages Excused By The Obstacle

Original Language Title: , kterým se promíjí překážka platnosti sňatků

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219/1925 Sb.


of 15 November 2004. October 1925

which is excused by the Decree oddavky of the spiritual Church, the neb have done

Czechoslovak or Greece-Eastern.

The National Assembly of the Republic passed on this

the Act:

§ 1.

In marriages, in which from the day 9. January 1920 up to the effectiveness of this law

they have passed a decree neb oddavky spiritual Church, until the

the village administrator was a spiritual religious designated by

section 11 of the law of 20 December 2002. in May 1874, no. 68., on statutory recognition

religious communities, generally this obstacle

the validity of the marriages with the effect that such marriages argue for marriages from

the beginning of the force.

§ 2.

(1) having the same effect are generally excused by similar obstacle for marriage,

that was until the effectiveness of the neb Act announced closed on

Slovakia and Carpathian Ruthenia before persons pokládanými in General

spiritual Church řeckovýchodní, if these marriages entered into marriage

to the Registrar, at least to a State-led the neb reliably register Church.

(2) if the condition just mentioned, can the county offices

prominouti said the obstacle with the same effect in each of the

cases when a report card issued by the municipal (district)

notary and spolupodepsaným from the Mayor of the district in which the marriage was

closed, shall, within three months of the effectiveness of this law established that

brides and grooms to marry before a person, which was generally considered to be

spiritual Church řeckovýchodní.

§ 3.

In all these cases there is no need to Decree the neb oddavky opakovati.

§ 4.

The provisions of § § 1, 2 and 3 shall apply also when the brides and grooms were another

religion rather than spiritual, that the marriage of them declared or is


§ 5.

The provisions of § § 1, 2 and 3 shall not apply if the marriage was lawful judgement

declared invalid or closed if the fiance later remarriage.

§ 6.

Marriages referred to in § 2 shall be within the meaning of section 1 of the Act. article. XXXIII: 1894 on

State registers to the State marriage Registrar zapsati. If marriages

mentioned in 1. paragraph. § 2 yet didn't, personal Manager

the Church register of these marriages be obliged to oznámiti is no later than

fourteen days of the respective registry of the nobility in the manner prescribed by the supervisory

for notification of marriages of Church. If it fails, they will be punished

Police administrative nobility and stool to a fine of 500.-$, when you

the impregnable then locking down within one week.

§ 7.

(1) of this Act who enters into a marriage only church before

the person under the laws of the State cannot be thought me a spiritual

Manager authorised to conclude marriage is an offence and will be

punished political authority (police administrative authorities) as well.

stool fine to $ 500, then when the impregnable prison (locking) m

one week. The person before whom the marriage of such will be closed, the

punished by a fine up to $ 100, then when the impregnable prison (locking)

within one month.

(2) fines imposed pursuant to §§ 6 and 7 fall State.

§ 8.

This Act becomes effective on the date of its publication and the Minister

of the Interior, in agreement with the participating Ministers.

T. g. Masaryk in r.

Raja v r.

Malypetr in r.