Rules Of Procedure Of The Arbitration Commission

Original Language Title: Jednací řád rozhodčích komisí

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134/1931 Coll. and n.


Ministers of Justice, finance and Foreign Affairs

dated July 27, 1931,

which shall be published in accordance with § 3, para. 2, of the law of 21 March 1997. in March 1930, no.

51 Coll. and n., implementing the Convention between the Czechoslovak

Republic and the Kingdom of Hungary from 26 March. May 1928 on the adjustment

debts and claims in the old Austrian and Hungarian crowns, meeting

order of the Arbitration Commission, set up in accordance with article 13, paragraph 1. 5,

the said Convention

Rules of procedure of the Arbitration Commission, the

that have been set up in accordance with article 13, paragraph 1. 5, of the Convention of 26 July 1995. may

1928 between the Czechoslovak Republic and the Kingdom of Hungary on the adjustment

debts and claims in the old Austrian and Hungarian crowns (continue to

"the Convention").

§ 1

The Arbitration Commission, set up under article 13, paragraph 1. 5, of the Convention for both

clearing places, are called upon to make decisions about rozkladech, which

have been filed against the payment orders issued by the clearing places.

§ 2

The decision belongs to the Arbitration Commission established in the posting site

the debtor's.

§ 3

The decomposition is not administer from the billing of the debtor's location within 30 days from the date of

When the resistance of the order for payment to the complainant was the expert delivered.

The creditor may not administer the decomposition also for their billing space.

Time limits shall run from the date immediately following the date of

delivery (return ticket).

To the time-limits are not counted, the day the postal transport, if it is proved that the

decomposition was at the post office filed within the prescribed period. Falls

end of the period on a Sunday or a public holiday in one of the two Contracting States

the law recognized, is call in the last day of the period the next day


§ 4

The breakdown, which in accordance with article 19 of the Convention is a simple stamp duty must


and the designation of the parties or, where appropriate,) their agents (name and surname,


(b)) a concise summary of the facts,

(c) any proposals accompanying,)

(d) a request) (petit),

e) signature stěžovatelův or his legal representative or his

the monitoring trustee.

The decomposition is not administer in 4 copies, one of which is intended for writings

the Arbitration Commission, and the other three parties (the creditor, the debtor) and the posting

the place where the parties and the posting of the place are not involved as complainants.

If the opponent of a few people, is for each person to administer the next copy.

§ 5

Party who brought the decomposition, as security for costs složiti

1% of the disputed amount, but not less than 5 or 30 CZK pengö and not more than 100 pengö

or $600.

Sure the posting place, prescribes that the breakdown was filed.

For the composition of the security is forfeited should the time limit of 30 days. If it is not

the security shall be lodged within that period, the decomposition is considered nepodaný.

Parties residing in Czechoslovakia made up the security for the branches of the provincial

Bank in Bratislava, the parties residing in Hungary at the Head Office of cash

institutes (Penzintézeti Központ) in Budapest.

If the decomposition returns, the security side, that it has passed.

§ 6

If you suffer from the breakdown of formal deficiencies that interfere with the proper

discuss, posting instead of the borrower to return it to the podateli to the

glitches removed and again presented in a short period of time. imperative

If the podatel residence in the territory of the other State, it will be

using the appropriate billing space.

If it fails to comply within a specified period of the correction, the call command

decomposition for nepodaný.

§ 7

The second page and the posting of the place have the right within 30 days after delivery of the

decomposition not administer written observations.

§ 8

Conduct of Arbitration Commission are not public and the parties are not entitled to the

How can there be of them, but the Commission has the right to call upon the parties to

personally or their representatives before it came, and vyslechnouti.

§ 9

The breakdown that was filed out of time (section 3), or that is assumed to be

nepodaný (§ 5, paragraph 3, and article 6, paragraph 2), i.e. the Commission, without the referee

the next procedure by resolution odmítnouti.

§ 10

In the decisions of the Arbitration Commission is also usnésti about the costs

and which party is my hraditi.

At the same time decide on the release of the security or its applications for payment

the costs of proceedings (§ 5).

The same is true also for the decisions which the Commission on béře

Note the appeal of decay.

§ 11

Posting instead of the borrower to fly and deliver the decision of the Arbitration Commission

the complainant, the respondent and the second-place posting.

§ 12

Against the decision of the Arbitration Commission, there is no legal remedy

permissible. Decisions are made in both Contracting States proveditelna

(article 13, paragraphs 5 and 8 of the Convention).

section 13 of the

These rules of procedure shall be in the language of the Czech Republic and Hungary, both of which

the texts are equally authentic.

The rules of procedure shall enter into force on the day when it will be announced in Prague and

in Budapest.

Dr. Meissner in r.

Dr. Trapl in r.

Dr. Edvard Beneš in r.