Implementation Of The Law On The Spoplatnění Of Foreign Securities

Original Language Title: provedení zákona o spoplatnění cizozemských cenných papírů

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351/1919 Sb..


the Government of the Czechoslovak Republic

of 27 June. June 1919

to the implementation of the law on the spoplatnění of foreign securities, as well as

trading with foreign legal entities.

§ 1.

To the securities issued by the outside perimeter of the Czechoslovak Republic,

subject to the fee according to the law of 27 July. in May 1919, no. 304 Coll..

and n, if the terms of 18 June. September 1892, no. 171, lines are also

State debt obligations of the Austrian and Hungarian with the retirement of the bonds of war

the loans.

We must also call for the cizinu of all the territory of the former empire

the Austro-Hungarian, if it is not part of the Republic of Czechoslovakia. To

on the contrary, the territory of a foreign country does not belong to that of the former German Empire falls

Republic of Czechoslovakia, and since that time, from which legally merged

It will be with this Republic.

§ 2.

The fee provided for in § 1. Cust. of the 27. in May 1919. 304 Coll. and

n., subject to:

and foreign debt obligations) with the premia (Moose and, due to the under.

the last sentence of section 12. Cust. of the 18. September 1892, no. 171, lines covered by

the law of 28 June. in March 1889, no. 32 l. z.,

(b)) foreign securities subject to 1/2% evidenčnímu cap charge when

regular inventory, carried out according to § 5 of the Governments. r. of 12 June. March

1919. 126 l., regardless of whether the charge has been taken away from them

According to the scale on the basis of Act III 18. September 1892, no. 171, lines or


Grace or exemption from registration fee has the same meaning as

his payment.

(c)) if the securities are not subject to evidenčnímu of charge, either because of

8 days the deadline for additional circumlocution according to § 10, para. 2., vl. r. from

March 12, 1919, no. 126 Coll. and n., has not yet expired, or that the Government

Regulation just cited are not subject to return expired

fee according to the scale (III). in that case, if the fee according to § 2

the Act of 18 June. September 1892, no. 171, lines have drafted in kolcích

Czechoslovak Republic (established min. Regulation of 22 December

1918. 86 Coll. and n.) or if the circumlocution happened before their

the introduction is a valuable paper affixed to the necessary emissions Austrian stamps

or Hungarian, valid for the duration of this circumlocution.

§ 3.

Where the paper is marked (subjected to the 1/2% fee cap for evidenčnímu)

regular inventory according to section 5 of the vl. r. of the 12. in March 1919, no. 126 Sb.

from., and n, but subsequently the later migration to the territory according to the §

10 of the same decree-law, although the fee is subject to the scale, according to the III.

but an additional 1/2% registration fee, if incorporated, poshověn

sleven, včítá or the stupnicového fee.

Provisional (interimní) leaves the subject are according to § 2, lit. (b)). r.

of the 12. in March 1919, no. 126 Coll. and n., only the inventory, but not

1/2% fee cap for evidenčnímu and, consequently, are subject to the full

fee according to the scale (III).

When you migrate a custom security to the territory of the country there is no

However, the incorporation of registration fee (which is included in the fee

stupnicovém), so the indications of the paper becomes free of charge.

§ 4.

Additional evidenčnímu fee is subject to the security right (of course in

8 days time limit) by migrating to the territory of the country, the fee stupnicovému

However, just before the theft, stopping or other facts, referred to

in section 1. Cust. of the 18. September 1892, no. 171 r. z., although usually

the main impetus for the migration to the territory of the country (as it occurs

the obligation for payment of the registration fee and stupnicového rule

at the same time, but this may not always be at the same time with the migration to

territory of the country).

When the additional designation of securities according to section 10, be it the party attention

on the event. obligation fee according to Cust. of the 27. in May 1919. 304

Coll. and n., on incorporation for the output. III., however, let there be naléháno,

the party argues that the maturity of the stupnicového fee is not yet valid.

(Depot) is subject to, if it is connected at the same time, the Administration

of paper or some other facts, in which a poplatnost

According to the scale (III).

§ 5.

Subject to the nominal price of paper; However, if on paper

only part of its fully paid and if circumstance this paper on the instrument

painted, paid a fee of only this part, also, if

the nominal price is changed okolkováním marked on the paper.

If on such a valuable paper fully paid another part of its value, should be

zapraviti additional fee from this additional amount according to the same rules

no later than 8 days after the burial, after the case got to the paper

in the meantime, once again abroad, within 8 days after the migration to the country.

§ 6.

The fee is either stuck in the kolcích, which is on the first page

security, if possible without violating the text (the number and series of security

the paper, as well as its value must stay uncovered duty stamp) or also

directly in the same way, as the 1/2% registration fee. Special ordered stamps has

the party that is obliged to, předložiti securities to the depreciation of the

delivered to the Office of stamps, so that for this purpose

the financial Ministry will be appointed.

For the period of validity of the Government's regulation of 12 June. in March 1919, no. 126 Sb.

from., n., designated for the authorities that are charged with the additional

the designation of securities according to section 10 of the Ordinance, that is,

the tax authorities at the headquarters of the District of the financial directorates, in whose district the

Party (the owner or the holder of the paper), or has its registered office in Prague

provincial financial coffers.

Překolkování (official) delivered a stamp stamps becomes prescribed for

the designation of a security from the vl. r. of the 12. in March 1919, no. 126 Coll. and

n, and if it is not at hand, then another obliteračním stamp of the competent

the Office. If there is no stamp, be marked with a dated date of circumlocution under

the stamp, or next to him, while the amount of money that the registration

the fee, with respect to the stupnicovém of the fee was directly incorporated.

§ 7.

Securities předložiti should be made on a form in duplicate list

prescribed by the Governments. Regulation of 12. March 1919. 126 Coll. and n.,

where reasonably necessary to vyznačiti, translated to valuable

the papers only for the designation under this Ordinance, or also (or

only) for completing the obligations imposed by the law of 27 July. may

1919, no. 304 Coll. and n.

On the last page, which is used also for the event. confirmation fee

directly zapravovaného, also supplied stamps.

The Office shall enter the securities to its register of securities

papers, additionally marked according to § 10 vl. r. of 12 June. March

1919. 126 Coll. and n., which for this purpose shall be adjusted

(the establishment of the new features for stupnicový fee or other appropriate


Securities shall be entered in the register in a regular order and

called, does not apply if the registration fee from them; the fact that it should

However the appropriately in the index vyznačiti.

Interim leaves submitted separately at a separate list, and

not cluster with other papers. In the labelling of the securities

issued later on the site of the provisional is the party required to

prokázati, that actually it is the securities, for which the provisional list

He was properly marked and okolkován.

To pay through the fee from the next installment on paper,

the circumlocution and registering in the same way as the first time the circumlocution.

In cases worthy of special attention (especially in offices and cash

entitled to financial institutions) is a Minister of the povoliti in the way of deviations

payment of a fee, and the registering of circumlocution, prescribed by this

by regulation.

§ 8.

When selecting the increased fee according to section 11 of the Act of 18 June. September 1892,

No. 171 r. z., this circumstance in the okolkovací clause in

the register.

The assessment fee and fines shall obtain the authority conducting the circumlocution, and

It shall be marked on the soupisovém list, that page back.

§ 9.

If the party is not satisfied with the assessment, it may immediately, at the latest

within 30 days after the circumlocution Office at okolkovacího district of the rekurs

financial Directorate (the fees Office), from which it is on appeal to

the provincial tax office.

The party is, however, obliged to zapraviti the entire fee required from her

the competent okolkovacím authority; If the fee has been reduced to a rekurs

write off and return it prepaid amount.

§ 10.

All of the foreign legal entities fittingly according to § 1 or 3, the law of

27 June. in May 1919. 304 Coll. and n., shall within 30 days after the

the publication of this law in the financial přihlásiti of the Ministry of

nekolkovaným submission to payment of the appropriate fee, or it

request for admission to trading in the territory of the country, after the case of ku record

its shares or bonds on the domestic Bursa, even when on

under the old regulations, valid for Austria or Hungary operated

Trade (after the case meant his papers on domestic Bursa) in the territory of

of the Czechoslovak Republic.

In this submission, let there be given the total amount of all shares and bonds,

then the amount of the principal of, which are, with regard to being a

dedicated to the domestic trading; attached at all documents
(statutes, balance, reports, protocols of general meetings, etc.)

indebted to the amount of money too.

§ 11.

Also any increase as the total capital stock or bond,

and the amounts dedicated to domestic trading (whatever's going on with the new

emissions, other payments on shares or bonds, or increasing only

the amount dedicated to trading in the territory of the country) should be oznámiti in the same way in the

the same time limit.

§ 12.

Specifies the amount subject to the financial Ministry, and even in those cases,

in which the request for admission to trading, as regards the recording

on Bursa was rejected. For this purpose, shall be entitled to is I i

other documents and statements.

The financial Ministry also determines how to lead evidence on the

such foreign legal entities.

§ 13.

Revenue of the financial Ministry of 17 December. November 1892, no. 224 row z.,

(the previous implementing regulation of the Act on September 18, 1892, no. 171 of.

l.) and of 18 November. in August 1905, no. 144 l. z. are void.

Dr. Stransky v. r.,

on behalf of the Chairman of min.

Dr. Rašín in r.

Dr. Gardener in r.

Dr. S in r.

Habrman in r.

Dr. Šrobár, in r.

Dr. Winter in r.

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