Amendment Of The Decree On The Details Of The Handling Of The Car Wrecks

Original Language Title: změna vyhlášky o podrobnostech nakládání s autovraky

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105/2014 Sb.


of 3 July 2003. June 2014,

amending Decree No. 352/2008 Coll., on details of the management of

wastes from car wrecks, selected car wrecks, about how their

registration and registration of waste arising in devices to collect and

the processing of car wrecks and about the information system for monitoring flows of selected

car wrecks (about details of the handling of the car wrecks), as amended by Decree No.

54/2010 Sb.

Ministry of the environment shall determine according to § 14 para. 6 (a). c), §

37 para. 9, § 37 b, paragraph 2. 2 and § 78 para. 2 (a). r) Act No. 185/2001

Coll., on waste and amending certain other acts, as amended by Act No.

188/2004 Coll., Act No. 7/2005 Coll., Act No. 314/2006 Coll., Act No.

34/2008 Coll., Act No. 169/2013 Coll. and Act No. 344/2013 Coll. (hereinafter referred to as

the "Act"):

Article. (I)

Decree No. 352/2008 Coll., on details of the management of waste from

car wrecks, selected car wrecks, about how to lead their evidence and

registration of waste arising in devices for the collection and processing of

car wrecks on the information system and the monitoring of flows of selected car wrecks (about

details of the handling of the car wrecks), as amended by Decree No. 54/2010 Coll.,

is amended as follows:

1. In paragraph 3, the word "body" shall be replaced by the words "the body or frame".

2. In section 4, paragraph 3 shall be inserted after paragraph 4 and 5 are added:

"(4) the part of the Ministry of information forwarded pursuant to paragraph 3 is

Photo documentation of the status of the selected car wrecks are received under section 37b para.

1 (b). j) of the Act, which contains the following three photos:

and overall view of the autovrak), from which it is possible to autovrak

identify and from which it is clear, what is the status of the received

of wreck cars, and that at the time of the acquisition of photographic documentation located on the premises of

the device provider to the collection of car wrecks,

(b)) status of wreck cars and cabin equipment

(c)) identification number VIN.

(5) the operator to collect scrap cars sent to the photographic documentation

Ministry to 96 hours after sending the other particulars referred to in paragraph 3. '.

Paragraphs 4 and 5 shall be renumbered as paragraphs 6 and 7.

3. in annex 2, point 1.1. the word "feature" is replaced by


4. in annex 2, point 2.1.2. (d) the words "article). "

shall be replaced by ' paragraph ".

5. in annex No. 2, in the heading of paragraph 2.1.3. the word "feature" is replaced by

the word "equipped".

6. In annex 2, section 2.1.3. the following new item 2.1.4., to read:

"2.1.4. Store wearing no technical measures it is possible to only two

car wrecks. Be stored on each other more than two car wrecks is only possible with the

technical measures means their stability. Store

car wrecks on yourself is possible only in the case that no longer contain operating

fillings and other hazardous substances (catalogue number 16 01 06). ".

7. in annex 2, point 2.2.1. the words "must achieve a State where

liquid already non-drip "is replaced by" liquids will absorb, or either

are discarded, to the maximum extent, leading to the fulfilment of the aims of use and

recovery listed in § 37 para. 7 (b). (b)) of the Act. To discharge

fluids from enclosed tanks will be used in the exhaust system

the case of tanks without the sea holes creates a hole that allows

gravity discharge. ".

8. in annex 2 section added:

"and Section materials containing harmful substances, which must be

processing of the selected car wrecks removed a first priority:

and the battery, and tanks) liquefied gas or compressed gas,

(b)) a potentially explosive components (e.g. air bags), if it is not


c) fluids (fuel, engine and transmission oil, oil

axle, hydraulic oil, cooling liquids, antifreeze,

brake fluid, filling the air conditioning system), and any other

the liquid contained in the selected of wreck cars, unless they are necessary for the

reuse the relevant parts,

d) all components containing mercury, if it is technically practicable. ".

9. in annex 2 section added:

" processors of wreck cars, which first takes over the autovrak,

compound identification number VIN in a manner that precludes its

reuse while maintaining legibility of the original characters. The destruction of the

identification number VIN performs the final processor or

frame. ".

10. in annex 2 section added:

" The minimum technical requirements for the processing of wreck cars and

processing operations to promote recycling:

remove the catalytic converter, and)

(b)) removing the metal components containing copper, aluminium and

magnesium if these metals are not segregated in the shredding process,

(c) the removal, including tire) reserves, if together with the autovrakem

passed to its processing, and large plastic components

(bumpers, dashboard, and tanks for liquids, etc), if these

materials are not segregated in the shredding process so that they can be effectively

recycled as materials,

d) removing the glass. ".

11. In annex 2, paragraph points shall be and are inserted:

" the processor processes the autovrak included under car wrecks

catalogue number 16 01 06 either alone, or forwards it to another processor

car wrecks. the fulfilment of the conditions in paragraph 2.2.1. and is it possible to reassign

autovrak from 16 01 04 * under the catalog number catalog number 16 01 06

without the Elimination of the hazardous properties of wreck cars. ".

Article. (II)

The effectiveness of the

This Decree shall take effect on the date of 15. June 2014, with the exception of article. (I)

paragraph 2, which shall take effect on 1 January 2000. October 2014.


Mgr. Vratislav Brabenec in r.

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