The Circumlocution Of Banknotes And The Inventory Of Assets For Equity Benefits

Original Language Title: zmocnění k okolkování bankovek a soupisu jmění pro majetkové dávky

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84/1919 Sb..


of 25 June 2002. February 1919

which empowers the Minister of finance to make regulation circumlocution

notes and an inventory of assets in order to save the estate benefits.

On the basis of a resolution of the National Assembly, decrees:

§ 1.

Austria-Hungarian bank notes circulating in the territory of the Czechoslovak

States be provided with duty stamp equal to 1% of their

nominelní values. The Minister of Finance shall be empowered to make this kolkový

find fee given the discretion of cases, to compromise, to

some kinds of bank notes from this circumlocution to exclude part of banknotes

submitted for the circumlocution, which usually are not likely to be circulating,

but not more than 50% of circulation and Unissued banknotes these back

He said as State parties to the lease lender zúročitelnou

nevypověditelnou, the State whenever due. This lease may not

be used to spending Government. The loaner is among the living

non-transferable, unstoppable, and nezabavitelná and will be able to pay through her

the future of the asset. Interest shall be one percent.

§ 2.

After the end of the circumlocution banknotes have only bills stamped duty stamp

The Czechoslovak Republic forced circulation in the territory of the Czechoslovak State.

The Minister of Finance shall be empowered to make certain types of nekolkovaných banknotes

until the next left circulation.

§ 3.

The Minister of Finance shall be empowered to prohibit the Austria-Hungarian Bank for more

reproduction of žírových accounts and that the identified accounts to the State administration

took over.

§ 4.

All in the territory of the Czechoslovak Republic, escaped war loan

Austrian and Hungarian, as well as Treasury bills Bank Austria-Hungarian

be drafted and marked and the Minister of Finance shall be empowered to select the

war loan registration fee of 40 cents per piece for Treasury

Austrian-Hungarian Bank bills by half of the nominal fee


§ 5.

All cash deposits (on passbook accounts, vouchers,

the interest-free deposits, žírové and accounts p.) with financial and other institutions and

banks, on the shares of the Member and racing in the communities,

cooperatives, associations and p., neknihovní claims be filed and so be it

collected by the Minister of Finance of the amount to which deposit 1. March 1919 after

interest is credited to the 31. in December 1918, by half a fee

registration. An inventory of this let it be done under sanctions that deposits, shares and

accounts receivable neknihovní that will not be properly and within three months on the first

the owner declared, shall be forfeited to the State. Deposits, shares,

neknihovní claims registered must not be paid at all,

payment of duly registered can be obmezena up to Minister of finance

above 50%.

§ 6.

Foreign and domestic securities of any kind (bonds, bonds,

stocks, priority, and p.) among the papers referred to in paragraph 4 be drafted and

marked. For all securities can Finance Minister vybírati registration

fee by half a percent of the nominal value. The Minister of Finance shall be empowered,

to prohibit the transfer and pledge of securities, unmarked, temporarily

prohibit the payment of coupons or binds it to compliance with the conditions for

domestic and foreign securities. Aliens shall be deemed for all

securities of which the capital or interest is payable outside the territory

The Czechoslovak Republic.

§ 7.

The Minister of Finance shall be empowered to carry out an inventory of gold and silver,

mincovaného and untreated, gold and silver coins of domestic and

foreign trade circulation, and taken out of circulation, foreign

paper money. The Minister of finance may may be that each head of

household compound for consequences under oath for perjury

criminal law in detail this kind of admitted assets and members

of your household, or said that the assets of this kind at all.

§ 8.

The Minister of Finance shall be empowered to order an inventory of all cattle,

the economic machinery, with buildings unrelated machines, a variety of vehicles,

raw materials, semi-finished products and inventory of goods, granting of all sums that from

August 1, 1914 up to 28. February 1919 including released, in order to

the measures you gems, pearls, gems, precious carpets and fabrics,

musical instruments, artistic, decorative and other objects

sumptuous, as well as collections (including individual articles out of them). When

the inventory can be ordered to conferring exactly, when and from whom

items bought.

§ 9.

The Minister of Finance shall be empowered to carry out an inventory of the life insurance policies on the

capital and income, has ordered all insurance policies and made the circumlocution inventory

the fuse on the stocks of goods stored neb transported. Fee

registration determines the 1 K a piece.

§ 10.

All businesses to the public accounting required, and all legal persons

have a duty to sestaviti to 1. March 1919 the liquidation balance sheet according to

the rules, to be determined by the Minister of finance in a special decree.

§ 11.

The circumlocution of banknotes and inventories, both are listed in the provisions of

earlier, shall be carried out in order to save benefits from the assets. Each

the owner of such property is required to administer a confession from a formula that

the regulation will be issued. The assets of members of the household admits the head of

at the same time with the property of a private home.

§ 12.

Persons who reside in the territory of the Republic, or at least one

year are present, they are bound to want all assets, therefore the

that lies outside the territory of the Czechoslovak Republic. Other persons are

obliged to want only the assets they have in the territory of the Czechoslovak State.

§ 13.

Who have not made a declaration or makes a false or incomplete in it, or

who shall declare a person incorrectly reporting mandatory, punishes with prison

from 1 day to 6 months. The same punishment shall be subject to the one who to hide or

the introduction of an inventory of the property of a subject helps or misleads. For the award of

similar provisions apply to § 5 cís. Regulation of 16 March 2005. March 1917, from.

l. No. 124.

The Minister of Finance shall be empowered to impose those who return is that it is

more Oath under the consequences of the criminal code. Unfolded or

denied to the oath is assumed to be a confession of the incorrectness or incompleteness of the

a confession.

Confession may be enforced by a fine of up to 5000 riot to that

It can be as needed from the Office of the tax vyměřujícího again saved. About

rekursu the provincial tax office decides definitively.

§ 14.

All the provisioning is done according to the status of capital of 1. March 1919.

Every citizen of the staid in the Czechoslovak Republic has in determining equity

expert witness and the obligation to indemnify will in his testimony

silence, if not, the obligations imposed by law and long life commercial

the secret, and do not apply to him as a witness of the provisions of § 153 tr row.,

However, it cannot alone or even persons in § 152 tr row referred to be prosecuted

criminal, disciplinary punishment or důchodkově, will be released from its witness

Notice that either he or a person in § 152 tr row designated committed a

is a criminal offence.

§ 15.

The Minister of Finance shall be empowered, in order to the accelerated implementation of these

the measures introduced a civil duty for public authorities and persons

and the Constitution of a private, nadal is the rights and obligations of the official persons and institutions

and provide them the right to rekvisice the necessary items and the necessary actions to

achieving these tasks to carry out the necessary temporary restrictions after the page

both personal and economic, to determine the exceptions to the law on the Sunday peace and

from the law on working time to osmihodinné to perform each

its regulation has established penalties on money and freedom to

the punishments could be linked to the loss of trade licence and forfeiture

subjects duly signed in by the Czechoslovak State.

§ 16.

The Minister of Finance shall be empowered to make regulations instituted under which

conditions may odpadnouti the additional tax or criminal proceedings regarding the

the existing incorrect neb incomplete giving in assessing the General

or special taxes Ministry, income tax, tax, pension and military


§ 77h

The National Assembly shall elect the Commission for sedmičlennou

control measures law made.

§ 18.

The implementation of this law to the Treasury Secretary.

§ 19.

This Act shall take effect on the date of publication.

T. g. Masaryk in r.

Raja, r.

in the St. minutes of the President.

Dr. Rašín in r.