Agreement On The Exchange Of Goods Between Czechoslovakia And Laos

Original Language Title: Agreement on exchange of goods between Czechoslovakia and Laos

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158/1979, Coll. Minister of Foreign Affairs DECREE of 6 November 1979 on the Agreement on the exchange of goods between the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic and the Lao People's Democratic Republic on 11 July 1979 was signed in Prague agreement on the exchange of goods between the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic and the Lao People's Democratic Republic. The agreement entered into force by virtue of Article 11 on 14 September 1979. The Czech version of the Agreement shall be open simultaneously. Minister: Ing. Chňoupek vr Agreement on the exchange of goods between the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic and the Lao People's Democratic Republic, the Government of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic and the Government of the Lao People's Democratic Republic, Desiring that develop, strengthen and facilitate trade between the two countries based on equality and mutual benefits, have agreed as follows: Article 1 In order to promote and facilitate trade between the two countries , the two Contracting Parties shall provide each MFN treatment in everything that affects trade between the two countries. This treatment does not apply to: (a) advantages card which either Party) is providing or will provide in the future neighboring countries that facilitate frontier traffic; (b) the benefits resulting from) and customs union, and the profile of the group of business and economic nature to which they belong or to which they could join one of the parties. Article 2. It facilitate the development of mutual exchanges of goods are those commodities that represent the special interest of the Parties listed in the schedules "A" and "B" attached hereto. These lists are indicative in nature. The is Article 3 of both Contracting Parties shall, where necessary, issue necessary measures unhindered for the import and export of goods to be exchanged under this Agreement. Article 4 of the Contracts for the supply of goods and services under this agreement will be closed between the foreign trade organizations as independent legal persons and other legal entities authorized under the independent Czechoslovak law's conduct foreign trade activities on the one hand, and legal and natural persons authorized it to carry on foreign trade, Lao People's Democratic Republic on the other. Article 5 Parties exempt from the obligation it pay duties and other fees samples of all kinds of goods originating in the territory of the other Party, provided that the sample is used only to solicit orders for goods represented by these samples and are not themselves the subject of trade, and further that these samples comply with standards set by internal customs regulations. They also will be exempted from payment of customs duties and other taxes and duties on imports and exports that, price lists and recruiting business and tourist materials. Article 6. Each Contracting Party shall allow the other Party in the temporary importation of: and) articles intended for tests and has; (b)) articles intended for exhibitions, competitions, fairs etc.; c) tools for the installation works; (d)) the items imported under the arrangements relating that scientific and technological cooperation; e) promotional films business and tourism; (f) imported from or exported) containers of goods. Article 7. In order to promote the development of trade relations between the two countries, each Party shall provide in its country of the other Contracting Party the necessary assistance for participation in fairs and the organization of trade exhibitions. Article 8. The two Contracting Parties shall provide each other all sorts of relief goods in transit other Party through their territory. Article 9 of The Joint Commission, composed of representatives of both Parties, will oversee the implementation of this Agreement and shall be entitled to any amendments and additions commodity accompanying documents. The Commission will propose any appropriate measures that facilitate the development of the mutual exchange of goods. The Commission shall meet at the request of either Contracting Party in the shortest possible time in Prague and in Vientiane. Article 10 The provisions of this Agreement shall remain binding even after the expiry of the terms of the contracts II during its validity but not fully realized until the data expires. Article 11. This Agreement shall enter into force on the date of the exchange of notes confirming that it has been approved by the competent authorities of both countries. The Agreement shall remain in force for a period of 3 years and will be renewed tacitly on a yearly basis unless one of the parties notifies the other Party three months before the expiry of the Agreement, its intention that denounce. In WITNESS WHEREOF the representatives of the two Governments, duly authorized thereto, have signed this Agreement. Agreed in Prague on 11 July 1979 in Czech, Lao and French, each in duplicate, all texts being equally authentic. In case of divergence of interpretation, the French text. For the Government of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic: Ing. Andrei Noreezz vr Minister of Foreign Trade For the Government of the Lao People's Democratic Republic: Sanan Southichak vr Minister of Public Works and Transport Annex 1 documents and goods of Lao People's Democratic Republic for export to the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic: 1. Coffee 2. Timber & wood products-Timber-parquet-Opium veneer – the layering of the third and fourth reed products reed fifth Gemstones Annex No. 2 of SCHEDULE B of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic, the Goods for export to the Lao People's Democratic Republic 1. The raw materials for the production of beer (hops, malt, yeast and beer spare parts for brewery) 2. Small truck 3. Different agricultural machines fourth medicines and equipment for hospitals for 5. Substances

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