Adjustment And Administration Of The Means Of Circulation And Change The Law 84/1919 Sb..

Original Language Title: úprava oběhu a správy platidel a změna zákona 84/1919 Sb.

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187/1919 Sb..


of 10 June 1999. April 1919,

which regulates the circulation and management of the cash changeover in the Czechoslovak State and

the mandate of the Ministry of Finance shall be the law of 25 June. February

1919, no. 84 Coll. and n.

Modified: 16/1939 Sb.

According to the resolution of the National Assembly, decrees:

§ 1.

The law of vydávati in the area of the Czechoslovak State tender and raziti coins

It is for up to other legal provisions entirely to the State.

§ 2.

Bills marked within the meaning of the law of 25 June. February 1919, no. 84 Coll.

and n, are, if they are not exchanged for other means of payment, legal

tender, and it is the State and anyone else into the payment is required to

in the nominal value of them.

§ 3.

Unmarked banknotes Austria-Hungarian banks-if the Minister of finance

with regard to certain species of otherwise temporarily does not appoint-cease to be

legal tender.

§ 4.

In the legal ratio of Austria-Hungarian Bank to banknotes issued by her

This adjustment does not occur with no change. The Czechoslovak Government

the State, however, regarding the vyhražuje of banknotes marked with within the meaning of the law of

on 25 April. February 1919, no. 84 Coll. and n., the exclusive right, to exercise against

Austria-Hungarian Bank claims arising therefrom.

§ 5.

Monetary unit for the area of the Czechoslovak State is referred to as

Czechoslovak koruna, abbreviated as "K".

§ 6.

Liabilities denominated in a currency of the Austro-Hungarian Crown, which are splatny in the

the area of the Czechoslovak State, in the crowns of the Czech-Slovak,

and counts one Czechoslovak koruna for one Crown

Austro-Hungarian. The Finance Minister is empowered to plays, if

international relations will not be modified by specific government contracts, from this

rules deviations.

In the application of the regulation of the Government of the Czechoslovak Republic from 1 January 2002. April

1919, no. 167 Coll. and n., change doesn't occur.

§ 7.

Gold, silver, nickel, bronze and iron age coins Crown currency

the Austro-Hungarian silver and goldsmiths Austrian currency to remain on

more in circulation. The Minister of finance may plays in that regard deviations.

§ 8.

The Minister of Finance shall be empowered to manage the national debt, resulting from the

by downloading the notes within the meaning of § 1 of the law of 25 June. February 1919, no. 84 Coll.

z. and n., national debt also closed on the basis of the law of 25 June. February

1919, no. 88 Coll. and n., to take care of cash in circulation and the measures

the Czechoslovak State and arranged for this purpose, what needed in proportion

the Austria-Hungarian Bank either by way of a contractual or regulatory and to

until jinaké laws catered functions of the State Bank, cedulové

for this purpose, the Bank has set up the Office and for the activities of the subsidiary bodies

the neb appointed on contract gained or based on civil work

obligations, in particular to facilitate the management of the Bank for the Office

He established the Banking Committee and defined its terms of reference in the framework of their authority.

§ 9.

The new tender, to which the Minister of finance hereby authorises the release in order to

Exchange of duty stamp marked with regard to unmarked, but not yet in circulation

left bank notes, will be zníti on Czechoslovak crowns and will be as

tvořiti part of the transitional issues of monetary debt of the Czechoslovak

the State, which is the nominal value into their treasuries when


As will anyone else be obliged into the sense of this law is

as payment.

§ 10.

Increase circulation above the total amount of bank notes had, by the law of 25 June.

February 1919, no. 84 Coll. and n., and regulation of the Finance Minister in the

complicity with the Minister of Justice of 25 June. February 1919, no. 86 Coll.

and n, as currency circulating laid down, is it is allowed only

then, if for this tender full of soukromo-legal tender Bank.

Other reproduction may stand only by law.

The aggregate amount of notes in the previous paragraph mentioned consist of:

1. from the notes in the original circumlocution duty stamp bearing,

2. from the notes issued to half of the amounts žírových accounts and Treasury

Austria-Hungarian Bank vouchers, taken after a sense Government Regulation

the Czechoslovak Republic of 6. March 1919, no. 119 Coll. and n, and

3. banknote one-and dvoukorunových, which are on the territory of the State

Czechoslovak in circulation.

§ 11.

If the provisions of this law became effective already within the meaning of the law of

on 25 April. February 1919, no. 84 and 88 Coll. and n., they shall become effective on the date of


§ 12.

The performance of this Act to the Treasury Secretary.

T. g. Masaryk in r.

Raja, r.

on behalf of the least of the President.

Dr. Rašín in r.

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