On The Compensation Of Work-Related Injuries With Argentina

Original Language Title: o odškodňování pracovních úrazů s Argentinou

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5/1935 Sb.


between the Republic of Czechoslovakia and the Republic of Argentina on the

compensation for work-related injuries.

On behalf of the Czechoslovak Republic.

On behalf of the Czechoslovak Republic


the Republic of Argentina

This Convention was agreed:


The Convention.

Mr. president of the Czechoslovak Republic and his Excellence Mr. president

the Republic of Argentina, being inspired by the wishes of rozšířiti field

the scope of the legislation of their countries on the issue of compensation for work

injuries, they decided to do the objectives of the Convention and its name ujednati


Mr. president of the Czechoslovak Republic

their extraordinary Envoy and Plenipotentiary Minister at the Government

the Argentine,

Eduardo Created;

His Excellence Mr. president of the Republic of Argentina

his Minister of the Secretary of the Department of Foreign Affairs and

the cult,

His Excellenci Dra Carlosa Saavedru Lamas-e.

These, our Attorney's sdělivše and shledavše is correct and appropriate,

They agreed on this:

Article 1.

Both parties agree that in the case of compensation for work

ensure the full equality of the accidents in the treatment with nationals of the State

the second as to its own nationals.

Article 2.

The foregoing provisions will pay through the nose, whether they are damaged or their

the heirs of the residence in one or the other contracting country.

To qualify for compensation, however, will be determined in accordance with the legislation of the country

in whose territory the accident to happen.

Article 3.

This Convention shall apply to pending cases till now compensation which

payment to the victims or their heirs in accordance with the laws and regulations of the country,

in which an accident happened, yet you have.

Article 4.

The Argentine and the Czechoslovak authorities shall provide each other mutual assistance for the

the purpose, to one with the other parties to facilitate the implementation of the laws,

relating to accidents at work, especially as regards awareness of heirs.

Article 5.

This Convention shall be ratified and the instruments of ratification shall be exchanged as

First, in Buenos Aires. The Convention will take effect 30 days after the exchange of

instruments of ratification.

The Convention will remain in force for five years and after this period will be

considered to be extended from year to year, if not vypověděna year

in advance.

On proof agents to sign and seal the appointed objectives

This Convention in Buenos Aires, the capital of the Argentine Republic, on

on March 31, 1932.

L. S. Eduard Machatý.

L. S. Carlos Saavedra Lamas.

Prozkoumavše endorsement of this Convention, and we confirm it.

The conscience we have signed this sheet and the seal of the Republic

The Czechoslovak přitisknouti dali.

At the Chateau in lány on 21 February 2006. one thousand years of the 30th September devítistého

the fourth.

The President of the Republic:

T. g. Masaryk in r.

L. S.

Minister of Foreign Affairs:

Dr. Edvard Beneš in r.

Is that the instruments of ratification were exchanged in Buenos Aires

on 9 April. November 1934.

Dr. Edvard Beneš in r.