On The Agreement Of The Ec, Science Tech. Cooperation Between The Government Of The Czechoslovak Socialist Republic And Nigeria

Original Language Title: o Dohodě o ek., věd.tech. spolupráci mezi vládou ČSSR a Nigérie

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107/1980 Coll.


Minister of Foreign Affairs

of 27 June. June 1980

the agreement on economic, scientific and technical cooperation between the Government of

The Czechoslovak Socialist Republic and the federal military Government

The Nigerian Federal Republic

On 12 June 2006. March 1979 was in Lagos, the economic agreement signed,

Scientific and technical cooperation between the Government of the Czechoslovak Socialist

States and the federal military Government Nigerian Federal

of the Republic. Agreement entered into force, pursuant to article XII of the day

December 14, 1979.

English translation of the text of the agreement shall be published at the same time.


Ing. Chňoupek v.r.


on economic, scientific and technical cooperation between the Government of the Czechoslovak

Socialist Republic of Romania and the federal military Government of Nigeria

Federal Republic

The Government of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic and the federal military Government

The Nigerian Federal Republic, hereinafter referred to as "the Contracting Parties",

Desiring to strengthen the bonds of friendship, support and extend economic,

Scientific and technical cooperation between the two countries in the widest possible


Bearing in mind the advantages resulting from this collaboration,

have agreed as follows:

Article. (I)

The Contracting Parties shall cooperate and support each other, in the framework of the

their capabilities, skills and resources, to solve problems of economic,

a scientific and technical nature on the basis of equality and mutual benefit,

When you use the latest knowledge of science and technology, with the aim of promoting

further the economic development of their countries.

Article II

The areas of cooperation referred to in article I shall include, in particular:

and) establishment and development of various industries, such as.

metallurgy, energy, textile, chemical and food industry,

Agriculture and cooperation in selected sectors of mechanical engineering, etc.

(b) the establishment and operation of joint) Czechoslovakia-Nigerian

industrial companies, business, and technical services

consulting offices.

c) creating conditions for surveys, geological studies, initial studies,

research and implementation of core projects.

(d) provision of technical services).

e) exchange of experts and advisers, training local workers.

(f)) and the purchase of licences, Exchange of scientific and technical know-how.

g) Organizing courses and seminars relating to the areas of

the cooperation referred to in paragraphs a) to (d) above).

h) organisation of exhibitions.

I) establish close cooperation between the competent institutions

of the two countries.

(j)) any other form of cooperation, as may be agreed by the two

the Contracting Parties.

Article. (III)

(1) economic and technical cooperation on major projects, as

considered in article II, will be carried out within the meaning of the agreements and contracts,

concluded in accordance with the provisions of the applicable agreements existing between the

the two Contracting Parties.

(2) the undertakings of both Contracting Parties have the opportunity to participate in the tender

proceedings for the implementation of projects agreed upon in the framework of this agreement.

Article IV

With reference to article II paragraph a), b), c) and (d)), any Contracting


1. Create the necessary conditions for the repatriation of invested capital,

profits, interest and other payments in accordance with foreign exchange laws in force in the

each respective country.

2. Provide a temporary tariff relief on items and equipment imported into the

one of the two countries for realization of projects in the framework of this agreement,

If these articles do not become part of these devices and projects.

3. the experts and their families shall exempt from the payment of income taxes and benefits

in terms of remuneration, which is paid to them by their Government.

Article. In

(1) the Government of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic hereby authorised

the Federal Ministry of foreign trade and the federal military Government

The Nigerian Federal Republic hereby instructs the Federal Department of

economic development, as the responsible authorities to ensure the implementation of

This agreement, as well as other questions related to this agreement.

(2) each Contracting Party shall be entitled to determine at any time in writing

any other competent body, organization or Ministry instead of

those that are designated in the preceding paragraph.

The provision of experts, consultants and other persons to the Government of the Czechoslovak

the Socialist Republic at the request of the federal military Government of Nigeria

Federal Republic in order to help the security operation

the individual areas of the Nigerian economy, as well as in Government

institutions will be carried out in accordance with the agreement on the

Scientific and technological cooperation between the two countries.


Any person acting under the authority of one of the Contracting Parties in the implementation of

liabilities on the territory of the other Contracting Parties in the framework of this agreement, or within a

any separate protocol, agreement, contract or agreement,

restricts its activity to the territory of the other Contracting Party only on the questions

related to this agreement, the Protocol, agreement, contract, or

Agreement and will abide by the applicable laws and regulations of the recipient country.

Article. (VII)

Each Contracting Party undertakes to treat as confidential any

documents. Information or data, that gets or any other

way takes in the course of implementation of this agreement and fails to provide these

documents or copies thereof, information and other data to a third party without

the express written consent of the other party.

Article. (VIII)

(1) for the implementation of this agreement, the security will be set up by the Joint Commission,

composed of representatives of both Contracting Parties. The Commission shall meet at the

request of either Contracting Party, alternately in the capitals of both


(2) the Commission will, in particular, to:

a) to promote and coordinate economic, commercial, and industrial

cooperation between the two parties;

(b)) to consider the suggestions, aimed to a more effective implementation of this agreement;

(c)) develop proposals for the removal of obstacles which may arise

during the implementation of any project under this agreement.

Article. (IX)

This agreement shall not affect the validity of any of the obligations arising from the

international agreements, conventions, treaties or protocols agreed by any

of the parties before the conclusion of this agreement.

Article. X

The Contracting Parties shall endeavour to resolve by mutual agreement any

problems, contradictions and differences arising in connection with the implementation of

of this agreement.

Article. XI

Additions or amendments to this agreement may be made in writing and shall enter

into force after approval by the two Contracting Parties.

Article. (XII)

(1) this Agreement shall enter into force upon an exchange of notes confirming that

has been approved in accordance with the respective constitutional requirements of both Contracting Parties, and

will pay for a period of 5 years.

(2) this Agreement shall be automatically extended for a further period of one always

year, if one of the parties does not take effect for 90 days before the end

wish to denounce the validity of the Agreement.

(3) After the expiry or termination of this Agreement shall remain the

provisions applicable to all existing commitments from the projects

discussed or initiated during the term of the agreement.

Drawn up and signed in Lagos on 12 June 2006. March 1979 in two original

copies in the English language, both copies being equally


For the Government of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic:

A. Noreezz v.r.

For the federal military Government Nigerian Federal Republic:

O. Adewoye v.r.

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