With Czechoslovakia Ii In The Hague

Original Language Title: with Czechoslovakia concluded in The Hague

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183/1932 Coll. Agreement with Czechoslovakia, done at The Hague on 20 January 1930. On behalf of the Czechoslovak Republic. On behalf of the Czechoslovak Republic, Belgium, Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Canada, the Commonwealth of Australia, New Zealand, the Union of South Africa, India, France, Greece, Italy, Japan, Poland, Portugal, Romania and Yugoslavia was negotiated this Agreement: (a) Agreement with Czechoslovakia. Duly authorized representatives of the Government of His Majesty the King of Belgium, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the Government of Canada, the Government of the Commonwealth of Australia, the New Zealand Government, the Government of the Union of South Africa, the government of India, the Government of the French Republic, the Government of the Greek Republic, the Government of His Majesty the King of Italy , The Government of His Majesty the Emperor of Japan, the Government of the Republic of Poland, the Portuguese Minister of the Republic, the Government of His Majesty the King of Romania, the Government of the Czechoslovak Republic, the Government of His Majesty the King of Yugoslavia have agreed as follows: Article 1 For the purposes of full and final adjustments to its debt to the other Powers which are creditors of reparations arising from contracts signed at Versailles , Saint-Germain, and Trianon, Neuilly, if it results from an agreement dated September 10, 1919, Czechoslovakia pay 37 annual installments over one million gold marks, which intended to complete GCSE is the first installment of the year on the day of March 15, 1930, and for the rest, repayable in two equal annual installments, the semi-on day 1 July and 1 January of each year , during which the last is payable on 1 January 1966. Article 2. Salaries shall be held Czechoslovak Government Bank international salaries that compensate for the account of the creditor governments in pounds sterling according to the middle course of the three days "preceding the date of graduation. The Bank converts the amount received on behalf of each of the creditor powers in accordance with the principles of division, designated Understanding he ceded the goods, done at the Hague Conference r. 1930 and in accordance with any special agreement between two or more of these governments on their respective shares, if arising from the said Agreement, which was notified to the participating creditor governments. Article 3. This Agreement is the final settlement of all obligations of the Czechoslovakia, under the agreements II in Versailles, Saint-Germain, Neuilly, Trianon and the agreement of September 10, 1919, and all modifications, said additional contracts and agreements between the government of Czechoslovakia with and and the other signatory governments on the other side. This Agreement, which the French and English texts are authentic, shall be ratified. Deposit of ratifications shall be made at Paris as soon as possible. Powers, which the government based outside Europe will be able to content with the fact that through its diplomatic representatives in Paris, the French Government Report on its ratification; In this case, surrendered ratification as soon as possible. The French government will issue all the signatory governments and a certified copy of the reports on the ratification of the store. Done at The Hague in one copy on 20 January 1930. Henri Jaspar. Paul Hymans. E. Francqui. Philip Snowden. Peter Larkin. Granville Ryrie. E. Toms. Henri Chéron. Loucheur. N. Politis. JG Politis. A. Mosconi And Pirelli. Suvich Adatci. K. Hirota, J. R. Ulrich Mrozowski. Tomaz Fernandes. GG Mironescu. Al Zeuceano. Dr. Edvard Ali. Stefan Osuský Dr. V. Marinkovitch. Const. Fotitch. After examining the agreement approved and confirmed it. In faith whereof, we have signed this letter and to him the seal of the Republic of Czechoslovakia gave pressed. At Prague Castle on April 30 summers thousand nine hundred and thirtieth. Czechoslovak President TG Masaryk, Minister for Foreign Affairs, Dr. Edvard Marisa vr is announced by the National Assembly expressed its agreement with the Agreement, and that the Senate resolution of 27 May 1930 House of Commons resolution of 3 June 1930. The Agreement International acquired the effectiveness of the composition of the instruments of ratification of all States Parties on 6 May 1932. Dr. Ali vr