Dial Measuring Units And Units Of Economic Variables (Čvmj)

Original Language Title: Číselník měřicích jednotek a jednotek ekonomických veličin (ČVMJ)

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498/2003 Coll.


The Czech Statistical Office

of 18 May. December 2003

on the issue of the dial the selected measurement units and the economic

variables (ČVMJ)

Change: 454/2005 Sb.

The Czech Statistical Office pursuant to § 7 para. 2 of Act No. 89/1995 Coll., on

the national statistical service, as amended, issued with the

effect from 1. January 2004 the dial selected the measuring units and

units of economic variables (hereinafter referred to as "dial ČVMJ").

Dial ČVMJ is the same as the dial of the selected measuring units and

units of economic variables, which was introduced by the notification of the Czech

Statistical Office of 27 June 2002. December 2001 (published in the amount

7/2002 Coll.).

The valid wording of the dial ČVMJ is available on a carrier in electronic

the form of the Information Services Department in the Czech Statistical Office, On

Director of 81, 100 82 Prague 10 and on the website of the CZECH STATISTICAL OFFICE on

at www.czso.cz.


Ing. Fischer, CSc in r.



The requirement for a consistent use of the dials in the preparation of data media,

statistical surveys, databases, and the resulting information has led to the

create a Codebook of the selected statistics measuring units and

units of economic variables (hereinafter referred to as "ČVMJ"). This spinner

replaces the existing Dial measuring units and the economic

variables (ČMJ), which was introduced to measures of the Czech Statistical Office

of 28 June. March 1997 published in the amount of 32/1997 Coll. and updated

action of 24 April. October 2000 published in the amount of 109/2000 Sb.

The existing ČMJ continue to be used only for statistical surveys

outlined in the programme of statistical surveys for the year 2002 and for their

outputs. The new ČVMJ will be used for the preparation of statistical surveys to

the year 2003, and for the provision of data intelligence units to the authorities

the national statistical service, starting with the surveys referred to

in the programme of statistical surveys for the year 2003, and for the creation of additional

statistical products or emerging in force since 2003.

A. The Subject ČVMJ

ČVMJ contains the measurement units that are used by the national statistical

the service.

Featured measuring unit normative jurisdiction (including standard

and commonly used multiples) are, with reference to the standard ČSN 9710 09

The codes of the measurement units used in international trade, in the

marked with a *.

(B). The Principles Of ČVMJ:

1. the ČVMJ includes such measuring units that occur or

likely to be present in the national statistical service

(CSO and departmental workplace State statistical services) for survey

indicators, databases or in the produced information. ČVMJ you

does not aim to be a spin with all existing measuring units, but

only "selected" for the needs of the national statistical service.

2. ČVMJ is an open system and may be supplemented by additional measuring

unit. However, this must be strictly complied with the rules set out in

the relevant directive of the CZSO.

3. measuring unit is additional information on the indicators. If the logic

the indicator is due to the variable measuring unit, may not be placed

(example: for the indicator "number of fires", the measuring unit does not indicate

because it is logically by the number of fires).

4. For special cases, specific codes are used:

00000-measuring unit out of the question (e.g., dimensionless


99998-measuring unit is not used, because it results

from the logic of the indicators (see example ad 3.)

99999-measuring unit is taken together with the pointer

and the variable from another administration source, where is

the measuring unit is also defined.

5. The number of units of measurement is limited to the minimum necessary. Therefore,

It's always an effort to express the specification the measured phenomenon in the title

the pointer.

6. In the State statistical service can only be used such measuring

the unit that is specified in the ČVMJ.

7. Compound measuring unit is a measuring unit, which is composed of two

or more simple measuring units (eg.: EUR/kg, Eur/m2/day).

A compound measuring unit can only be created from simple measurement

units, which are defined in ČVMJ.

C. Construction ČVMJ

The structure of a numeric code ČVMJ is three-tiered and by grade

It has been determined this designation:

1. grade-section a-labeled single-code.

level 2-group-marked a two-digit code ascending

(from the back)

3. grade-class-two-code-expresses the derived

the drive (using the dekadického times

10n base unit)

1 2 3 4 5

-- --- ---

| | |

| | |

oddíl | | |

basic physical measurement unit SI-----+ | |

nebo | |

Fundamentals of unit | |

| |

| |

Group | |

the measuring unit YOU | |

(supplementary and derived units) | |

nebo ----------+ |

each unit of economic variables |



třída |

derived units-----------------+

multiples and subdivisions

The numeric code on the third degree is a five-digit.

The content of the methodological part are also explanations for creation of design

a numeric code to a depth of 5. space.

The principle of derivation:

-Base unit on 2., 3., 4. and (5). place a numeric code and

the unit of economic variables on the 4. and (5). place a numeric code contain


-If the derived unit Decadic multiples of 10n base unit is

content last two digits:

1) when the exponent n > 0 natural number n (in the interval from 1 to 29)

If it is a multiple of 10n (for a single-label n is the first of the last

two digits of 0)

2) the exponent n a natural number m < 0 (in the interval from 71 to 99),

which is calculated by subtracting the absolute value of a negative exponent in 10n

from 100, IE. m = 100-/n/

-for multiples of 60 to the last two digits of the 60 adds 1 for each

more power for sixty.

-the last two digits are used, in appropriate cases and to the mutual

distinguish the components parts of the units, which is created for

the allocation of codes any new units.

-the designation of physical measurement units is in accordance with the applicable

ČSN ISO 31 0 to 31 13.

D. The Binding Character Of ČVMJ

ČVMJ is a binding for the statistical surveys carried out under Act No.

89/1995 Coll., on State statistical service, as amended

and in cases where provided for by a special legal regulation.

E. Definitions

In part IV. lists the definitions of some of the selected measurement units

and units of economic variables. Not included above definitions are contained in the

the relevant standards or of the special regulations.





| Factor | 10-12 | 10-9 | 10-6 | 10-3 | 10-2 | 10-1 | 10 | 102 | 103 | 106 | 109 | 1012 | 1015 |


| The name | piko | Nano | Micro | Mili | deci centi-| | blanket | hecto | kilo | Mega giga tera | | | PETA |


| Brand | p | n | micro | m | (c) | (d) | da | (h) | k | M | (G) | T | P |



The basic SI units


| The base quantity | Code | The name | Brand |


| Length | 10000 | meter | m |

| Weight | 20000 | kilogram | kg |

| Čas | 30000 | second | with |

| Electric current | 40000 | Ampere | And |

| Thermodynamic temperature | 50000 | Kelvin | K |

| Fabric quantities | 60000 | MOL | MOL |

| The intensity of the | 70000 | candela | CD |



the selected unit of length)


Alphabetic Code Name measuring unit Mark

measuring international (abbreviation)

common units of code units ^ 1)


1 2 3 4


MTR m-10000 meter

10091-nanometre * nm

10094-micrometer * mikrom

10097 MMT mm * mm

10098 CMT centimeter cm

10099 DMT decimeter * dm

10103 KMT per km

10106 MAM megametr Mm

10109-gigametr Gm


(b) the content of the selected drive area)


1 2 3 4


11000 MTK square metre m2

11094 MMK square millimeter * mm2

11096 CMK square inch * cm2

11098 DMK square decimeter * the dm2

11099-thousand square feet. DM2

11106 KMK square kilometre * km²

11102 ARE ar * (100 square meters) and

11103-thousand square meters. M2

11104 HAR hectare *

(10 thousand square metres) ha


(c)) of the selected units of volume


1 2 3 4


12000 cubic metre MTQ (thousand litres) m3 (000 l)

12091 cubic millimetre MMQ * mm3

12094 CMQ (MLT) cubic centimeter (milliliter *) cm3 (ml)

12095 CLT centilitr * cl

12096 decilitre DLT * dl

12097 LTR (DMQ) litre (cubic decimeter *) l (dm3)

12099 HLT hectolitre (100 litres) hl

12103 MAL megalitr (thousand cubic metres) Ml (thousand m3)

12106 million cubic metres HMQ miles. M3


(d)) of the selected weight unit


1 2 3 4


20000 KGM kilogram kg

20073-unified atomic mass unit

(u = 1, 66057.10-27 kg) * micro

20091-microgram * mikrog

20094 MGM milligram mg

20095 CGM centigram * cg

20097 GRM gram (g)

20103 TNE ton (thousand pounds) t

20106 KTN kilotuna (thousand tonnes) kt (1 000 t)

20109-megaton Mt


(e)) of the selected units of time


1 2 3 4


30000 SEC second * s

30091-nanosecond * ns

30094-mikrosekunda * microSD

30097-millisecond * ms

30061 MIN minute * min

30062 HUR hour (h)

30063-24 hour 24 h

30065-thousand hours tis. (h)

30053 DAY day (d)

30044 WEE week week

30035 MON month month.

30026 QAN quarter Q (Qtr2 and Qtr3 labels.)

30017 SAN semester (six months) pol.

30008 ANN year r.


(f)) of the selected units of electrical and magnetic quantities


1 2 3 4


40000 AMP ampere and

40088-picoampere * pA

40091-nanoampér on

40094-mikroampér * mikroA

40097-miliampér * mA

40003-kiloampér * kA

40600 AMH ampere-hour and h.

40603 MOVE thousands ampérhodin * (kiloampérhodina *). And (kA)

40700 COU coulomb (C)

40788-pikocoulomb pC

40791-nanocoulomb * nC

40794-mikrocoulomb * mikroC

40797-milicoulomb * mC

40703-kilocoulomb * kC

40706-megacoulomb * MC

41200 VLT volt * in

-41294 microvolts * microwave own

41297-milivolt * mV

41203 KVT kV kilovolt *

41206-megavolt * MV

41400-electronvolt * eV

41500-voltampér * V.a.

41503 KVA kilovoltampér * kV., and

41506 MVA megavoltampér the MV. And

41509-gigavoltampér GV. And

42300 OHM ohm omega

42394-mikroohm * micro omega

42397-miliohm m omega

42303-kohm to omega

42306-megohm * M omega

-the 42309 gigaohm G omega

42400-ohmmeter * m omega.

42500 SIE siemens with


(g)) of the selected units of other physical and technical variables


1 2 3 4


50000 KEL kelvin to

50100 DUTIES Celsiův level of st. (C)

60000-mol of mol

70000 CDL candela cd

70800 RPS speed per second * s-1 (1/s)

70861 RPM revolutions per minute * min-1 (RPM)

71000 HTZ hertz Hz

71003-kilohertz kHz

71006-megahertz MHz

71009-gigahertz GHz

71100 NEW newton * N

71700 PAL pascal * Pa

71794-mikropascal * micro Pa

71797-milipascal * mPa

71702-"hectopascals" hPa

71703 KPA kilopascal kPa *

71706 megapascal, MPA of MPa

71709-* GPa gigapascal

71800 BAR BAR * bar

71897 MBR millibar (1 hPa = 1 mbar) mbar

72200 JOU joule * J

72297-milijoule * mJ

72203 KJO kilojoule * kJ

72206-* MJ megajoule

72209-* GJ gigajoule

72212-terajoule i.e.

72215-petajoule * PJ

72300-joule per kilogram * J/kg

72303-kilojoule per kilogram of kJ/kg

72306-megajoule per kilogram of MJ/kg

73100-joule per square meter * J/m2

73204-joule per square centimeter

(ten kilojoules per square meter) J/cm2 (10 kJ/m2)

73300-joule per cubic meter * J/m3

73303-kilojoule per cubic meter kJ/m3

73306 JM megajoule per cubic meter * MJ/m3

gigajoule per megawatt-hour 73509-GJ/MW. (h)

73612-terajoule per hour I.E./h

73700 WTT watt * W

73791-nanowatt * nW

73794-milliwatt * mikroW

73797-miliwatt mW

73703 KWT kilowatt kW

73706 MAW megawatt (thousand kilowatt) MW (1 000 kW)

* GW gigawatt-73709

73712-terawatt * TW

73800 WHR Watt-hour * W. h

73803 KWH kilowatt-hour kW. h

73806 MWH megawatthodina (thousand kilowatt hours) MW (1 000 kW. h) n)

73809 gigawatthodina * GW GWH. (h)

73812-h terawatthodina * TW.

74600 LUM lumen * lm

75009-gigajoule per tonne GJ/t

75599-decibel dB

75600-tex tex

75699-decitex dtex

76400 MTS metre per second * m/s

76403-kilometer per second, km/s

76562 kilometre per hour KMH km/h

76700-square metre per second * m2/s

76762-square meter per hour sqm/h

76800 MQS cubic meter per second m3/s

76862 MQH cubic meter per hour m3/h

76853-cubic meter per day m3/d

77200-kilogram per metre * kg/m

77300-kilogram per square meter * kg/m2

77397-gram per square meter * g/m2

77400 KMQ kilogram per cubic meter * kg/m3

77491-microgram per cubic meter * mikrog/m3

77494-milligram per cubic metre mg/m3

77700 KGS kilogram per second * kg/s

77762-kilogram per hour, kg/h

78200-kilogram per gigajoule kg/GJ

78391-microgram per litre mikrog/l

78394-milligram per litre mg/l

78462-tonne per hour t/h

78508-tonne per year tonnes per year (t/r).

78553-ton per 24 hours t/24 h

78600-tonne per hectare t/ha

78700-tonne per kilometre square t/km2

78800-litre per second l/s

78900-millimeters in 24 hours, mm/24 h



Note: the unit of economic quantities indicated:

* see CSN 9710 09 Codes of the measurement units used

in international trade

** see CSN 9710 04 Codes species costs, packing and packaging

materials (related to ČSN 77 0001 0000 and 7777)

the selected unit of measure)


1 2 3 4


80200-piece * SC

80203-thousand pieces. units (thousand pieces)

80206-million miles. pieces (mln. PCs)

80300-couple (two pieces) a few

80303-thousand pairs. pairs

80306-million pairs of miles. pairs

80400-person * os.

80402-one hundred people 100 people (100 pers.)

80403-thousand people. people (thousand pers.)

80406-million people million. people (mil.)

80500-člověkorok člrok (PRC)

80600-a dozen (12 pieces) tct

80700-set * set.

80703-thousand sets. set.

81000-volume ** St.

81003-tis.sv thousand volumes.

81100-portion * portion

81103-thousand meals. servings

81200-plnometr plm

81203-thousand quintals of tis. PLM

81600 meter-surround environment. m

82700-skein of přad.

83203 MBE thousand brick units. c. j.

83500-vehicle unit voz. (j).

83600-bit bit

83603-thousand bits. bits (kbit)

83606-million-bit miles. bits (Mbit)

83628 byte-byte *

83638-kilobyte (1 024 bytes) kbyte (kB)

83648 Mbyte-megabyte (MB)

83658 Gbyte-gigabyte (GB)



83900-Carat KT (ct)

84000 BLL barrel (US), for petroleum etc. barrel (US)

84003-thousand barrelů (US), for petroleum etc.. barrelů (US)

86000-person per square kilometer os/km2


(b)) of the selected drive technical-economic


1 2 3 4


90300-hour per day h/d

90304-hour per week h/week

90600-couple couple/h per hour

90700-kilometer per day km/d

90800-litre per hundred kilometers l/100 km

90903 TQD thousand cubic meters per day *. m3/d

91000-lesson total lessons. (h)

91400-shift smn.

92000-wagon kilometer voz. km

92003-thousands of fleet kilometres. Voz. km

92006-million vehicle-km mil. Voz. km

92200-locomotive kilometre lok. km

92203-thousand miles lokomotivních thousand. Lok. km

92206-million miles lokomotivních miles. Lok. km

92300-train kilometre train. km (vlkm)

92303-thousands of train kilometres. train. km (thousand vlkm)

92306-million train kilometres miles. train. km (million vlkm)

92500-místový kilometer posts. km

92503-thousand miles místových thousand. places. km

92506-million místových kilometers miles. places. km

92600-tonne-kilometre tkm

92603-thousands of tonne-kilometres. TKM

92606-million tonne-miles. TKM

92800-litre per thousand tonne-kilometres l/tis. TKM


92903-thousands of passenger-kilometres. PKM

92906-million passenger-kilometres, mill. PKM

93000-gross tonne-kilometre tkm hr.

93003-thousand gross tonne-kilometres. HR. tkm

93006-million gross tonne-miles. HR. tkm

93300-gross registered ton BRT

97000-common meter b. m

97003-thousand metres. b. m


(c)) of the selected drive and the price of money


1 2 3 4


00200-Czech koruna Czk

00298-penny Hall.

00203-thousand Czech Crowns. CZK

00206-million Czech Crowns CZK mil. CZK

00209-billion Czech Crowns. CZK

00210-Kčs Czechoslovak koruna

00213-thousand crowns of Czechoslovak thous. Czech Crowns

00216-million crowns of Czechoslovak miles. Czech Crowns

00219-billion crowns of Czechoslovak billion. Czech Crowns

00223-thousand ECU. ECU

00226-million ECU million. ECU

00230-EURO EUR

00233-thousand EURO. EUR

00236-million EURO million. EUR

00239-billion EURO billion. EUR

00240-US dollar USD

00243-thousand US dollars. USD

00246-million-US dollar miles. USD

00249-billion-US dollar billion. USD

00300-$ 20 per hour Eur/h

00500-€ per day €/d

00600-CZK per month CZK/month.

00700-€ per meter,-CZK/m

00800-CZK per square meter of CZK/m2

00900,-CZK per cubic metre €/m3

01000,-CZK per square metre per day Eur/m2/d

01100,-CZK per square meter per month Eur/m2/month.

01200-CZK per cubic metre per day €/m3/d

01600-CZK per kilogram of CZK/kg

01700-CZK per ton Eur/t

01800-CZK per litre €/l

01900-CZK per piece CZK/piece (Eur/piece)

02000-CZK per pair Eur/pair

02100-CZK per kilometer CZK/km

02200-per person CZK/person.

02500-CZK per kilowatt hour Eur/kW/h

02600-$ 20 per megawatt-hour Eur/MW. (h)

02608-$ 20 per megawatt-hour per year Eur/MW. (h)/year (Eur/MW. h/r.)

02700-CZK per gigajoule CZK/GJ

03500-$ 20 per barrel (US), for petroleum etc. $/Barrel (US)

03700-US dollar per barrel (US),

for petroleum etc. USD/barrel (US)

04000,-CZK per cubic metre to 100 kilometers $/m3/100 km

04001,-CZK per one thousand cubic meters

on 100 kilometers of CZK/tis. M3/100 km

04100,-CZK per hectare Eur/ha




d) specific coding


1 2 3 4

00000-measuring unit is out there

in the account (e.g. a dimensionless index)

99998-measuring unit is not used,

because it follows from the logic of


99999-measuring unit is taken takes the

together with the pointer and

variable from another

administrative sources (incl.

brand or abbreviations), where it is

measuring unit also defined

(i.e., information was obtained on the basis of

another law; not act on

the national statistical service)



and the units of time and quantity)


Code Name

ČVMJ drive Brand Definition


1 2 3 4


30053 day d a contiguous period of time from 0.00 o'clock until

24.00 hours

30063 24 hours 24 h any continuous period of time in a row

next 24 hours

80300 a few two similar matching items

(eg. shoes, gloves) or item

made as a whole of two

matching parts (e.g. glasses)

80700 Kit set. a collection of related or paired

that represents a single item

supply item (eg. Kit

Tools), it is used only if the

If the term set forms part of the

name of the item

81000 volume sv. many of the same items that are

together without compression (compression)

81600 surround environment. m cube on the edge of one meter filled

the meter is only partially wood mass, where part of the

falls on the spacing between individual pieces

balanced wood

82700 Hank přad. meat to loops of yarn or roving containing

the specific length

83203 thousand thousand. c. j. for brick unit is considered to be so called.

the basic format of brick bricks with dimensions of 25 x

12 x 6.5 cm units (e.g. one "normal"

brick = 1.3 c. j.)

83500 caravan voz. j. vehicle unit is a unit used in

cargo transport unit and equal to the

dvounápravovému railway consignment note

the car (the car more than a two-axle is

This is a two vehicle units)

83900 Carat KT indicates the purity of gold (one carat is

1/24 fine gold content in the alloy?

the pure metal has 24 carats; the purity of

We express in promilích content of precious

metal, or in 1/1000ths of content, IE.

the pure metal is referred to 1000/1000 for example.

Gold purity of 500/1000 has 12 carats


CT indicates even weight unit used

in determining the weight of precious stones,

corresponding to 0.2 g

84000 barrel barrel (US) a barrel (US), for petroleum etc. =

(US), for 0.1589 m3 = 158.9 dm3-for liquid

petroleum products



(b)) of the technical and economic


Code Name ČVMJ

drive Brand Definition

1 2 3 4

92000 fleet voz. km vehicle kilometre expresses

moving one kilometer of the personal,

luggage or cargo

overhead vehicle (bulk or

blank) at a distance of one


92200 locomotive lok. km locomotive kilometre expresses

moving one kilometer drive overhead

of the vehicle at a distance of one


92300 onboard the train. km kilometre freight train

kilometre (vlkm) is moving one

freight train about a mile

train 1 km of passenger transport

expresses the moving one

personal train. solo

the engine of the car about one kilometer

92500 místový places. km místový mile is defined as

mile mileage means multiplying miles

the means and standard

the capacity of each of these

means of transport

92600-kilometre tkm tonne kilometre represents

the transport of one tonne of cargo

in freight transport at a distance

one kilometre

fuel consumption fuel consumption represents 92900 PKM transport

one person in the passenger transport on

distance of one kilometre

93000 gross gross tonne-kilometre tkm hr represents

tonne-kilometre transport one gross ton cargo

in freight transport at a distance

one kilometre

97000 RM b. m length of one meter (unit 1

m) for products of different profiles

and widths


1) If not in column 4 indicate the symbol or abbreviation of the measuring unit is

for technical reasons for this unit given its full (unabbreviated)

the name of the.

Related Laws