On The Agreement Between The Czechoslovak Socialist Republic And The Afghan Dem Rep. On The Establishment Of Cultures. Wed.

Original Language Title: o Dohodě mezi ČSSR a Afghánskou dem. rep. o zřízení kultur. stř.

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130/1983 Sb.


Minister of Foreign Affairs

of 26 March. October 1983

on the agreement between the Government of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic and the Government

Democratic Republic of Afghanistan concerning the establishment and activities of cultural and

information centres in Kabul and in Prague

29 April. June 1983 was in Kabul, the agreement signed between the Government of

The Czechoslovak Socialist Republic and the Government of Afghanistan's Democratic

Republic on the establishment and activities of cultural and information centres in the

Kabul and in Prague. Agreement entered into force on the basis of article 8 of the

paragraph 1 day 24. September 1983.

The Czech version of the agreement shall be published at the same time.


Ing. Chňoupek v.r.


between the Government of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic and the Government of the Afghan

Democratic Republic on the establishment and activities of cultural and information

centres in Kabul and in Prague

The Government of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic and the Government of Afghanistan

Democratic Republic,

Desiring to promote mutual awareness of the successes of the

the political, economic and cultural development of both States,

determined to further deepen the brotherly relations between the two Nations, based

on the principles of internationalism, and contribute to a better knowledge and

convergence of both States,

have decided to conclude this agreement:

Article 1

1. The Contracting Parties shall promote cultural activities and

the information centre of the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan, based in

Prague and the Czechoslovak cultural and information centre

the Socialist Republic based in Kabul (hereinafter referred to as "the Centre").

2. the Centre shall develop its activities under this agreement throughout the territory of

the State of its location.

Article 2

1. the Centre of the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan in Prague centre

The Czechoslovak Socialist Republic in Kabul are legal


2. The activities of the centres shall be in accordance with the laws of the State of

the headquarters of the Centre.

Article 3

Establishing the State shall appoint the Director, who will act as

the representative of the Centre and at the same time will be fully responsible for his actions.

Article 4

The Centre will carry out this activity:

and information on political,) economic, cultural and scientific life

their country, about relations between the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic and the

Democratic Republic of Afghanistan;

(b)) the dissemination and publications;

(c)) the organisation of discussions, lectures, literary speeches, film

performances, recitals and concerts, encounters of the Czechoslovak and

Afghan artists and creative and scientific personnel;

(d) maintenance and management) reading rooms and libraries that are part of the


(e)) the lending of books, magazines, films, tapes, tape cassettes,

photos, slides, etc.;

f) organisation of exhibitions on various fields of cultural activity and the

friendship and cooperation of the people of both States;

(g)) the organisation of language courses;

(h) collaboration in the performance plans), which are entered into the agreement on the

cultural cooperation between the two States;

I) social enterprises in cooperation with organisations

of the receiving State;

j) organising days of friendship and culture;

the sale of cultural goods), of which the list is annexed to this agreement and

form a part of.

Article 5

1. The supply of goods for sale in the centres shall be carried out and

under the terms of trade and payment agreement in force between the two

States. The Contracting Parties shall ensure that the delivery of goods in approximately balanced.

2. purchase the goods in accordance with national regulations and, in

the currency of the State of the seat of the Centre. The items sell for prices in that State

set for the retail sale of the imported goods. The Contracting Parties

through relevant organizations of foreign trade

your State Center the other Contracting Party 30% rebate of retail

the prices.

3. the net profit from the sale of goods and of the activities of the Centre remains the Centre of the

to cover operating and other expenses.

4. The Centre shall have the appropriate bank of the State of the seat of the Centre in the currency of the account

of this State.

5. The Centre shall keep accounting records according to the system and in the language of the basic


6. the resorts are required to conclude a contract of insurance under the legislation of

the laws of the State of residence.

Article 6

1. the Contracting Parties shall, on the basis of reciprocity, free of charge to the Centre

the other party to use the room needed for the implementation of the activities

According to this agreement.

2. The Contracting Parties shall ensure that the Centre of the room to match the

the location and the effectiveness of the nature of the activities of the Centre. The work associated with the

by adjusting the spaces intended for the Centre, carried out on their load State

the headquarters of the Centre on the basis of the documentation submitted by the competent authorities of the

Basic State.

3. the Organization of the State of the seat of the Centre shall at their own expense

take care of building maintenance, real estate, in which are situated the room

the Centre, as well as on the technical condition of fixed installations in them.

Costs associated with the internal device of the Centre and its maintenance shall be borne by

setting up the State.

4. The Contracting Parties shall assist in securing appropriate

apartments Director, the representatives and other staff of the Centre, who

will be posted to the other Contracting Party.

Article 7

1. The equipment and items intended for the operation of the Centre, shall be exempt

from taxes, duties, customs and other import charges.

2. The Centre shall be in the State of the registered office are exempt from taxes on profits, income from

assets and any other direct taxes.

Article 8

1. this agreement is subject to approval by the national legislation

the Contracting Parties and shall enter into force on the date of exchange of notes about this approval.

2. This agreement is concluded for a period of 5 years and shall be renewable in silence always on

an additional five-year periods unless one of the Contracting Parties in writing

denounces it six months before the expiry of the current period of validity.

Done in Kabul, 29 April 2004. June 1983, in two originals, each in the language

Czech, Dari and English. In case of differences in interpretation of crucial

is the English version.

For the Government of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic:

JUDr. Václav Kouba v.r.

For the Government of the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan:

Kader Ashna v.r.


The list of cultural goods intended for sale according to the article. 4 (b). k)

The agreement

1. print publications (books, newspapers, magazines, sheet music, postcards,


2. records

3. glass, pottery, porcelain

4. people's fabric

5. products of Arts and crafts, including jewelry

6. leather products

7. souvenirs

8. Philately

9. technical toys

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