About The Pharmacy To The Austrian Farmakopoei Rate For Private Parties

Original Language Title: o lékárnické sazbě k rakouské farmakopoei pro strany soukromé

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334/1920 Sb.


the Government of the Czechoslovak Republic

of 26 March. April 1920

about the pharmacy to the Austrian farmakopoei rate Ed. VIII. for parties


Change: 347/1921 Coll.

Under section 7 of the Act of 18 June. in December 1906, no. 5 lines of 1907,

adjusted pharmacy, which was ordered with this:

§ 1.

On site pharmacy rates for private parties of government regulation

of the Czechoslovak Republic from 31 October. October 1919, no. 602 Coll. and n.,

is valid dispensing rate to below mentioned the Austrian farmakopoei

Ed. VIII. for private parties.

§ 2.

In all the rules in the Austrian farmakopoei Ed. VIII., containing

pork lard (Axungia portion), replaced by either this vaselinou to the

Ceratum fuscum, Emplastrum plumbi simplex, Unguentum plumbi oxydati

Hebrae, in which the rules be maintained farmakopoee. Otherwise is

allowed vydávati and spracovávati pork lard for medical purposes only

on the explicit prescription. In the manufacture of Linimentum

ammoniatum and Oleum Hyosciami foliorum coctum either used vaselinového

oil, greasy oils only in a quantity, if this necessarily need is.

§ 3.

Products must be sdělány according to the provisions of section 2 in the composition of the

farmakopoee úchylném legislation, are in the attached pharmacists rate

marked with the letter "N".

§ 4.

When the products for which a valid farmakopoea in the hands of upotřebiti

sesamového oil, either pending on additional provisions needed and súčtován

olive oil. The same applies to all medicinal products neoficinelní.

To the outside using either place oficinelního, lead-free, carbon

zinc oxide released and charged a commercial product. "Zincum oxydatum venale

levissimum ". The same preparation is needed, and either charged in the production and

the issue of all the oficinelních and neoficinelních of medicinal products,

that contain zinc oxide, and are intended to external needs.

§ 5.

Sprošťují obligations of pharmacists have leech in stock.

§ 6.

Medical regulations concerning drugs or preparations, which is prohibited from

spracovávati and vydávati in pharmacies according to specific medical regulations,

be returned with appropriate doctors explanation; If it would be possible

in one case, the explanation given by either side.

In the working cases is entitled to an appropriate pharmacist prescription

the way to change, but must immediately zpraviti a doctor.

§ 7.

Doctors, who are entitled to have the home pharmacy, to

the total amount of recipes by 10 percent.

§ 8.

At the request of the pharmacy from 8 h to 7 h evening. morning is allowed to

vybrati fee 2 Czk (night rate).

§ 9.

Pharmacists, tenants and responsible administrators, some pharmacies, and persons

authorized to carry home pharmacy, let at taxaci recipes for parties

private governing lékárnickou rate and let you affix the specimen

load State printer of this issue as an pharmacy.

A copy of either the pharmacy rates landed in a prominent place room pharmacy

to the sale of specified, accessible to the audience.

§ 10.

All of the regulation, which has not yet been adapted for dispensing rate

private parties, as well as the provisions of section at the 11 min. Regulation of 28 June.

January 1, 1908. 21 r. z., shall be deleted; only the latter cited

Regulation shall remain in force unless it is amended by this regulation.

§ 11.

Crossing pharmacy rates and violations of this regulation will be

punished according to sections 41, 42 and in 43 of the Act, which has been redesigned


§ 12.

This Regulation shall enter into force on 1 January 2005. in April 1920, and does not apply to the territory of the

Slovakia and Carpathian Ruthenia; his performing, the Minister hereby designates the

public health and physical education.

The Austrian reichsrat in r.

Raja in r.

Thomas s in r.

Dr. Edvard Beneš in r.

Dr. Jolly in r.

Habrman in r.

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Hampl in r.

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Dr. Šrobár, in r.

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