On The Issue Of Banknotes After 200 Czk

Original Language Title: o vydání bankovek po 200 Kč

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The Czech National Bank

of 29 April 2004. January 1993

on the issue of banknotes after 200 Czk

The Czech National Bank establishes, pursuant to section 22 (b). and the law of the Czech national)

Council No 6/1993 Coll., on the Czech National Bank:

§ 1

On 8 July 2006. February 1993 shall be issued into circulation banknotes after the $200 model 1993


§ 2

(1) the Bill is 69 mm wide and 146 mm long. Permissible tolerance in

its width and length is +-1.5 mm. Note is printed on natural

coloured paper with a watermark and the blare of local protection

okénkovým stripe.

(2) the tiered watermark is placed on an unprinted margin of 39 mm wide

banknotes (hereinafter referred to as "coupon") and consists of a portrait of j. a. Comenius.

(3) protective okénkový Strip with a width of 1.2 mm is embedded in the paper in the

perpendicular to the long side along the entire width of the notes, when viewed from the

facial party approximately a third of the length of the notes. On the front of

Bank notes Act always 5 mm on the surface of the paper under the banner

silver color 5 mm in length, which is in the direction of bottom-up

to read a negative $200 "micro-text reading" or "200 Czech Crowns".

(4) Note: it is fitted with a trade mark in the form of (a) produces

"(C)", in which it is inserted the letter "S". Its upper part printed in the

Orange is visible on the front of the notes at the top right of the

the protective window-Strip, the lower part on the reverse side of the banknote

at the top right. The whole brand is visible from both sides of the

seen against the light. When viewed from the reverse side of the banknote is a

registration mark laterally reversed.

§ 3

(1) on the obverse of the banknote is to the right of the print portrait and shape.

Comenius. Print is printed from the depth of the colour brown. The name of the

personality illustrated "j. a. COMENIUS" is located in three lines

right above the arm. It is also printed in depth in the

brown colour. In the shoulder of the portrait is placed an ornamental surface for

latent image, which at a certain angle of incidence of light produces dark or

the bright number "200". From the portrait to the right leads in parallel with longer parties

a strip of Orange richer notes in excess of up to 5 mm wide

nepotištěného edge. The Ribbon is from top to bottom negatively marked

the number "200". Belt number are printed by printing from the desktop. In the upper right

corner of the banknote is a tactile marker for blind and partially sighted. Mark shall consist

two vertical strips of 1 x 8 mm, which are separated by 7

mm. Tactile sign is printed by printing from the depth of the colour brown. When

the bottom of the notes on the left is the fine print printed printing from

the depth of the author's name in the brown colour of the design of the banknote ". KULHÁNEK Inv."

to the right of the author's name engraving of the transcript of the portrait ", by m. ONDRÁČEK.".

(2) in the left area of the print shapes on a background the open book is lying in

the ground plan of the city of Naarden in two lines of text using words indicating

the face value of the Bills ' TWO HUNDRED CZECH CROWNS ", below it is shown

in two lines, the name of the issuing Institute "CZECH NATIONAL BANK". Under the name

the emission of the Institute is a facsimile signature of the Governor of the Czech National Bank.

The designation of a representative of the emission of the Institute with the word "GOVERNOR" is placed

a facsimile of his signature below. The year of issue of the banknote "1993" is placed

to the left of the protection window-Strip shape at the bottom of the print.

All of these texts are printed in depth in brown colour.

The background is printed by the printing from the desktop in the color orange in combination with

colour green, with small grid in the background.

(3) at the top of the coupon is located a large bold number "200"

that indicates the denomination of the banknote. It is printed by printing out of depth in the

brown colour with a white wave grid.

§ 4

(1) On the reverse of the banknotes are as a symbol of Comenius and its relation to children

pedagogical activities displayed United hands adult and child

tiered plant theme background darker and lighter

concentric circles, which mingle open book with the inscription "ORBIS

PICTUS ". The prevailing view is colour orange, combined with the color

the green light. Background printing banknotes is made up of small screen. Concurrently with the longer

Parties to the Bills is through its Center laid a darker bar 22 mm in width.

Bar color is predominantly Orange, its density is highest when the coupon. In

the right side of this bar is located the State emblem of the United States. In

the bottom left corner of the print shapes is printed in the color orange and the

Brown number "200", the area of its digits is filled with the small screen.

In parallel with the bottom side of the banknote is down in the middle of the inscription

"COUNTERFEITING IS PUNISHABLE BY LAW". The banner's color is brown. When

the bottom of the banknote are the fine print in brown colour printed

"(c)" the CZECH NATIONAL BANK (left) and "the State PRINTER,

PRAGUE "(middle), and the author's name engraving of the transcript of the main theme

ws "in SC FAJT.." (on the right). All illustrations and texts

are printed by printing from the desktop.

(2) the designation of a series of banknotes one uppercase letter of the alphabet and

two digit programme number and the 6-digit serial number of the banknote is printed

horizontally on the bottom right under the national character of the Czech Republic and in the

vertically from bottom to top in the middle of the short side of the banknotes when

an unprinted margin to the left. Both designation of series and the serial numbers of the banknote

printed in letterpress in black. Digit horizontally

just a serial number from left to right will increase.

(3) at the top of the coupon is printed by the printing from the desktop big bold

the number "200" indicating the denomination of the banknote. The color of the numbers is in the

the top of the Orange and brown colors passes into. Area numbers

is filled with the small screen.

§ 5

This Decree shall take effect on the date of publication.


Ing. Tošovský v.r.