About The Range Of Services Provided By The Operator Tracks The Carrier

Original Language Title: o rozsahu služeb poskytovaných provozovatelem dráhy dopravci

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351/2004 Sb.


of 20 December. May 2004

about the range of services provided by the operator tracks the carrier

The Department of transportation shall determine pursuant to section 66 paragraph 1. 1 Act No. 266/1994 Coll.

on rail, as amended by law No 23/2000 Coll. and Act No. 103/2004 Coll.

(hereinafter referred to as the "Act") to implement section 22(2). 1 (b). g) of the Act:

§ 1

This Decree is in accordance with the law of the European Communities ^ 1)

the extent of the services provided by the operator tracks the creditor

carriers. ^ 2)

§ 2

Access to services

(1) access to the route of the national and regional track ^ 3) and

the provision of services of the United

and with the transport of persons in) railway stations,

(b)) with the carriage of things stations upstream, in the stations in

marshalling of railway stations, rail docks

combined transport, as well as in railway docks in ports

and at the airports,

(c)) with activities in the operation of railway transport, which is used, or may

serving more than one carrier,

must be available to all authorized carriers ^ 2) in a manner that

excludes the benefit of any of the carriers.

(2) the individual requirements of carriers fulfil any operator on

national and regional track.

§ 3

Basic access rights

Carriers have the permissions based on the contract for the operation of railway

transport ^ 4) concluded with the operator tracks the right to

and according to the timetable) the development of path capacity allocated to the

– national and regional, and the use of the allocated capacity

the path on the runway, according to the agreed timetable,

b) use tracks, stations and transported to the extent agreed in the contract of

operation of railway transport,

(c) the Organization of railway transport), in the case of operational management

irregularity of railway transport, ensure the radio link with the railway

the vehicle and the communication and provision of information on train movement of the carrier,

(d)) provide additional information necessary to establish or to

the operation of transport services, for which the capacity of the transport route

railways allocated, in particular the provision or mediation training

the train crew and his acquaintance with track-side ratios on the lines and in the

operating control posts and equipment tables route book sections, on the

which train goes, and the timetable of the train.

§ 4

To access your services and the provision of services on the line

On the basis of the concluded contract of operation of railway transport ^ 4)

the track operator, if the service cannot provide a different

supplier, has a legitimate right to provided by the carrier, or

intermediate services can be used:

and) electrical power equipment for traction current, where available,

b) pumping stations for refuelling and other operating

materials for railway vehicles

(c) passenger station, spaces) for the provision of services to passengers,

information facilities for passengers and other equipment for check-in

of the passengers,

(d)) the places of loading and unloading for the carriage of goods,

e) tracks for the compilation of the trains and rail vehicles, offset

f) storage sidings,

g) dedicated spaces for the maintenance, maintenance and other technical services for

operational treatment of rolling.

§ 5

Complementary and ancillary services

(1) the ancillary services are

and the traction current supply),

b) pre-heating of railway vehicles intended for the carriage of persons,

(c) security, offset)

(d)) other services provided by the service on the runway on the devices referred to in

sections 2 to 4,

(e)) the conclusion of the contract or mediation relating to

1. transport of dangerous goods and oversized shipments

2. assistance for special trains,

3. assist in the removal of consequences of emergencies.

(2) additional services provides the infrastructure manager authorized carriers

in a way that excludes the benefit of any of the carriers; terms and conditions

their provision shall be included in the contract of operation of railway

transport. ^ 4)

(3), the infrastructure manager may provide under a contract for the operation of

railway transport ^ 4) auxiliary services which are:

and) access to the telecommunications network in the operation of railway transport,

(b)), additional information related to the Organization of railway transport and

the safety of the operation of railway transport, in particular on technology

procedures used in the operation of railway transport and the extent and level of

of the services provided,

(c) the technical inspection of rolling).

This does not affect the possibility for the carrier to ensure the contract provision

ancillary services provided by another supplier.

§ 6

The effectiveness of the

This Decree shall enter into force on 1 January 2000. July 2004.


Ing. Šimonovský in r.

1) Directive 2001/14/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council on the allocation of

railway infrastructure capacity and the levying of railway

infrastructure and safety certification.

2) § 24 para. 4 Act No. 266/1994 Coll., on rail, as amended


3) section 3 of the Act No. 266/1994 Coll., as amended.

4) § 23 para. 1 (b). a) Act No. 266/1994 Coll., as amended