Implementation Of The Law On Social Security Of Persons Called To The Service Of

Original Language Title: provádění zákona o sociálním zabezpečení osob povolaných k službě

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of 29 April 2004. August 1950

implementing the law on the social security of the people called to service

in the defence and their family members, as amended by the Government

Regulation No. 18/1953 Sb.

Modified: 18/1953 Sb.

Change: 101/1961 Coll.

Change: 101/1964.

Change: 65/1965 Coll.

The Government of the Czechoslovak Republic ordered pursuant to section 2 para. 2, and paragraph 3,

(a). and), § 5 para. 1, § 6 (1). 2, § 7 (2). 3, § 11 (1) 1, § 14

paragraph. 1, § 15 para. 4, § 16 para. 2, § 17 para. 1 and 3, § 18 para. 1 and §

20 (2). 2 of Act No. 64/1950 Coll., on social security people

called up to serve in the military can and members of their families (hereinafter referred to

"the Act"):

Part the first

General provisions and scope.

§ 1

Introductory provisions

Social security under this Regulation shall be granted to persons

elect to serve in defence (hereinafter referred to as "authorised person") and their

the family members so that the authorised person can fully devote

This her top civil obligations.

§ 2

Service in defence.

Service in the military can, according to § 2 (2). 2 of the Act means:

1. basic services (section 27 of the Defence Act, no. 92/1949 Coll.)

2. the replacement service (section 28 of the same Act),

3. other services (§ 37 of the same Act),

4. military exercises (section 39 of the same Act),

5. exceptional service outside of the military readiness of the State (article 46, paragraph 1,

the same Act), and the emergency service for the military emergency State (section 47

paragraph. 1 and § 49 paragraph 1. 2 of the same Act),

6. special service except for special service of the members of the choir of the national

safety in the Army (article 46, paragraph 2 of the same Act), and

7. personal tasks for the needs of the defence (art. 45 of the same Act).

§ 3

Members of the family.

(1) member of the family is in the Act and this regulation, except

part of the fourth by live in a common household with the


and) wife (husband),

(b)), mate (sort of), if the authorized person has no spouse, living with

Companion (sort of) in a common household on the day fixed for the commencement of

services at least 6 months, or if born-getting a child whose father is

called by the person, and if it can be from the existing way of life of both judge on

their permanent cohabitation,

c) children of your own, and adopted into the dokonaného 16. of the year,

d) children aged 16. from 25. year, preparing to continuously on

the future life of the profession by studying or other training (training)

e) children, regardless of age, if they cannot get a physical or mental

own work, affix the defect or if it is paid to them family

addition, the addition of the children or educational.

(2) the members of the family referred to in paragraph 1 shall consider,

If a person obligated to provide authorized contribution margin

personal needs or if they are significantly dependent on such a contribution,

and) parents, grandparents, the person on the person as parents lately

foster, father-in-law, mother-in-law,

(b) the authorised person) children entrusted to substitute parental care,

siblings and grandchildren, under the conditions referred to in paragraph 1 (b). c) to (e)),

If on the day fixed for the commencement of service with urgency in

common household at least 6 months,

c) sister or daughter of the authorised person, leading to her home and is living with a

her on the day fixed for the commencement of service in the same household at least 6


(d)), wife (husband) divorced or under the previously applicable legislation

rozloučená or divorced, has a right to claim reimbursement of personal needs from the

the authorised person.

(3) the condition of a common household is considered to be fulfilled, even if the

spouse, children or parents live separately, for serious reasons, in particular

for the performance of services in the defence, raising children, the housing crunch, or from

reasons of health, economic or educational.


The protection of workers

§ 4


§ 5



§ 6


§ 7


§ 8



An extraordinary contribution

§ 9


§ 10



Military hospital treatment and national insurance

The claims of some people called

§ 11

(1) the occupants of

and the special service, except service) members of the Corps of national security

in the Army (article 46, paragraph 2, of the Defence Act) and

(b) acts done for the purposes of) personal defence (section 45 of the same Act),

that was the day before embarking on a compulsory insured services for case

sickness and maternity benefits under the National Insurance Act, shall remain with

subject to the provisions of § 12 continue to be compulsorily insured against illness and

motherhood in the range; contributions of the national

insurance § 14. Benefits of the same kind and in the same range provides

The central national insurance company as well as persons died mandatory

sickness insurance before embarking on a service in a protective time according to § 4

the law. If the persons referred to in the previous sentence provides military

manage their disease for full maintenance, are not entitled to

sick leave pursuant to the National Insurance Act. Otherwise, it is concerned

sick pay in a lump sum of 50 Czk per day.

(2) persons who held any of the services referred to in paragraph 1, which

have not been in the day before embarking on a compulsory services insured under the Act on

national insurance for sickness and maternity shall provide the Central

the national insurance company of extra-constitutional and constitutional treatment pursuant to §§ 27 and 28

whether or not the Act, maternity benefit according to the § 32 and death grants under its section

paragraph 49. 3. After the expiry of 3 months from the date of commencement of service

The central national insurance company of such persons and other benefits in kind

National sickness insurance as referred to in § 26 para. 2 of the law on

national insurance and birth in its § 44 para. 1.

§ 12

(1) military administration may decide that some of the persons mentioned in §

11 become the participants of the military sick care. Such measures shall be taken

military administration in particular for persons who cannot provide the benefits in kind

National sickness insurance for special circumstances arising from the

the nature of the services concerned.

(2) persons, of which the military administration has taken measures under paragraph 1,

not after the period during which are participants in military custody, claim sick pay

the benefits of the national health insurance. Space sickness may

military administration to provide financial assistance.

(3) the measures provided for in paragraph 1 may be withdrawn only if possible

the parties concerned to provide the benefits in kind national insurance

the sickness.

(4) on the measures taken pursuant to paragraphs 1 and 3 shall inform the military administration

If possible, appropriate District national insurance company.

section 13 of the

The claims of some members of the family

(1) the family members of the persons referred to in section 11 (1) 1 provides the

The central national insurance benefits the national sickness insurance in the

the current range. However, if they receive these family members

Provident post, does not belong to them to support the constitutional treatment of

pursuant to § 45 para. 1 National Insurance Act that would otherwise

shall be for the same period of time.

(2) the family members of persons referred to in section 11 (1) 2 provides

The central national insurance company extra-constitutional and constitutional treatment under § §

27 and 28 of the National Insurance Act and maternity benefit according to the §

32. After the expiration of 3 months from the date of commencement of the service provides a central

national insurance company the following family members as well as other benefits

National sickness insurance, belonging to the family members,

with the exception of support for constitutional treatment pursuant to § 45 para. 1 of the

the law.

(3) the provisions of paragraphs 1 and 2 shall apply even where, if they become the persons referred

in § 11 participants of the military sick care under section 12.

§ 14


A person referred to in section 11 (1) 1 national insurance is payable



Provident post

§ 15


section 16 of the


§ 17


section 18


§ 19


section 20


section 21


section 22


Article 23 of the


section 24


Part six

§ 25

The effectiveness and implementation.

This Regulation shall enter into force on the date of its publication; ^ *) will it Ministers

the Interior, finance, justice and national defence, in agreement with the

the participating members of the Government.

*) Decree-Law No. 131/1950 Coll., as amended by Decree-Law No.

18/1953 Sb. shall take effect on 1 January 2000. April 1953.