On The Establishment Of The Protected Area Poodří

Original Language Title: o zřízení chráněné krajinné oblasti Poodří

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155/1991 Coll.


the Ministry of environment of the Czech Republic

of 27 June. March 1991

on the establishment of the protected area Poodří

The Ministry of environment of the Czech Republic shall determine in agreement with the

Central Government authorities concerned under section 8 (2). 2 of the Act

No 40/1956 Coll., on State Nature Conservancy (hereinafter referred to as the "Act"):

§ 1

Territory specified in the annex to this Decree shall be determined for the protected landscape

the area of Poodří (hereinafter referred to as "the area").

§ 2

(1) the purpose of the Ordinance is to protect and gradual recovery of the values of the landscape, its

appearance and its typical character and the creation and development of environmentally

the optimal system of all-round use of the landscape and its natural

resources in the area.

(2) the characteristics area belongs to, in particular, its surface shaping,

including bodies of water and streams, its vegetation and wild

also, the layout and the use of forest and agricultural land resources and

in relation to the layout and urban composition of housing estates and local

development of a folk character.

§ 3

(1) the protection and use of the landscape and its natural resources are

differentiated in accordance with the Division of the area into four zones defined with respect

the natural values.

(2) the definition of the different zones specified in the map, which are annexed to the

2 of this order.

§ 4

(1) throughout the territory is prohibited:

and store garbage or waste) outside the designated space,

(b)), to park motor vehicles and residential trailers, with the exception

official vehicles to ensure economic activity (e.g. in the Woods.

logging) and fires outside the vyhražená space

(c)) in law enforcement use of poisoned baits hunting.

(2) in the zone I and II it is forbidden to introduce geographically alien species

plants and animals.

(3) Only after consultation with the competent authority of the State nature protection can be

on the territory of the region:

and) hold a public, sports or other mass actions outside the intravilány


(b)), expand, and edit network of hiking paths,

(c) plans and) establish a hunting game, hunting grounds, sustainable quality grades

the State of the game, with the exception of dedicated hunting grounds of the Ministry of agriculture

Of the Czech Republic.

§ 5

(1) in the field of territorial development is controlled on the basis of the approved territorial

planning documentation, ^ 1) in particular, a large plan of the territorial

the whole. Territorial plan of the great territorial unit defined in the directive for the

the arrangement of the territory graduated intensity of nature protection in the individual


(2) investors and planners of constructions on the territory of the region must ensure that

architectural design of new buildings or structures changes in accordance with

the character of the area in terms of aesthetic and ecological inclusion

structures into the landscape.

(3) when processing proposals for the location of the buildings for industry, agriculture,

forest management, warehousing, mining work, structures for transport,

energy distribution, water management, recreational and sports facilities

and for the determination of mining areas are legal and natural persons

required to propose and justify such a solution, that is, in terms of

nature protection in the area of celospolečensky is the best. Evaluate

While the projected interventions on the territory of the region in relation to the mission and to

the expected consequences for natural and landscape values of the region,

in comparison with other possible solutions.

(4) it is prohibited in the zone as well as placement and the authorisation of new constructions and changes

in land use.

(5) in the zone II is prohibited from placing new constructions and changes in the use of

outside built-up areas.

(6) in zone III and IV you must align with the Mission of building activity and interests


§ 6

(1) Geological work, mining activity and the activity carried out by mining

manner in the area shall be carried out in accordance with special regulations ^ 2) so that the

rational utilization of mineral resources in accordance with the purpose of

the decree and the terms of protection laid down by this Decree. ^ 3)

(2) Geological work in the area must not disturb vegetation to a greater extent

cover and soil cover, in particular, must not be interfered with to the valuable forest

crops and to the habitats of protected and endangered species of plants and animals.

(3) mining activity and the activity carried out using mining techniques in the field of

shall not impair the typical relief of the landscape, its water arrangements and environmental

stability, significant geological and geomorphological formations or other

animate and inanimate nature folder.

§ 7

(1) forest management in the region is carried out according to the applicable forest

economic plans processed in accordance with the purposes of the Ordinance, and

taking account of the differences in the use of individual zones.

(2) forest stands in zone I and zone II, selected crops, III, and IV

be published for special purpose forests, ^ 4) if their character

do not meet the criteria for publication in the forests of the trade.

(3) in the zone, and on the forest soil is prohibited from using pesticides, manure and

store chemical products of any kind except in exceptional

circumstances and unforeseen damage to forests, it is necessary to do the necessary

measures. ^ 5)

(4) in zone II, III and IV, excluding forests renowned for special purpose forests

or for protective forests, is managed in accordance with approved forest

the economic plans, the processing of which take into account the requirements of the

the State of nature protection.

(5) the exemption granted pursuant to § 5 para. 5 and 6, for the construction of forest roads is decided by the

the Ministry of environment of the Czech Republic (hereinafter referred to as

"the Ministry") collectively on the basis of the General Plan of the forest road network.

The General forest transport networks that are a part of forest economic

plan, approve the grant of the exemption could not be without. ^ 6)

§ 8

(1) in zone I is

and when agricultural activity prohibited):

1. change the current composition and surface cultures

2. change the existing water regime,

3. use of liquid manure, manure, silage juices and other liquid wastes,

4. the use of pesticides,

5. remove the trees and shrubs growing outside the forest,

(b)) when fishing farming is prohibited:

1. the supply of fertilizer to the water,

2. feed the fish,

3. place pond mud,

4. damage riparian vegetation,

5. use the aggregates to fish,

6. interfere with the body's natural production of ponds,

(c)) in law enforcement hunting prohibited the introduction of intensive farming


(2) in the zone II

and) when farming is necessary to:

1. the size of land blocks ^ 7) adapted to the specific conditions of

threats of erosion,

2. Design and build construction of agricultural production only in a built-up

the territory of the settlements, in the case of livestock production to design and build

Depending on the work corresponding to the territory, natural and ecological conditions.

The building must be incorporated into the appropriate architectural and environment

volumetric solution and esthetic Greens,

3. maintain permanent grassland in the State that corresponds to the natural

nivním společenstvům with a rich representation of the species. Minor reclamation

and rychloobnovu bow provide species-appropriate přísevem meadow plants

bezorebným way

4. any amelioration of the deal so that it was not adversely affected by water and

moisture regime (if possible, use controlled irrigation). In the framework of the

amelioration of the buildings to carry out drainage of waterlogged forest sites of the surface

drainage ditches or sporadic,

5. use fertilizer only to the amount resulting from the pedochemických

the analyses so as to avoid unwanted change in the composition of grasslands,

6. the use of pesticides only in cases of imminent danger of overpopulation

pests and calamities,

7. use technology and mechanisms that do not compromise the structure of the soil

the Fund,

8. to protect the trees and shrubs growing outside the forest area with the exception of other

stands on the areas of agricultural land,

9. do not store chemicals and petroleum substances,

(b)) is in law enforcement hunting prohibited the introduction of intenzívních farms


(c)) in ponds with fish crew determined with regard to the natural production of

the pond increased fertilization by ponds and the production obtained success.

(3) in zone III

and) when farming is necessary to:

1. create land blocks with regard to the configuration of the terrain, and with

regard to the protection of agricultural land against erosion, maintain and

maintain or restore protective measures (e.g. erosion control.

patios, windbreaks, riparian vegetation),

2. Design and build buildings for livestock production only in the following

on existing agricultural areas, depending on the territory, corresponding to the natural

and ecological conditions, but prefer the housing on the litter,

nebudovat stores of chemicals and petroleum substances,

3. maintain an ecologically viable supply of nutrients, so as not to change the

songs of permanent grassland,

4. the use of pesticides only in cases of imminent danger of overpopulation

pests and calamities,

5. ensure the protection of trees and shrubs growing outside the forest,

6. perform the drainage system of open ditches, event. drainage

(b)) in ponds with fish crew determined with regard to the natural production of

the pond increased fertilization by ponds and the production obtained success.

(4) in zone IV

and) when farming is necessary to:

1. organize agricultural production in such a way so as not to

deterioration of agricultural land resources, loss of genetic and

ecological diversity and the environment, intoxication

2. ensure the protection of trees and shrubs growing outside the forest, for the

exceptionally, trees felled (excluding subjects stands on agricultural land) is

desirable to ensure effective replacement planting,

3. construction of agricultural production to build a building on existing structures,

Depending on the territory, corresponding to the natural and ecological conditions,

nebudovat stores of chemicals and petroleum substances,

(b)) in ponds with fish crew determined with regard to the natural production of

the pond increased fertilization by ponds and the production obtained success.

§ 9

Professional management area ensures a Czech Institute of nature conservation, which in

the agreement with the Ministry makes the organisational measures to safeguard the professional

the administration area.

§ 10

(1) The settlement forces the built-up territory boundaries

the area is treated as a whole were in the area. This provision shall

not apply to the intravilán of the city, although the boundaries of its parts

It passes through.

(2) maps, in which the territory of the region is drawn and its Division into zones,

are stored at the Ministry of nature protection Institute in Prague,

in district offices in frydek-mistek, Novy Jicin and the municipal office in

Ostrava, Czech Republic.

(3) the provisions of § 4 para. 1 and 2, § 5 para. 4 and 5, § 6, 7, § 8 para. 1

(a). 2 (a). (b)) of this order can allow exceptions. ^ 6)

(4) the authority of the State concerned, the protection of nature is in proceedings referred to in

Special regulations ^ 8) the district authority of the State of nature protection.

§ 11

This Decree shall take effect on the date of 1 May 1991.


Ing. Dejmal v.r.

Č. 1

The definition of the boundaries of the area of Poodří

1. The boundaries of the area of Poodří is conducted on public roads or

other distinct and in the field and in the maps of identifiable lines.

2. The progress of the border is the following:

The boundaries of the area runs from the train station after the railway housing Mankovice

towards the West. At the point where it touches the body of overhead track, Sioux Falls

-Suchdol nad Odrou, passes on that body and continues to

the North-East via the railway stop Suchdol nad Odrou, smooth

Životice, Jistebník and Studénka, Polanka nad Odrou, approx. 2 km from Polanky

NAD Odrou area shrank after the railway line to the East to

bridge over the River Odra. The bridge descends to the river and continues its

the right bank to the South to southwest to where it crosses the River Odra

Road Polanka nad Odrou-Stará Bělá. Here goes the border area on the

This road leads her to Stará Bělá, where on the outskirts of the village turns to

the Southwest and leads along the road to Proskovic, and the old village. In the old village

It crosses the boundary of the region Ondřejnici and Metuje stream road after approx. 250

m advancing along the road to Košatky and Petřvaldíku. From the Petřvaldíku border

area paved dirt road parallel to the flow of the river Oder (within the

distance of approx. 250 m from the river) to the Southwest, passing through the Albrechtiček

approx. 500 m villages to the Southeast, and then shrank after the road to the Southwest,

the head of the route over the pond water caltrop to dimension 246 in the new Hotly. For this

dimensions are turning down the road to the Northwest, and after approx. 200 m shrank again to

the Southwest, across the Studénka railway line body-Veřovice and

continues to Bartošovic.

The village centre and crosses the Village continues on the road to the Southwest

through the village of Hukvice in Kunína. Passes through Kunínem to the North edge of town

Nový Jičín and at an acute angle here turns to the West to the Southwest and

passes through the village Bernartice to Bree. On the outskirts of the village of Hůrka is turning in

right angle along the road to the Northwest to Jeseník nad Odrou and municipalities

Dolní Vražné. Here again at right angles to the road breaking boundaries

the North-East, crosses the River Odra River and connects with the starting point

the border area in the stop Mankovice.

If the border area after the body of the track or the road, lies the custom

the housing of these communications no longer outside the territory of the region.

The area of 81.5-sq-km area is.

Č. 2


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