On The Cultural Agreement Between The Government Of The Czechoslovak Socialist Republic And The Netherlands

Original Language Title: o Kulturní dohodě mezi vládou ČSSR a Nizozemska

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92/1973 Sb.


Minister of Foreign Affairs

of 6 December. June 1973

on the Cultural agreement between the Government of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic and the

the Government of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

Day 3. August 1972 in Prague was signed the cultural agreement between the Government of the

The Czechoslovak Socialist Republic and the Government of the Netherlands

the Kingdom.

According to its article 16 of the Agreement entered into force on 11 March 2006. May 1973.

Czech translation of the agreement shall be published at the same time.

First Deputy Minister:

V.r. Krajčír


between the Government of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic and the Government

The Kingdom of the Netherlands

The Government of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic and the Government of the Netherlands

Kingdom, desiring to deepen mutual cooperation in the field of

education, science and culture, and convinced that such cooperation

It will contribute to a better understanding between the two countries, have decided to conclude

the cultural agreement and agree on this:

Article 1

The Contracting Parties shall develop cooperation in the field of education, science,

culture, including art, social activities, mass media

resources, sports and tourism.

Article 2

The Contracting Parties shall promote the exchange of visits and other contacts between the

important personalities in the field of culture, such as writers, composers,

architects, artists, art critics and journalists, staff of the museums,

galleries and libraries, from the section of social activities, mass media

resources, cultural and educational work, education, youth and sport.

Article 3

The Contracting Parties shall encourage:

and the organisation of artistic and other) exhibitions of cultural and information

the character;

(b)), concerts, theatre performances, and performance artists,

as well as the placing of dramatic works of the other country.

Article 4

The Contracting Parties shall assist in translating and publishing of literary and

scientific works of the other country. Promote the exchange of books, magazines and

other publications of cultural, scientific and technical nature and record labels

recordings and similar devices between libraries and other institutions both


Article 5

The Contracting Parties shall facilitate:

and the organisation of radio and television) and the exchange of

radio and television materials;

(b)) and the placing of scientific, educational and artistic films.

Article 6

The Contracting Parties shall encourage the participation of experts from the field of culture,

art, science, education and social activities at congresses, conferences,

seminars and other professional meetings organized on the territory of the other country.

Article 7

The Contracting Parties shall encourage:

and) relations and exchanges between academics, researchers and

students and professionals from the section of social activities, as well as the cooperation between the

universities and other scientific institutions;

(b) the establishment of departments and lektorátů) for the teaching of languages, culture and civilization

the other countries on their universities and other educational and research


(c)) cooperation between institutions and experts in the field of basic and

secondary education and vocational education in General.

Article 8

The Contracting Parties shall provide to the citizens of the other State scholarships to

study on the scientific, educational, cultural institutions and

facilities for social activities, as well as for study stays including

participation at the summer courses.

Article 9

The Contracting Parties shall be determined on the basis of mutual consultations, the value you

possible to attach the certificate and academic titles granted by the authorities of the other

the country.

Article 10

The Contracting Parties shall facilitate the professionals from the areas of culture, art, science,

education and social work access to libraries, archives, museums,

galleries and cultural and scientific institutions.

Article 11

The Contracting Parties shall promote cooperation between sports

organizations and sports federations.

Article 12

The Contracting Parties will encourage tourism to facilitate contacts and other

action, which may contribute to better explore the life, work, and culture

of the two countries.

Article 13

The Contracting Parties agree that all the exchanges and other forms of

cooperation under this Agreement shall be carried out on the basis of reciprocity,

and in accordance with the laws and regulations applicable in the respective countries.

Article 14

and creates) the Contracting Parties for the purpose of implementing this agreement, the joint

the Commission, which will have a maximum of 12 members; Each Contracting Party shall appoint

the same number of members.

(b) the Joint Commission shall draft) the implementation plan for a period of two years.

This implementation plan will contain the terms of the financial collateral

individual actions. Each Contracting Party shall give his consent for

the design of the implementation plan and the draft Joint Commission the second side

through the diplomatic channel.

(c)), the Joint Commission will, in principle, meet every two years, alternately in

Czechoslovakia and the Netherlands. Meetings of the Mixed Commission may participate

diplomatic representatives of both Contracting Parties, as well as a limited number of

experts. The meetings will be chaired by the country in which the Commission will

the meetings take place.

Article 15

In relation to the Kingdom this agreement will cover

the Kingdom in Europe.

Article 16

This agreement is subject to approval in accordance with the constitutional rules of each of the

the Contracting Parties and shall enter into force on the date on which the Contracting Parties shall notify the

This approval.

Article 17

This Agreement replaces the agreement on mental and artistic relations between

The Czechoslovak Republic and the Kingdom of the Netherlands, agreed in Exchange

notes of 20 December. may and 25. in May 1937.

Article 18

This agreement shall remain in force for a period of 5 years. If none of the Contracting Parties denounces it

the Contracting Parties to this agreement six months before the expiry date,

its validity shall be extended indefinitely with a six-month written

written notice to the other party.

On the evidence of the undersigned agents negotiated this agreement.

Drawn up in Prague on 3. August 1972 in duplicate in

the English.

For the Government of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic:

Dr. Ivan Ilkiv Rohal-in r.

For the Government of the Netherlands:

Rudolph Froger in r.